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When enrolled in university for a Bachelor's or Master's program, you need to keep an eye on your GPA (Grade Point Average). It is a number that reflects your average course performance throughout college. It is usually on a scale ranging between 1.0 and 4.0. The score you get is used to determine whether you meet the expectations of your degree program. Therefore, every student needs to work extra hard to get a high GPA. It is essential to know how to calculate your GPA. That way, you will know the areas you need to improve on and what to do. At Bright Writers, you can access a college GPA calculator to determine your score free of charge.

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Why is GPA important?

Your GPA is the primary metric that shows your competency as a learner and your seriousness throughout college. Though you will know whether you have failed or passed a course through the grades your professor awards you, your GPA gives a broader reflection of your overall performance. Hence, you might be required to present your GPA when applying for grants and scholarships, joining clubs or organizations, doing extracurricular activities, and applying for graduate and post-graduate programs.

In other words, GPA can help you unlock other exciting experiences as you study. Organizations, clubs, and scholarship boards are looking for intelligent and hard-working students. Your GPA will tell them whether you are serious about your studies or not. If you want to know where you stand, go to Bright Writers and access our college GPA calculator.
The different types of GPA you can calculate at Bright Writers

Before delving into the calculations, you should understand the different GPAs. They are as follows.

Weighted vs. unweighted GPA

GPAs are usually evaluated on an unweighted scale of between 0 and 4.0. Here, the difficulty of your courses is not relevant. Whether your courses are easy or challenging, the scale will always be at 4.0.

On the other hand, a weighted GPA is an accurate assessment of your academic performance. A scale of 0 to 5.0 is typically used when calculating your GPA and the difficulty of the courses you take matters.

Overall GPA vs. cumulative GPA

Both GPAs area a reflection of the average grades of a learner. The variation is that cumulative GPA deals with shorter periods, such as a semester or term. On the contrary, overall GPA covers a student's entire academic period. It is an average of grades from all semesters and terms.

You can use the free college GPA calculator from Bright Writers to calculate all these different GPA types.

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Bright Writers - Calculating GPA with our free calculator

Every grade you get matches up to a quality point that is usually between 0 or 4. The highest grade, your record whether A, 100%, or any other figure is equal to the highest figure on the scale. For instance, in the United States, the highest grade you can get is an A, and it is equivalent to 4 or a multiple of 4. When you take several classes, the points are summed up and divided by your courses' total credits. The number you get after this calculation is your Grade Point Average.

Now that you have the basics, you can proceed to our college GPA calculator and know your score in a few steps. You are only required to key in your semester or course name, your grade, and credits. Then, click calculate, and you get your GPA instantly.

What is a good or bad GPA?

Most colleges take GPA seriously and use it to determine eligibility for scholarships, financial aid programs, and other support. If your score is below the minimum GPA (usually 2.0 depending on the university), you might not get financial support or lose it. Your GPA is also vital when applying for Master's programs and determines the course you will take.

GPA requirements vary across universities and programs. Ideally, a good GPA should not go below 2. Some universities accept learners with a score of 2.75, while others demand a minimum of 3.0 or 3.5. Some institutions also admit students with a low GPA, but they are not entitled to financial assistance and other benefits. Hence, it would be best if you found out what your college GPA requirements are. Once you establish this, use our college GPA calculator to know your score. You can now approach your university with confidence, knowing what to expect.

Improving your college GPA

Now that you know the importance of GPA, you need to aim at improving it. The solution is to be serious with your studies from the start of the semester and take all classes seriously. That entails setting goals for the semester. It would be best to use our college GPA calculator to know your current score and set realistic goals of achieving a higher score.
It would help if you also took a balanced course load. That way, you will have enough time to work hard on all your courses and excel. A useful tip here is that you take advanced classes to raise your GPA quickly. However, if you perform poorly, you are better off taking regular classes that offer you a better opportunity to score As. That is why you need to make use of Bright Writers' college GPA calculator regularly to make such decisions early enough.

You also need to attend all classes. Ensure that your schedule is clear when it is time for class. You are likely to comprehend better when you interact with your tutor. Also, participate actively in class and do all your homework. Individual assignments usually add up to your final grade, and you want to submit excellent papers. You can also form a study group or set aside extra hours for personal study. With such tips, your grades will likely rise steadily.

If you are looking for the best free college GPA calculator, go to Bright Writers and know your score in minutes.


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