What Is A Claim In An Essay?

A claim refers to the argument that you make in an essay. All essays contain a debatable topic that the writer wants the reader to agree with or disagree with. Hence, a claim is a stand that the writer takes in the essay. To write compelling essays, it is important to know what a claim is in an essay and how best to structure yours. This post will guide you on how to create a good claim in your essay

Format on How to write A claim In An essay

The Backbone Of The Essay 

The claim in an essay is the spine that holds everything together. A controversial claim will make the essay interesting while a boring one will set the tone for a boring essay. It is therefore important to take the time to create a good claim before you start writing your essay. 

How Do You Make A Good Claim In An Essay? 

A good claim will have several characteristics as follows.

1. It Is Straightforward 

A good claim is one that is straightforward. While many people advocate for the idea of creating some mystery in the claim that you make in your essay, this is not the best advice. An essay does not have to hold the reader in suspense the entire time. Making a claim that is straightforward from the beginning helps the reader know what they will get in your essay. Additionally, making your claim clear allows the reader to take a stand and contributes to further academic research. 

2. Make Your Claim Specific 

In the course of your academic life, more often than not you will get people advising you to have a broad claim in your essays. While this is a good idea because it allows you to access multiple research materials, it does not make your essay hold weight. 

A broad claim in an essay will mean the evidential support that you provide will also be broad. Additionally, the essay will also fail to convince and readers can easily point out inefficiencies in how you illustrate your points. A good essay has a specific claim, which then requires specific evidential support that wins over the reader’s opinion. 

3. Don’t Worry About The Truthfulness Of Your Claim

Many students lose the plot when they try to focus on the truthfulness of their claim. When writing an essay, whether the claim your make is true or false is not the main reason why a reader will want to read the essay.

The purpose of the essay is to gauge how effectively you communicate your ideas and the evidential support you provide for your claim. Additionally, your target is also to get the reader to agree with you whether the claim is true or false. This persuasion is possible through illustrative writing that pins the claim to evidence that you found during your research. 

4. Make Your Claim Contestable 

The worst mistake you can make when writing your essay is coming up with a claim that the reader can respond to with a YES or No answer. Such a claim is a weak claim and will make the essay boring because the reader already formed their opinion. 

A good claim is one that ignites a debate. The reader should want to read more of your essay to understand why you make a certain claim that does not correspond with his or her. Finally, the reader should want to either agree with you or hold on to their opinion once done reading your essay. 

5. The Claim Is Not The Thesis 

One thing to note when formulating a claim in your essays is that the thesis is not the claim. These two differ in what they refer to specifically. A thesis is a general argument that you make or question that you ask the reader. The claim, on the other hand, is the specific stand that you take with regards to the topic at hand. 

Final Thoughts 

It is important to read through the essay question to understand clearly what it asks before making your claim. Ensure that your claim is specific and controversial to spike the interest of the reader. Additionally, avoid leaving the reader in suspense on what is the claim you make in your essay.

An example of how to make a claim in an essay

How to make a claim in an essay

What makes a strong claim?

Below are the steps that you need to follow to make a strong claim:
1. A claim must a fact that is debatable with evidence.
2. A claim should be able to define your goals, scope and direction you will follow.
3. A claim should be specific and upholds a focused argument.

What is the main purpose of a claim?

The main purpose of a claim is to support and establish your main argument. This will create questions on your readers mind and find answers for themselves in your essay.

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