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It takes more than research and words to craft and write a term paper. Where you aren’t sure how term papers are written, this guideline is for you. Or you can reach out to our tutors to help you write an A+ term paper.

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Writing a noteworthy term paper takes a lot of planning, writing skills, and above all, researching. Students both in the secondary and tertiary institutions are expected to submit several term papers as their coursework.

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How excellent the term paper determines how great and appealing your grades will be. There is, therefore, a need for you to eye on writing a tremendously unique term paper.

Below are guidelines that will enable you to write the best term paper meeting the expectations and requirements of your professor. 

The Process Involved In Writing A Term Paper

  • Identify a topic
  • Research more about the topic
  • Design an outline
  • Draft a Proposal
  • Sit down and write your paper
  • Edit your paper

Identify a topic

There is no sensible term paper without a topic. The topic helps the readers understand the information contained in the paper.

There are instances when the professor gives a specific topic to write about. Nonetheless, where you are to choose your topic, ensure to employ keenness.

Brainstorm on different ideas while evaluating each. As a result, you will manage to select an ideal topic

Research more about the topic

Other students have presented term papers on the same topic. There is a need for you to understand what others have to offer and say about the topic. Research extensively while jotting down relevant quotations for your paper. 

Design an outline

You must never commence your writing without having an outline. A term paper outline will always help you stick within your identified topic.

Define the introduction part, body, and conclusive statements. The body should have four headings. These include the historical background of the topic, the extent of the problem statement, effects realized from the problem, and potential remedies. 

Draft a proposal paper

You need to consider drafting your term paper proposal paper or sample first. Therefore, consider working with a timeline.

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The timeline helps you have ample time to draft a proposal paper before writing the actual term paper. As you read through the proposal sample, you will garner ideas that you feel must be incorporated in your final draft.

Sit down and write your paper

When writing your paper, keenness must be employed. You also need to choose a comfortable and conducive environment.

Evade all kinds of disruptions and distractions when writing your term paper. Stick within the perimeters of your outline, topic, and timeline. 

Edit your paper

You are expected to proofread your paper several times to pinpoint all the mistakes, whether grammatical or otherwise. Those errors must be corrected hence enabling you to produce a remarkably crafted term paper. 

Term Paper Format 

Different subjects necessitate different term paper formats. Therefore, you need to examine your subject requirements extensively and understand the standard format to be used. Below are segments of a term paper.

  • Title page
  • Acknowledgement
  • Table of contents
  • Thesis statement
  • Literature review
  • Conclude your term paper
  • Recommendations
  • Referencing 

Title page

The term paper must have a particular page designated for the title. The title page contains the title, your name, the course or subject, instructor’s name, and the submission date. Ensure to record the details accurately. 


The acknowledgement segment must pinpoint your topic. Therefore, ensure to describe your area of concentration or the topic of the paper.

Then again,

A justification explaining why the topic was picked or chosen must be availed. Finally, you need to avail of applicable preliminary information.  

Table of contents

You need to develop a table of content. The table of content shows where certain information is available. Your table of content must be accurate and detailed. 

Thesis statement 

You need to have a thesis statement which your paper is developed from. There are research questions that you need to present. You only avail of questions that your term paper answers.

You are also expected to avail of a brief synopsis of the paper. 

Literature review

A literature review is necessary. The segment helps you pinpoint the methodologies used. In this segment, ensure to observe word limit while still availing as much information as possible. Settle for catchy and relevant citations. 

Conclude your term paper

The conclusion helps the readers understand the results of your hypothesis. The readers ought to understand whether your hypothesis was correct or not. 


What is your standpoint? Your views and opinion about the topic and future research projects must be availed. Therefore, ensure to acknowledge your viewpoint and offer clear recommendations. 


Where did you acquire the information from? Proper referencing is necessary. Therefore, ensure to list all your references or sources. The reference citation format must be observed and needs to follow an alphabetical sequence. 

Keenness is necessitated when writing your term papers. Understanding the format and ways to write one helps sharpen your abilities and skills. Remarkably written term papers mean better grades. 

An Example of How To Write A Term Paper

An example of a term paper

How do you start a term paper?

The introduction part should begin by informing the reader of the topic to be discussed, explaining the merits or demerits of the topic, and how you plan to discuss the paper.

What are the contents of a term paper?

The term paper should contain the following; title page, table of contents, abstract, Introduction, Literature survey, research methodology, data findings, recommendation, conclusion, and finally, the reference page.

How do you end a term paper?

The best way to write the conclusion of a term paper is to begin by stating your last impressions in a simple and clear language, avoid restating what you have already written, finally end by providing opportunities for future research.

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