How To Write A College Essay- The Ultimate 2022 Guide

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A well-written college application essay could be the difference between your acceptance and rejection by your dream college. Therefore, to make the entry into the college of your dreams, you must write a compelling essay. Some people find this an uphill task and opt to buy college essays online to ease their burden. In this guide, however, we will look at easy ways to write a college essay.

Learn How To Write A College Essay 

Before you can even start writing the first word of your essay, it is important to know how to write a college essay. This is not only about the college essay format or about the writing procedure; it is about what the reader wants. The panelists that decide whether you are fit to join the college you are applying to are looking for something when they read your essay.

For the most part, they will be looking at these three things:

  1. Whether you are a suitable candidate.
  2. How the campus might benefit from your presence on it.
  3. Whether you are capable of writing well. 

Having these three at the back of your mind as you write your essay will then guide you on what to write about. Additionally, it will help you decide on a style that will get you accepted into that college.

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So how do you prepare yourself? Below are the steps.


The process of brainstorming is a long one and might as well cover the largest chunk of time. It is, however, through this process that you can decide on what topic to write about. Additionally, through brainstorming, you are able to decide on the type of research you will do for your writing and the style of writing as well. Effective brainstorming includes a lot of reading and consulting as well. It is advisable to sit down with friends and experts to help make the brainstorming process more fruitful.

By doing this, you are able to understand some things such as the college essay format and how it affects your creative process. Additionally, you will also learn how to make the most of the writing prompts around you to get you started writing. Lastly, brainstorming is an important process that ensures you can plan how to write your essay well to improve your college acceptance. 

Writing Your Essay 

Writing your essay is most frightening before you do it. The best way to overcome this fear is to start writing as soon as possible. Although many experts advise that you start writing from the introduction, this is not necessary. For the most part, you can overcome any writer’s block easily if you start with the body of the essay rather than its introduction. If you look at any college essay template online, the body follows a particular way of writing. The two most common methods of writing are montage and narrative writing styles.

In the montage writing style, you will need to get pictures or any other form of imagery that allows your thoughts to flow while you write. Going for the narrative style of writing will involve you creating a series of stories, characters, and events and linking them in your essay through words. The narrative style is more common and many experts will recommend you go for it because it assists in driving points home more clearly. 

Here are five useful tips on how to write a college essay;

Read the college essay instructions carefully 

Before beginning to write your college essay, you need to start by reading the instructions carefully. The instructions help you understand what is expected of you in the essay, for example, the word count. When you fail to follow the instructions, the admissions board will have a wrong impression of you. They may conclude that you also won’t follow the set directions for the program you intend to enroll in since you didn’t follow the instructions.

Write a captivating introduction for your essay

The most significant tip on how to write a college essay is, to begin with, a captivating introduction. Your introduction determines how interested the reader will be in your essay. Here are some tips on how to write a great introduction. Remember, the admissions board has limited time to review your essay. Therefore, your introduction will either keep them engaged or throw them off.

Use examples in your essay to support your ideas

Your college essay will be more credible if you use examples to back your ideas. Rather than merely stating a fact, ensure you support your thought or idea with a relevant example. As you write, find out how that point relates to an experience you may have had before.

Avoid using clichés in your college essay

You have probably researched how to write a college essay during your application process. While it is advisable to check previous great essays, you stand a better chance when writing an original essay. If you’re having trouble coming up with original work, feel free to buy college essays online to help you along the process. Therefore, avoid using clichés in your essay. After writing your essay, as you edit and proofread, identify any clichés, you may have used and replaced them with original thoughts.

Use your inner voice

Take a unique stand when writing your essay rather than quoting ideas and phrases that are common. An application essay is your chance to showcase your knowledge on the matter. Thus, you should use your inner voice as it reflects your ambitions and skills.

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Concluding Your College Essay 

Concluding a college essay is about more than just writing a conclusion. To conclude a college essay in a way that convinces the College Board to consider you, you need to have the end in mind when you start. It is important to understand your topic well and create a flow of ideas that allows you to conclude the essay in two or three sentences. Additionally, avoid leaving the reader hanging by having a conclusion that does not reaffirm why the college should consider your application. 

Proofreading your essay is also part of the process of concluding it. It is advisable to try to proofread the essay aloud to spot any mistakes. Additionally, as you seek feedback from other people on the essay, you can also ask for their help with proofreading and editing. While you may write an essay that you deem excellent, failure to edit well and seek feedback could result in your rejection. 

Below is a college essay example. 

How to write a college essay


Our tips above on how to write a college essay will help you get started. Start your essay with a hooking introduction to hook your readers. Then use relevant examples to add credibility and, lastly, avoid using clichés. Good luck with your essay!

How do you start a college essay?

Your introduction should capture the reader’s attention in that you can begin by asking a question, use an interesting quote, or even begin with a bold statement to leave your reader with a lasting impression.

What should you not write in a college essay?

Topics to avoid in a college essay include; A summary of your accomplishments, sensitive topics, sports, Humor, volunteer experiences, self-expression, tragedies, elicit behaviors, and why you are so lucky.

Do college essays need a title?

Unless you are explicitly asked to include a title do not have one.

What are the best college essay topics?

The best college essay topics include; Memorable meals you have had, Failure, commitment, challenges, and outdoor activities you have experienced.

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