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Informative Essay Template – Free Outline and Sample 

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Informative essays are one of the most common types of academic writing. They provide information on a particular topic, and this information is typically presented in an objective, unbiased manner. While the format for an informative essay may vary depending on the teacher or instructor, there are some general guidelines that all informative essays should follow. This article provides a template for writing an informative essay and a sample essay to help illustrate the format.

How to Structure and Outline an Informative Essay 

When writing an informative essay, the structure is fundamental and contributes to grading your essay. The most common structure for an informative essay is the five-paragraph format.

Here are the sections your essay must have;

  1. The introduction – This section should give an overview of the main points of your essay and introduce the reader to your thesis statement. 
  2. The body – Provides detailed information about your topic and supports your thesis statement with evidence. 
  3. The Conclusion – This section should summarize your main points and give the reader a strong impression of your argument.

Informative Essay Outline Template – Downloadable 

Having an outline will help you greatly when writing your essay. Below, you’ll find a downloadable informative essay outline template that will provide you with the basic structure for your informative essay and guidance on how to fill in each section of the outline.

Informative Essay Real Example  

By understanding the structure and outline of informative essays, you can learn how to write them effectively. However, seeing a well-written informative article can also help learn how to improve it. Check the example below.


So, there you have it! The key to a great informative essay is a well-organized structure and outline. By following our guidelines, you should be able to write an informative article that will engage your reader and provide them with the information they are looking for. 

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