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How To Make Your College Essay Stand Out

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You have been working hard through high school, and you have finally completed your high school education.  You have strong test scores, and you did participate in various co-curricular activities, but what about the essay? With thousands of applications, you are probably wondering how to make your college essay stand out. There are many ways, one of which is buying college essays online.

Your college essay makes all the difference. It carries significant weight to your application by highlighting your individual profile. By the end of this guide, you will know how to make your college essay stand out.

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Why College Essays Matter

If colleges wanted to, they would simply rank students based on their standardized test scores or their achievements and admit students with the highest qualifications.

However, colleges don’t do this.

They take a particular interest in students’ application essays to help them know which students to admit. College application essays contribute a significant percentage of your application, and here is why;

First, a college application essay boosts your application by revealing something about yourself that is not in your application. You may have a strong personal experience that you may not highlight in your resume, which makes you fit to join the college. The essay gives you an avenue to reveal and discuss a personal trait which the admissions board may find intriguing.

Second, a college admission essay sets you apart from the crowd. The college application essay is a chance to showcase your personal style, character, and individuality by telling a unique story. Everyone has a different personal story to tell, and the essay gives you a chance to tell yours.

Third, a college essay is essential because it helps demonstrate your interest. It addresses why you would like to join that school and not any other institution. It also helps show your passion for the course you would like to take in the institution.

A college essay is an essential aspect of your application. It makes the difference on whether you get accepted or not. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to make your college essay stand out to ensure your dream college application gets accepted.

How To Make Your College Essay Stand Out

A college essay is a way to boost your application and a chance to use your words and voice to increase your chance of getting accepted. You wouldn’t want to gamble with your chances of getting into your dream college. Use the tips below to make your college essay stand out;

Focus on bringing out your special qualities rather than answering specific prompts with your accomplishments

You have submitted your resume and application letter to the board. Therefore, the admissions board already knows what it in the other forms of applications. Don’t make your essay about your accomplishments and additional information included in your CV.

The essay should focus on offering additional information that the board does not know about. It should include your unique qualities, personal stories, character, or even challenges. Here is an example of a common essay prompt where you can share your personal story.

Dive right in. Hook admission readers from the opening sentence

Your introduction section will either hook or lose the interest of the admissions board going through your paper. Therefore, you need to begin your essay in an intriguing way to keep the reader wanting to read more and more of your essay.

An easy and proven way that works is by making the reader feel included in your essay. Here are some insights on how to hook your reader to help you start strong in your essay.

Use humor

You are probably tensed and want your application to go through. Most students treat their college essays too seriously. However, a little humor doesn’t hurt. It can add relief to the admissions board, and it can pull in the reader. Nonetheless, please do not overdo it.

The main aim of the essay is to communicate your personality to the board. Therefore, a little humor can act as a touch on your personality. However, you can seek college essay writers to help you if you’re feeling cramped up.

Use specific examples rather than list everything

In the essay, while listing your unique attributes, it is essential to add some examples supporting what you mentioned. For example, when saying you are hard-working, you can further explain a time in junior school when you worked hard, day and night, to achieve a particular grade and even sacrificed your playtime.  These personal stories with examples will stick out to the board.

Be vulnerable and authentic

The most potent tip on how to make your college essay stand out is by allowing yourself to be vulnerable and authentic. Share your personal experiences honestly and intensely in which the reader can relate to. While it is okay to discuss your lowest or hurtful moments in life, explain how these experiences helped you grow and shaped you into the person you are.

However, you don’t need to have experienced an unfortunate tragedy for your essay to score high grades. Focus on an experience you have had, a significant one that may have contributed to a change in behavior or your thoughts.

Connect your college essay to the world at large

Yes, we said your essay should focus on bringing out your personal qualities. While it is easy to keep discussing your accomplishments, try to connect your essay to the world. Connecting your personal experience to the world either in a historical, cultural, intellectual, or philosophical context will help elevate your essay. To connect your essay, ask the question; which context related to my story?

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We have answered your question on how to make your college essay stand out with the tips above. Remember, the essay should supplement and not restate your accomplishments added to other application methods such as resumes. An application essay is a chance to share your personality with the board. Therefore, be human, be vulnerable and share your experiences with relevant examples. Share your story in a way that the board can relate to. Good luck with your application!

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