How To Write An Analytical Essay

The purpose of an analytical essay is to break down a concept into parts that enhance understanding of the whole idea of the essay. Analytical essays are vital in reviewing literary text especially if there are segments of it that may cause a challenge to a reader. To write an excellent analytical essay, it is important to know the different approaches that one can take in writing one. This post will guide you on how to write an analytical essay. 

Steps of how to write an analytical essay

1. Understanding The Approach To Take 

Depending on the essay question, you can take several approaches to write your analytical essay. While each one of these approaches is a distinct one, in some analytical essays, they may overlap. So which are these approaches and how can you make the most of them write a compelling analytical essay? Read on. 

The Definition Approach 

The Definition approach is by far one of the most common ways writers use to write an analytical essay. In this approach, the focus is on writing the definition of various parts of an idea as you try to break it down for your reader to understand.

An example of an analytical essay template.

How to write an analytical essay

The definition approach works best when you are writing a short essay but is also suitable for long essays. However, for long essays, you will need to combine this approach with another if you are helping the reader understand the concept you are analyzing. 

Additionally, when used for long essays, it is important that you use this approach at specific stages of your essay. This variation allows you to use this approach to introduce a concept and then go ahead to break it down further using another approach. 

The Cause And Effect Approach 

The cause and effect approach is also another effective method of analyzing a concept when writing an essay. In the cause and effect approach, the idea is to discuss the cause of a particular thing and contrast the same to its effect on another thing. 

While it may sound like you will be analyzing two concepts when you use this approach, the truth is that you will only be analyzing one. The idea is to study what causes that particular thing to happen and then compare its causes to the effects it has on other things. 

The cause and effect approach is effective in analytical essays because it allows you to go to the root of a concept and reveal the same to your reader. Once you do this, you do not leave the reader hanging but now he or she understands how that concept affects other things. This approach is particularly effective for academic essays that require you to analyze a concept. 

The Classification Approach 

The classification approach is similar to the definition approach in (a) above. However, unlike the definition approach that only seeks to define a concept, the classification approach seeks to break it down further. 

The classification approach requires that you look for similar concepts elsewhere that you can then classify together with the one you are analyzing. The idea here is to study the effect of a particular concept by relating it to other concepts that have similar characteristics. 

Students prefer using the classification approach when writing analytical essays because it eases the process of researching. Unlike the previous two approaches above, that may require you to conduct primary research, this approach works well with secondary research. 

2. The Writing Process Of An Analytical Essay

The writing process for an analytical essay is similar to that used in writing other essays. The only major difference will come in the body of the essay. For normal essays, the intention is to take a stand in the body of the essay. For analytical essays, however, the writer does not have to take a stand in the body of the essay. The writer only helps the reader understand the breakdown of a particular concept. 

Final Thoughts 

When writing an analytical essay, research is a crucial aspect of it all. Analytical essays are not opinions but rather display an understanding of a particular concept. It is therefore important that the writer conducts thorough research and masters a particular topic. Analytical essays will always test your comprehension of a particular topic and your proficiency at explaining it to others.

What should be in an analytical essay?

An analytical essay consists of three main parts the introduction, main body which should be about 3- 4 paragraphs and the conclusion

How do you choose an analytical essay topic?

Here is how you choose an analytical essay topic:
1. Brainstorm on a topic that invokes emotion so as to be keen when expressing your opinions.
2. Do research depending on the number of sources you have at hand so as to get an idea of your topic.
3. Reflect on your handouts or notes to get relevant ideas to write on.

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