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An informative essay intends to offer information to the reader. When writing an informative essay, you digress from the need to give your opinion to the reader. Rather, the focus is on enabling the reader to understand a particular topic better by offering more information about it. Writing such an essay can present a challenge to many students. This post will guide you in writing an informative essay

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What Does An Informative Essay Do? 

An informative essay serves several purposes. The following are some of the reasons why it may be necessary to write an informative essay. 

Inform readers of a problem they don’t know about 

One of the most crucial purposes of an informative essay is to inform readers about a problem they have no idea exists. Many people will get new information by reading an informative essay. The information that they get will open their eyes to a problem that exists but which they have never noticed. 

Elaborate on the importance of a topic 

An informative essay can also serve the purpose of elaborating on the importance of a particular topic. In this approach, the reader already has some prior information on what the topic is but does not have an in-depth understanding. The purpose of the writer when writing such an informative essay is to help the reader move from familiarizing to understanding a particular topic. 

Present new research 

If you are looking to present new research on a topic to your readers, an informative essay is the best channel to do this. The purpose of an informative essay, which is to elaborate on a particular topic, works well for presenting new research to people. 

Draw comparisons

In the event that there are two controversial topics that you would like to draw comparisons about, an informative essay is the best way to do this. An informative essay allows you to go in-depth on either topic or present facts that show any comparison between the two. 

Analyze cause and effect 

The cause and effect of a topic require that you look at the information before you critically then explain the same to your readers simply. Using an informative essay, you can easily achieve this and help your readers understand what causes a particular thing to happen and its effect on others. 

How To Start An Informative Essay 

Starting an informative essay is one of the most challenging things for most people.

An example of how to write an informative essay outline.

how to write an informative essay

Format On How To Write An Informative Essay

  • Formulate your thesis statement
  • Research
  • Create an outline for your essay
  • The writing process
  • Proofing

Formulate your thesis statement 

Decide on the topic you want to write about and then formulate your thesis statement. The thesis statement will guide you as you move on to other steps and the research you are going to do. 


After determining your thesis statement, the research follows. Depending on what your thesis statement is, you will either conduct primary or secondary research. Each one of these will yield a different type of data for your informative essay. You will then need to organize these data in a way that allows your ideas to flow once you start writing. 

Create an outline for your essay

Your essay’s outline allows you to stay on track as you write. The outline shows you what type of information you will introduce into the essay at a particular time. Additionally, the outline also allows you to keep a check on the word count. 

The writing process 

The writing process follows after you have your outline ready. An informative essay will follow the general essay format with an introduction, body and then a conclusion. Ensure your ideas flow from start to end by sticking to the outline. 


The last aspect of your essay is the proofing process. Here, you can choose to self-edit or seek help from a friend or a professional editor. Editing helps your essay stand out and additionally, it gives you the chance to review some of the information that you feel would need improving. 

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Final Thoughts 

An informative essay allows you to expound on a given topic and give the reader an understanding of what the topic covers. Following the steps provided above will help you write your next informative essay with ease.

What are some informative essay topics?

Here are some of the informative essay topics:
1. Health benefits of a vegetarian diet
2. Causes of global warming.
3. Importance of regular daily exercise
4. US stock market
5. History of the Titanic

Informative essay topics for 4th grade

Here are some of the informative essay topics required of a 4th-grade student; Gaming, skills that you possess, role models, your favorite food, animals you are interested in, and your future dreams/ goals.

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