Why I Honor The American Flag Essay

A why I honor the American flag essay is a type of essay that focuses on your ability to illustrate the reason as to why you are patriotic. While the essay focuses on the aspects that contribute to your pride in being American, it also tastes how well you can put across these points. This post will guide you on how to write this type of essay. Read on. 

Format on how to write the American Flag Essay

1.Understand What The Essay Asks 

This type of essay wants to understand the reason why you are patriotic to the American flag. It is therefore important that you take your time to highlight the points that make you proud to be American. When it comes to such an essay, there is no wrong or right way of doing it. The points that make you a patriotic person do not have to be the same as those of another person. 

 Here are a few tips on how you can make this essay stand out when you write it. 

  1. Focus On What Makes You Proud

We all have something that we are proud of when it comes to being American. It is important that you state your truth and highlight that which makes you wake up and feel proud of your flag each day. These items will vary depending on the person. It might be the peace that we enjoy in the country, the level of education or even the democracy in the country. Whichever the case, you stand a better chance of writing a persuasive essay if you choose a unique point that appeals to you. 

  1. Avoid Clichés

Many students attempt this type of essay every year. Over time, some certain points become cliché and this may affect your chances of scoring highly. It is important to avoid the all too common items that most students will want to write in their essays. 

  1. Put Forward Your Personal Story

We all experience different things as Americans. When an examiner asks you to write a why I honor the American flag essay, they want to know what that story is for you. You stand a better chance of impressing with your essay if you take the time to tell your story in the essay. Relate this to how it makes you proud to be American and why you honor the flag. 

2. Structure Of The Essay 

This type of essay will take the five-paragraph essay format that most essays go with. You will have three major sections, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. 

  1. The Introduction 

The introduction of your essay needs to welcome the reader to understand why you love America and why you honor its flag. Patriotism is not everyone’s cup of tea and therefore, you need to have an interesting hook that will glue your reader to the rest of your essay. 

  1. The Body

The body of your essay will have three paragraphs. In these paragraphs, you need to list the factors that make you feel proud of the American flag. Additionally, you will need to offer evidential support as to why this is convincing enough to make you fall in love with the country. 

By the end of your body, it is important to help the reader be on the same level of understanding as you are. The target of this essay is to make your reader fall in love with the flag as much as you do. A good essay is one that accomplishes this task. 

  1. The Conclusion

In the conclusion of the essay, it is important to go back to the topic of discussion and rephrase this. Summarize all the reasons as to why you are patriotic and why it serves you well to continue being patriotic to the flag. At this point, avoid any temptation to introduce any new ideas into the essay. 

Final Thoughts 

This type of essay will test your knowledge of the aspects you choose to highlight that make you proud of the flag. Additionally, such an essay will want to test whether you can organize your ideas in a flowing manner. It is important to have a unique story angle that helps your essay stand out compared to that of other candidates.

An example of an American flag essay

Why I honor the american flag essay

Why is the American flag important?

The American flag has stood as a symbol of freedom and justice for a very long time. It is a living piece history and a source of unity and pride of the Americans. The stripes and stars on the flags contains the qualities that make our nation great, justice, freedom, liberty, purpose and love for out nation.

What does the US flag mean to me?

The us flag is meaningful to me because it means freedom.

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