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How you conclude an essay contributes to whether you will effectively communicate your main idea or not. A conclusion plays a crucial role in helping you convince the reader to agree with you or urge them to conduct further research on the topic. This post will guide you on how to conclude an essay well whenever you are writing an essay for school.

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Format on how to conclude an essay:

  • Remember Your Thesis Statement 
  • Summarizing The Body Of Your Essay
  • Present A Challenge 
  • Proofread Your Work

Remember Your Thesis Statement 

The thesis statement holds up the entire essay from start to end. You will not be able to conclude an essay well if you don’t go back to your thesis. A good conclusion is one that reaffirms the thesis statement. Experts advise that you repeat the thesis statement in the conclusion by first paraphrasing it. This allows you to remind the reader that the ideas you presented in the body of the essay were all to support the thesis statement.

Additionally, by going back to your thesis statement, you can wrap up your essay’s main points. 

Summarizing The Body Of Your Essay 

The conclusion exists to help a reader understand your body and what are your final thoughts on the topic. To make this effective, it is important to highlight the main stand you took in the body of the essay. In the body of the essay, the last paragraph usually allows the reader to know where you stand after they have read the evidence presented. This same stand needs to come out prominently as the reader reads your conclusion. 

It is important to remind the reader that after you established your thesis statement, you looked at other supporting evidence. You then established a point that required a different point of view. Through your research, you were then able to support your new stand that you wish the reader would agree on with you. In conclusion, the purpose is to remind the reader of what this stand was. By doing this, the reader can then choose to agree with you or not. 

Present A Challenge 

Winning essay conclusion outlines will include a challenge as part of the conclusion. This challenge is welcome to any writer to conduct more research on the topic discussed in the essay. You can make this part of your conclusion in a sentence or two. In many essays that you will read before you write yours, the writer will point out a particular area that requires more research. For the most part, this area is the one that the writer found to have the least amount of data available. 

Additionally, this area might be one that the writer feels has a lot of research, which is outdated. The writer will, therefore, call out to other researchers and writers to explore this area afresh. This method of presenting a challenge is for the academic purposes of welcoming more people to participate in the topic at hand. 

You can also make this essay conclusion format your preferred way of how to conclude an essay. By using this method, you make the third sentence of your conclusion, a way of posing a challenge to fellow writers to explore the topic further. It is important to note areas of the topic you were discussing which would benefit from further research. Highlight this and make the call for other writers or the reader to explore the topic further.

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Proofread Your Work 

You can’t finish writing your essay or concluding it if proofreading is not done. It is important to allow some time between the exact time you finish writing your essay and when you start editing it. This short period allows you to refresh your mind before you can go back to review your work. Jumping into editing right away could result in bias, which does not help in improving the quality of your writing. 

It helps to read your essay aloud as you proofread it. Your brain can spot mistakes faster if sentences are being read out aloud. Additionally, it makes it easy to spot any spelling errors that deteriorate the quality of your work. Once you are done proofreading, ask for feedback on your essay in general and, more specifically, the conclusion. Review the comments you receive on the same and decide on what you can improve to make your conclusion convincing.

Example Of How To Conclude An Essay

How to conclude an essay

Should you start a conclusion within conclusion?

Your conclusion should not rephrase your thesis but it should tie all your ideas together and you can do this by including some specific examples, restating key points, and editing carefully.

Whats a conclusion sentence?

A conclusion is the last paragraph of your research paper where you get to restate your thesis and summarize your main points so as to make a good impression on your reader.

How do you start a conclusion paragraph?

Your introductory paragraph should be your guide where you get to revise and restate your thesis statement first before moving further to introduce and remind the reader of some of the specific examples you have written.

What is a good closing sentence?

A good closing sentence should have some of the examples to guide the writer; overall, As a result, As expressed, In conclusion, therefore, For this reason, Lastly, Thus, finally and In general.

How long should a conclusion be?

The length of the conclusion depends on the size of the essay as per the instruction given to complete the assignment. For most cases, a well-developed conclusion should be just a paragraph that reflects the length of the essay.

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