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How To Write An Argumentative Essay

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An argumentative essay is a style of academic writing where a writer takes a stance on an issue and provides evidence to back it up. While proving the validity of your point, It is essential to provide both sides of an argument. Additionally, the writer should communicate their stand in a clear manner that welcomes the reader to either agree or read further. An example of an argumentative essay is; Discuss the effects of social media on small businesses or Should you be friends with your professor on social media? Our argumentative essay writing experts have provided all the necessary information you need to know when writing your essay. Enjoy the read!

Benefits of Writing an Argumentative Essay

  • Improve your writing skills
  • Enhance your research skills
  • Develop and strengthen your critical thinking skills
  • Help you use logic rather than lean on emotions or your opinions
  • Allow you to master the art of anticipating objections to understand both sides of the issue.

Types of Argumentative Essays

There are three main ways to structure an argumentative essay. These include;

Aristotelian (Classical) Model

This is the most frequently used argument strategy. Here, you present your argument, state your opinion, and then do your best to convince the reader why you support a certain stand. It’s effective when your audience doesn’t have a lot of information or a strong opinion about your topic, as it outlines the facts clearly and concisely. Similarly, this model is used when making straightforward points. In this model, consider the following points; 

  • Introduce the problem
  • Explain your perspective
  • Explain your opponent’s perspective. Refute their points one-by-one as you go
  • Present your evidence
  • Conclude your argument

Toulmin Model

The Toulmin model is a common approach in academic essays. It is mainly used when presenting complex issues with no evident truths or when your thesis is a rebuttal or a counterargument.  Your Toulmin Model should include the following; 

  • Make a claim and state your thesis or argument clearly
  • Give your reasons. Include data or generally accepted facts
  • Explain the warrant. State how the grounds support the claim. This essentially shows the connection between your claim and reasons
  • Back up your claims with evidence
  • Qualifier; talk about the limits to your claims including concessions
  • Discuss possible Rebuttals. Address the viewpoints and criticism of your claim

Rogerian Model

This type of model analyzes two sides of an argument and reaches a conclusion after weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each. It is mostly used when presenting to a mixed audience. It’s the least confrontational since it presents a middle-ground approach. It would be best if you considered the following; 

  • Introduce the problem
  • Explain your opponent’s perspective first. Validate their points when correct
  • Explain your perspective 
  • Bring both sides together. Present a middle ground where both viewpoints coexist 
  • Conclude your argument

Steps on How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Now that you have an idea of how to write an argumentative essay let’s see how the essay is formatted. The argumentative essay template is easy to follow, and it is easy to maneuver around with regular practice. While the format is not static, it follows a particular pattern that you need to know. Here are the steps to follow when writing you essay. If after reading the process on how to write your essay you still have a challenge completing it our academic experts are alsways available to help you finish it.

Write the Introduction 

The introduction should inform the reader what your topic of discussion is. It should also provide brief background information for the reader to understand your argument. Additionally, an introduction should introduce your thesis statement, which should be strong, clear, and concise. All your supporting evidence should prove your thesis statement. Remember, as you start your introduction, make it interesting to hook the reader to your paper. For a good introduction; 

  • Use the title to present our point of view
  • Briefly introduce your argument. You will debate it in the body paragraph
  • Think about your audience: what aspects of this issue would most interest convince them?
  • Appeal to the reader’s emotions. Readers are more easily persuaded if they can empathize with your point of view

Argumentative Essay Introduction Example

Write the Thesis Statement

a clear and concise thesis statement is key in how to write an argumentative essay. A suitable thesis statement is debatable, focused, reasonable, and should have enough supporting evidence. Additionally, it concisely summarizes your main point(s) and claim(s) and presents your stance on the topic. Your whole essay will revolve around the thesis statement, so make sure it is worthy of discussion.

So, how do you write one? Here are formats you choose from when writing your argumentative essay thesis statement.

Question/Answer Format

Come up with questions you’d like to have answers to regarding your topic. For instance, you could ask yourself, what is the main cause of depression among the youth? Then you could come up with several answers like unemployment, feeling worthless or inadequate, social media pressure, or family-related issues. After that, your thesis statement could be; Feeling Inadequate or worthless is the main cause of depression among the youth. 

Outline Your Main Points

Because you already have a faint idea of what you’ll talk about in your essay, have a sentence or two that briefly discuss your main point and explain how you’ll back it up. For example, the pressure to be successful in life and low self-esteem has made the youth feel inadequate, leading to depression. Remember, you’ll need to be brief. 

Refute Objections 

Another way of coming up with a thesis statement is by stating one side of the argument and then presenting a refuting statement. For example; While many people believe the youth are depressed because they are soft and sensitive, the truth is they are depressed because they feel inadequate and worthless. 

Write the Body Paragraphs

You can have three or more paragraphs in your body depending on the complexity of the paper or the number of ideas you have. Each paragraph should cover a different idea introduced with the topic sentence. After that, add the claim, evidence, and concluding statement. It is essential to present undeniable facts from highly regarded sources. This builds trust and generally indicates a solid argument. 

