How To Write A College Application Essay

College application essays play a pivotal role in determining your acceptance or rejection into a particular college. It is therefore important that you learn how to write an excellent college application essay that gets you entry into the college of your dreams. This post will guide you on how to write a college application essay. 

Understand The Format 

The format of an essay is the base of all that comes after it. Once you understand the format of a college application essay, you stand a better chance of writing an essay that will get you an entry into the college you are targeting. 

The format for a college application essay takes the general essay format of all others: introduction, body and conclusion. However, the way you approach each one of these sections will vary compared to if you were writing an argumentative essay.

An example of how to write a college application essay.

how to write a college application essay

Format of how to write a college application essay

1. Introduction 

The introduction of your college application essay focuses on inviting the reader to want to know your story. College application essay experts recommend that you have a sentence that draws the reader into the body subtly. This sentence can be a simple highlight of a unique story that you have which the reader should read. 

College application essay reviewers are always looking for that introduction that captures their attention. It is good to note that there will be hundreds if not thousands of essays one reviewer will have to look at it. It is therefore important that your introduction is catchy and helps the reviewer progress to the body well. 

2. The Body 

In the body of your college application essay, the focus is on the unique story that you tell. Regardless of the essay question, it is important that your unique story come out in what you write in the body of the essay. 

Your unique story is the personal story you have which will draw the reviewer to want to consider your college application. Many people go wrong here when they try to tell a cliché story. Avoid any clichés and focus on your truth to earn you that approval you want. 

3. Conclusion 

The conclusion to your college application essay simply wraps up what you discussed in the essay and especially the body. A good conclusion will paraphrase the thesis statement you arrived at before you started writing your essay. 

Additionally, a good conclusion to your college essay will touch on your unique story again before concluding the essay. The truth that you tell in your unique story will anchor your conclusion and emphasize to the reviewer that you are telling your truth. 

4. The Proofing Process 

Proofreading is what takes your college essay from ordinary to extraordinary. Any person can write a college application essay but only a few can edit one thoroughly. 

When choosing to proof your college essay, it is advisable to take some time off after writing before coming back to edit. Doing this allows you to come back with a clear mind that allows you to see the mistakes that are there clearly. Additionally, the writing process for most people is exhausting and following this up with editing means, you will not do a thorough job editing. 

When self-editing it is advisable to read the text aloud as you edit it. This process allows your eyes to note any mistakes that your mind might fail to spot as you edit. You can also gauge how the language flow is as you read your text aloud. 

Another option is to get a friend or professional to help you with editing your essay. This option allows you to have a person give you suggestions on what can make your essay better. When self-editing, there is always that chance of bias when editing your work.  However, review the suggested change and choose whether to implement it or not rather than have the person make the change for you. 

5.Final Thoughts 

College application essays are vital for college entry. To make the most of the chance to join a prestigious college, read wide to enable you handle any essay topic thrown at you. Focus on telling your unique story to make your essay stand out. Finally, polish your essay by editing thoroughly. 

How do you start a college essay?

The best way to start a college essay is to capture the readers’ attention. Here are ways to capture the readers attention:
1. Begin with an interesting quote.
2. You can start by asking a question.
3. speak to your readers directly.
4. You can also begin with a bold statement.

What should you not write in a college essay?

Here are some of the college essay topics you should avoid; tragedies, illicit behaviours, sensitive topics, experiences, a summary of your accomplishments, humour, sport and finally why you are so lucky.

How do you avoid I in an essay?

Here are some of the tips on how to avoid the use of personal language in an essay:
1. Adhere to the stated rules of the essay to avoid being penalized.
2. Look for alternative personal pronouns. You can do this by doing subjective research.
3. Do not use informal expressions.

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