How To Write A Five-Paragraph Essay

A five-paragraph essay is the standard essay format for most essays you will handle in the course of your academic life. These type of essays require that you pay attention to each segment and present your thoughts in a flowing manner within the five paragraphs. If you have been having challenges writing essays, this post will guide you on how to write a five-paragraph essay. Read on. 

Format on how to write a five-paragraph essay

The Structure Is What Matters Most

The five-paragraph essay is the going format for most of the essays you will write. To handle such an essay, it is important to know what goes into which segment of your essay. For starters, it is good to note that you will have three major sections in your essay. The introduction, body and the conclusion. 

How to write a five-paragraph essay structure

1. Introduction

The introduction in a five-paragraph essay will be one paragraph. The length of this first paragraph will depend on the specific type of essay that you are writing. Some essays will require a long introduction while others will do well with just a few sentences. 

One thing to note however is that each introduction needs to have a hook. The hook refers to the first two sentences that form the introduction of the essay. The purpose of the hook is to draw the reader into the writing. Hooks should be captivating while at the same time straightforward and informative. 

For the most part, what helps the reader determine whether he or she will read the rest of the essay is the hook. It is therefore important to decide on the best type of hook to use to write a five-paragraph essay persuasively. Some of the options you have will include; a quote, a statistic, an anecdote, and a fun fact. 

2. The Body 

The body of a five-paragraph essay is the most crucial part of the overall essay. While all the parts have equal importance. They all derive their importance from the body of the essay. When you write a five-paragraph essay, the body will have three paragraphs. 

The first paragraph, depending on the type of the essay, will introduce the reader to the core information you want to put across in the essay. This first paragraph will refer to the thesis statement of the essay and try to explain to the reader why the essay is important and why your ideas may make the argument better. 

The second paragraph will contain the evidential support on which you base your argument. In this paragraph, it is important to make sure that the best-going evidence from your research comes out. Additionally, use this paragraph to highlight any inefficiencies or bias that the topic you introduced in paragraph one of the body has. 

In the third paragraph of the body, the focus is on put across your new argument for the reader to agree to or refute. In this paragraph, you will refer to the inadequacies noted in the first paragraph of the body. Additionally, you will peg your argument to the evidence presented in the second paragraph of the body. Lastly, you will use this paragraph to state your stand on the matter at hand. 

3. The Conclusion 

The conclusion forms the fifth paragraph of a five-paragraph essay. In this paragraph, the focus is on closing the discussion. You need to refer back to your thesis statement by rephrasing it and then follow that up with the stand that you took in paragraph three of the body. 

The conclusion also summarizes the main arguments that you made in the body of the essay. In the conclusion, it is important to note that new ideas are not welcome and the reader only needs a summary of the essay. 

What To Note 

When writing a five-paragraph essay, it is important to note that each first sentence of any paragraph serves a distinct purpose. In the introduction, the first sentence will serve as a hook to capture the reader’s attention. In the body, each first sentence of each paragraph will serve as a topic sentence, which you will then elaborate on in the sentences that follow. In the conclusion, the first sentence of this paragraph needs to rephrase the thesis statement of the essay.

An example of a five-paragraph essay

How to write a five-paragraph essay

What is a 3 body paragraph?

A three body paragraph essay has three parts like most essays: an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

How do you start your first paragraph?

It’s easier to start your first paragraph after you have written first your draft or when you have a detailed outline showing each section. To construct a good introductory you must have the following:
1. Your first sentence should grab the attention of the reader.
2. You should have informative statements that build up your thesis.
3. The thesis statement should give the overall view of your essay.

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