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If you are wondering how to structure your college essay, you have a reason to smile. The following article describes the components of a good college essay outline and what information each section should contain. You also get some tips for finding relevant college essay topics.

Students get nervous when it comes to writing college essays for admission. It seems complicated to put all their academic and personal experiences together ad present them in a compelling write-up. Fortunately, you can write an essay that will persuade admission officers to accept your application.  That is only possible if you have a clear college essay outline. That way, you can map out your ideas and convincingly present them.

There are different templates that you can follow, but it is advisable to avoid complicated ones. Ideally, an admission essay is comprised of a beginning, middle and end. You need to think about the information that you want to include in the article and determine where to place it. 

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Finding The Right College Essay Topic

Every university has unique prompts depending on the department you would like to join and the level of study. Therefore, ensure that you understand what your prompt requires. In most cases, you will be required to defend, support or expound about a prompt. Once you know what you must do, use your creativity and insight to write a compelling essay.

Alternatively, you might be required to pick a topic of your liking. There are various topics you can write about, and you need to select one that will land you that much-anticipated admission. It would be best if you chose a topic that you can relate with and that you have some knowledge. You can get ideas about college essay topics online or get ideas from students that are already admitted.

The Ideal College Essay Outline Format

A college essay outline is composed of three main sections

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion


Your introduction needs to be interesting to catch the attention of the admission officers. You can begin with an anecdote, a question, personal statement or a little humour that is related to the prompt or topic. Tell the reader essential aspects about yourself and stick to a natural writing style and tone.

Some students make the mistake of having other people write the essay or recycle previously written academic pieces. There is a lot that a reader can derive from an essay. Hence, it is easy to tell whether you are the writer of the essay or not after viewing your portfolio and perhaps after interviewing you.


You should convince the university to accept your admission application in the body and one can only achieve this by answering the prompts provided. You might be asked to explain what major you want to study. It would be wise to specify the course you want to take and why specifically in that university. Include your reasons for selecting that university and why you think you will cope well there. Also, convince the reader that you can contribute positively to the university. 

Additionally, give good examples to support your views. You need to know how the essay prompt relates to your traits and values. That way, you can easily find genuine examples to include in the essay. Writing your own experiences is a great way to move the admission panellists.

However, many learners might have the ideas, but they end up filling their essays with fluff words to meet the word count. That may make the reader lose interest. After all, most essays are about 650-700 words long, and it is not necessary to add unnecessary words if you have your facts right.

It is important to use short and clear words. Additionally, do enough research about the university so that you can write relevant information. You might write something unique about the college that will convince the admission panel to consider your application as well.


It would help if you concluded by reiterating your viewpoints. Additionally, let the reader know that you deserve to be admitted to their institution by using relevant examples. 

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Example Of Compelling College Essay

college essay outline
college essay outline

Choosing a relevant college essay topic is essential if you want positive feedback. What is more, you need to find relevant information to write and arrange it accordingly. This article affirms that a proper college essay format comprises of an introduction, body and conclusion.

What is an outline in college?

An outline is a tool that is used to organize and present the main idea about the topic or thesis in sequence order.

What are the 3 types of outlines?

The three types of outlines include:
1. Full sentences outline where you get to write complete sentences at each outline section.
2. Decimal Outlines. This refers to a system of decimal notation that depicts how each part of the outline relates to the whole essay.
3.Alphanumeric Outlines. This is the most known type of outline. The formatting follows this particular order; roman numerals, upper case letters, Arabic numbers and lower case letters.

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