How to Start an Argumentative Essay

How To Start An Argumentative Essay

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We can liken the process of how to write an argumentative essay to a case in a court of law. Just as how the lawyer makes his opening statement, a writer needs to make theirs with the introduction. The start of an argumentative essay helps your readers to understand what your essay is all about.

Think of it as defending a suspect on a murder trial. The opening statement might be the deal-breaker or not. It, therefore, needs to be as intriguing and as compelling as possible. This means that you need to present the issue at hand in an intellectual, logical, and persuasive manner. This article will provide a brief guideline on how to start your essay. If you need help with your essay, you can have our writers help you finish it with ease.

Guidelines On How To Start An Argumentative Essay

  • Always use a logical format
  • Use a hook
  • Topic description
  • Ensure you provide a background to your topic
  • Use the thesis statement

Always use a logical format

Logic makes your introduction precise and straightforward. Additionally, using a well-outlined format will go a long way in ensuring that the reader gets the flow of your work. Without the implementation of a logical structure, the reader may get confused midway.

Remember, an argumentative essay is not a narrative essay. The former is based on facts and has evidential support to back the said facts.

Use a hook

A hook comes in the first and second sentences of your introduction. As aforementioned, the intro is your opening statement. This means that you need to capture the reader’s attention and have them by the first sentence.

The hook can be a personal experience or real event related to the topic, a quote a surprising fact, or an interesting question. If, for instance, you are writing about drug abuse, you can use a rough statistic such as “around 18% of students in high school use drugs”. 

This, of course, has to be backed up by facts. Additionally, you need to provide a verified source if you choose to present facts.  Aside from piquing the reader’s attention, the hook allows you to introduce your topic as well.

Topic description

If your topic is drug abuse, you might want to give the reader a brief description of what drug use is. This goes a long way in ensuring that your reader fully understands the topic that they are delving into.

Ensure you provide a background to your topic

Assuming your topic of choice is drug abuse, it might be wise to provide a detailed background and history of your topic. Tell the reader when the issue dates back to and account for its origin. Provide a detailed account of how the issue affects society.

This background information regarding your topic can prove to be crucial in arguing and explaining your point. An extensive background allows the reader to understand your argument and stance on the topic.

The thesis statement

The thesis statement has to be the make or break of the argumentative essay. It is the most crucial aspect that you will need to learn if you want to write a compelling argumentative essay.

It is also a single precise statement that sums up the point you are making and stresses your position on a particular issue. The statement should be one that is potentially arguable availing the possibility of discussion by the reader. The rest of your essay works to explain your thesis statement and provide evidence to support it.

It is worth spending time on developing a definite thesis statement as it fills the reader in on what your essay is all about. Additionally, the reader determines from your thesis statement whether they want to go on with the essay or not.

What Not to Write

Do not provide analyses or describe arguments that belong in the body paragraphs

Your introduction should solely be about introducing and setting up your point—lay out the evidence to support it and end it there. Your intro is the map of your essay; therefore, you need not announce how and what you will be arguing. As the name suggests, it is an intro, and you should not use it to make your argument. 

Avoid Filler Words and Sentences

It is of the essence that you try as much as you can to stay away from filler sentences. Most times, all they do is add to the word count and no pertinent information to the essay.

What is a good hook for an essay?

The right hook for an essay should be an introduction that catches the readers’ attention. Once you have grabbed the readers’ attention, you’ll need to introduce the topic and finally, your thesis, which should come at the end.

What are the 5 types of hooks?

Below are various types of essay hooks:
1. Facts or statistics hook.
2. Quotation hook.
3. Story hook.
4. A strong statement or declaration hook.
5. Description hook.
6. Metaphor or simile hook.

How do you write a good attention grabber?

Here are ways to grab the readers’ attention:
1. Use anecdotes to captivate your audience.
2. Use quotations to engage your audience.
3. Use rhetorical generalization that leads to an argument.
4. Use surprising facts.

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