In this segment, you have the opportunity to back up your claims with examples, research, and statistics. You can start your first paragraph with the most important point, then proceed to the least important one. To avoid confusing the reader, don’t include any irrelevant information that doesn’t support your thesis statement. It’s also important to cover the opposing viewpoint and argument. Consider the following when writing the body;

  • A topic sentence that supports the thesis statement
  • Evidence to support your argument with logic, examples, statistics or anecdotes
  • To make your reasons seem plausible, connect them back to the thesis statement
  • Talk about the opposing viewpoint and argument. This includes; the objections the readers have. Similarly, answer them with an argument or evidence.
  • What other positions do people take on this subject? What is your reason for rejecting these positions?

Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph Example

Conclude Your Essay

A conclusion summarizes all the arguments made in your paper. The first step while writing your conclusion is to restate the thesis statement, summarize your arguments, and then lastly present a concluding statement. Make sure you have answered all the readers’ questions and have cleared any doubt in their heads. Consider the following; 

  • How will your argument affect the reader (or the relevant group of people)?
  • Present hypotheticals. Use real-life examples of how your ideas will work
  • Include a call to action. Inspire the reader to agree with your argument.
  • Appeal to the reader’s emotions, morals, character, or logic

A conclusion summarizes all the arguments made in your paper. The first step while writing your conclusion is to restate the thesis statement, summarize your arguments, and then lastly present a concluding statement. Make sure you have answered all the readers’ questions and have cleared any doubt in their heads. Consider the following; 

Argumentative Essay Conclusion Example

Tips On How To Write An Argumentative Essay

Here are tips to help you write a a perfect essay:

Do Extensive Research

You can never underestimate the importance of thorough research when writing a compelling argumentative essay. Depending on your thesis statement, you should be able to determine what type of data will be most beneficial to your writing. You may decide to go for primary data. This type of data is not published, and this, therefore, means you have to conduct the primary research yourself.

Decide whether you need to come up with questionnaires, surveys, or you need to interview people. Once you know what you need to do, get to it immediately. Also, have a chronological way of recording your findings. On the other hand, you can use secondary data. Such data is available in previously published works. For secondary data, you will have to spend a lot of your time in a library or surfing the internet looking for information.

It is advisable to liaise with a librarian if you intend to use secondary data. Likewise, it is important to have a chronological way of recording the data to make it easier to write an argumentative essay.


Before you start writing your essay, you’ll need to come up with a good topic. Therefore, based on your knowledge, write a list of ideas that will give you a good topic of discussion. This helps you choose the best of topics. It’s important to have a topic that will be interesting and engaging to you and the reader. 

Have a Clear Concise Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the central argument of your paper. It is usually a sentence or two long. And it’s main aim is to tell the reader what your essay will be all about. A clear, concise thesis statement allows you to focus on one point. For this reason, you won’t include any unnecessary information to confuse the reader. The narrower the thesis, the more effective your argument will be. Thus, remember to choose a thesis with sufficient evidence.

Plan Your Essay

Planning your essay is easy once you have established what you want to write about. Your topic of discussion might be based on your understanding of the topic or the information gathered from research. It is advisable to draw up your conclusion before you start writing. This will give you the flow of your essay from start to end. How you plan your essay is also dependent on the argumentative essay outline. The outline will determine the structure of your essay and how many paragraphs you’ll have depending on the main points of discussion.

Support Your Argument With Concrete Facts

How to write an argumentative essay requires you to have credible information and convincing data to back up your arguments. This makes your arguments stronger, reliable and increases your chance of getting a good grade. Similarly, attribute your sources of information to avoid plagiarism.

Be Proactive About Language

Just because you are trying to let the writer see things through your eyes doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive or rude. Be respectful and carefully check the words you use, especially if you are criticizing someone else’s work.

Use Clear and Logical Transitions 

For an informative essay that is easy to read and understand, use logical transitions between the introduction, body, and conclusion. Therefore, use suitable transition words. Hence, your essay will have a good flow, and the reader won’t have a problem jumping from one idea to the other.

Present Evidence in The Body

A good essay has enough supporting evidence to back up your claims. Each point you present in the essay should be supported by evidence. Consequently, your evidence needs to be credible and factual. Remember, you have to give citations and references depending on where you’ve gathered your evidence from.


How to write an argumentative essay might seem like a lot of work, but once you know the steps to follow, you are good to go. Remember, don’t include your opinion or how you feel about a particular issue in the essay. Instead, stick to the facts and evidence. Make sure you have an outline before you start writing, and when you are done, don’t forget to edit and proofread your work. Remember to stick to the word count provided, and if you have no idea how to achieve that, this post will help you out.

Argumentative Essay Full Example

How do you start an argumentative essay?

First of all, find an arguable topic. Then, establish your thesis statement. Make your argument and provide supporting evidence. Finally, you can then draft the outline of your essay and start the writing process.

What are the 5 parts of an argumentative essay?

1. An introductory paragraph
2. The Thesis statement
3. Body paragraphs
4. Topic Sentence
5. Conclusion

What should you not do in an argumentative essay?

Below are the DONT’s of an argumentative essay:
1. Avoid prefacing sentences with statements such as “I believe” and “I think,”
2. Avoid signpost, which refers to explaining to the audience what you just said or what you will say.
3. Avoid wordy constructions of sentences that are confusing to read.
4. Your conclusion should not be abrupt since the reader’s attention is mostly captured here.

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