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How To Write A Narrative Essay

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What Is A Narrative Essay

When tasked to write a narrative essay, the expectation is that you write an essay that details events chronologically. A narrative essay is a story that details the experiences of the author at a particular point in time. The focus is on how these experiences affected the author. 

 To write an excellent narrative essay, it is important to know the key pointers that will make your narrative worth reading. This article will help you overcome any challenge you might have during your writing process. Our narrative essay writing experts have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to write a narrative essay step by step.

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Guidelines On How To Write A Narrative Essay

  • Settling on what to write
  • Understand the general format
  • Win with the introduction
  • Put the matter to rest with a conclusion

Settling On What To Write 

Unlike other types of essays, it is advisable to put in more time into deciding what story you are going to write in a narrative essay. What you choose to write might depend on the purpose for which you are writing the essay. Whichever the case, it is important to pay attention to a few things. 

Be The Center Of Events 

When someone reads your narrative essay, they are not interested in anything else apart from what events occurred around you. The general purpose of any narrative essay is to help the reader understand how these events affected you, the centre of it all. 

Ensure The Story Has A Flow 

As you choose what to write about, ensure that the story or happenings have a particular flow. More than anything else, narrative essays focus on the chronological order of events. This order shows how the author was at the beginning of the essay and how the events shape him or her at the end of the essay. 

Understand The General Format 

The general narrative essay format is that the introduction comes; first, the body forms the middle, and the conclusion comes last.

However, put extra focus on the body part of the essay. In any narrative essay template, the body gets particular attention because it helps the reader understand what happens to the writer. It is, therefore vital to ensure that the body of your narrative essay is compelling. 

Many experts advise that you have at least three paragraphs in this section of the narrative essay. For each paragraph that you write in the body of your essay, you need to have a topic sentence.

The topic sentence lets the reader know what exactly the paragraph will deal with. Go on further and narrate how the experience in the topic sentence helps to shape you. Lastly, each paragraph has a small introduction that helps the readers understand how the experience changed you. 

Win With The Introduction 

Experts advise that you draft your introduction after you have written the body of your essay. The reason behind this writing wisdom is that after you are done writing your body, you have a better understanding of your essay. You are, therefore in a better position to compel the reader to read through your essay with a compelling introduction. 

While this may not work for everyone, it is worth giving a try. However, practice caution because choosing to start with the introduction before the body is a major cause of writer’s block that many people experience. 

The introduction needs to welcome the reader into the realm of thinking that the writer is on. It is important to break down the thesis statement in this section and help the reader know what the rest of the essay will cover.

Additionally, try to use the simplest words here and avoid being too general, as this may contradict what you write in the body. 

Put The Matter To Rest With A Conclusion 

A narrative essay does not require an overly sophisticated conclusion. The reason for this is that all through the body, you offer the reader small conclusions through which he or she understands your position.

Additionally, through detailed writing in the body of the essay, the reader understands how the events shaped the writer and, therefore only needs the conclusion to reaffirm the thesis statement. 


In conclusion, it is important to paraphrase the thesis statement to make the reader understand why you settled on it.

You can add one more sentence that sums up all the minor conclusions you made in the body of the essay. The conclusion should, however, be short and concise.

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An Example Of A Narrative Essay.

How to write a narrative essay

How do you start a narrative?

A narrative essay follows the structure of a typical story where you begin introducing the character and setting of the story, followed by actions that will catch the reader’s attention, and finally describe the morale of your story and what your readers should learn from it.

What makes a good narrative?

A good narrative is one that captivates the audience and keeps them engaging in your story. Important elements to look at include the following:
1. The narrative should be readable. This is done by looking at the spelling and grammar involved to ensure there are little or no mistakes.
2. The narrative structure and continuity should flow and make sense.
3. The character and the plot analysis of your narrative should be engaging and ensure that the resolution you have created works.

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