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How To Write A Career Research Paper

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A career research paper is a write-up that gives students a better idea of what to expect in a career field they’d like to explore. The paper helps them familiarize themselves with careers they knew nothing or little about. Besides, it also gives them a chance to prove the career choice is indeed suitable for them. And if it isn’t, they can then reconsider their area of specialization

For an effective research paper, find a career that suits your interest to score better grades. You also need to conduct detailed research and create an outline to help you organize your work. Examples of career research papers include; How to get an internship and careers that don’t require a college education. Other topics are what should your resume contain and The benefits of working from home.

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There are diverse careers out there designated for different people based on their personalities and capabilities. Thus when writing the career research paper, your focus will be a career you have thought about before. It might also be a job that suits you perfectly.

How To Develop a Career Research Paper

If you’ve had any challenges writing your research paper, worry no more. This article will teach you how to write a great career research paper. To do so, consider the following;

  • Identify a career
  • Gather sufficient information on the chosen career
  • Identify professionals in your career line and interview them
  • Write your career essay

Identify A Career

Every person has an aptitude and personality. This must be considered when determining an ideal career. If you are not sure what career fits you best, consider taking a personality test quiz. These answers will eventually help you discover careers that best match your personality. In the test, you will answer questions like; are you friendly towards people? Do you prefer working alone? Do you enjoy writing and have tremendous writing abilities

Be keen on your interests and strengths. Carefully examine them with different opportunities. More so, through the research paper, you will be able to access the unfamiliar career opportunities available. A career research paper does not necessarily mean you will pursue that career in life. Nonetheless, it helps present adequate information about the careers.

Gather Sufficient Information On The Chosen Career

Use the internet, library, and career center materials to gather additional information. Your research plays an integral role in gathering sufficient data and facts about the career at large. You can also consult with librarians and career advisors for career recommendations. Therefore, have questions designated for your research. 

Identify Professionals In Your Career Line And Interview Them

Experts in a particular field must be considered for such interviews. They have extensive knowledge and experience. So, find the professionals and ask your burning questions concerning your career choice. Ask relevant questions that will help you understand their experiences, likes, dislikes, and the challenges they face. 

Write Your Career Essay

Because you have already gathered sufficient information, use your outline to start writing your paper. The essay will contain information about the career, the requirements needed to pursue it, the pay range, and its pros and cons. In a situation where you conducted interviews, designate a paragraph for the reporting.

What Should a Career Research Paper Have?

The purpose is to have a paper that is informative and resonates with the reader. Therefore, it should explore the following; 

Highlight Your Career Goals 

Talk about what you want to pursue or achieve in life and the steps to get you there. Here, you’ll need to have long-term and short-term goals. This will answer questions like, where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years. Examples of short-term goals are; gaining a new professional skill or a self-improvement skill like networking. On the other hand, long-term goals are opening a business, making a career switch, or attaining a leadership position. 

Discuss One Major Career

Talk about one career you’d love to pursue. If you want to become a doctor, you can narrow it down to a cardiologist or a pediatrician. However, if you want to be a reporter, you can focus on being a business or sports reporter.

Talk About Facts Concerning The Career

Some careers don’t necessarily need a degree or professional skills. If yours falls under this category, you can talk about it. And because every career has its strengths and weaknesses, talk about both without sugarcoating anything. For example, if you write about the healthcare industry, you might discuss working beyond the extra hours or lack of advancement opportunities. Discussing the pros and cons will prepare you for the challenges ahead or issues you had overlooked before. 

Discuss Hobbies, Talents, and Interests

A career research paper requires you to talk about what you love to do in your free time. It might be something you are good at or something you’d love to be an expert in. Therefore, this helps you match your personality to a career you are interested in. It also makes you aware of other possibilities you can explore. 

Cite Sources Correctly

Because the paper will require you to do a lot of research, you must document your search sources. Therefore, it is important to cite your sources correctly to add credibility to your paper. 

Guidelines To Help You Write A Catchy Paper

  • Examine your goals
  • Analyse your skills and interests
  • Make a chart of pros and cons
  • Explore career sites
  • Reseach current trends
  • Create an outline
  • Identify a conducive environment to write from
  • Work with a timeline.
  • Edit and proofread your work
  • Confirm that all career questions are answered

Examine Your Goals

What are the goals you want to achieve? Is there a particular level you’d love to reach? Is your objective to have money or find a career that will give your life meaning and purpose? Taking time to think about the future can help you identify jobs that will be a long-term fit. You should also consider the salary, working hours, advancement opportunities, and location.

Analyse Your Skills And Interests

A skill is something you have learned to do or something you are good at. You might have a skill in writing, knitting, or fixing appliances. On the other hand, interest is something you like. An area you’ve always loved to pursue. It might be fashion, photography, drawing—anything you like or prefer to do. Most importantly, ask yourself what you are interested in the most, what gives you joy, or what areas you would like to perfect.

Make A Chart Of Pros And Cons

Everything in life has its advantages and disadvantages. If something makes you happy, it will inevitably make you sad. That is why it is important to list the positives and the negatives of a particular career. You might choose an interesting field that is quite demanding. It might require long hours of work or a high level of confidentiality, or maybe creativity. Hence, it is essential to know what you are willing to work with.

Explore Career Sites 

There are many sites you can use to get detailed information regarding certain careers. For instance, some sites will help you take personality tests to match what career types match your personality the best.

Research Career Trends 

What major careers are people pursuing? What careers will bloom in the next five years? Is it technology? Is it healthcare because of the pandemic? The hospitality industry or finance? If you consider this aspect, it will help you make a wise move.

Create An Outline

An outline is the framework of any good paper. Developing an outline helps you understand the sequence of the paragraphs. Additionally, it will help you know what idea to establish, hence creating a good flow. Having an outline can also help you develop a draft for your paper as well as ensure you have a powerful introduction and a strong thesis that backs up all of your points with good research.

Identify A Conducive Environment To Write From

Writing an essay demands keenness and a high level of concentration. Therefore, choose a welcoming environment to write from. For instance, you could write from the library, a silent coffee shop at the corner, or even your bedroom, where you experience zero disruptions and distractions. 

Work With a Timeline.

Understand the deadline for handing in the research paper and set your timeline. A timeline will certainly help you meet deadlines and also help you submit a high-quality research paper that has not been written in a hurry.

Edit And Proofread Your Work

Edit and proofread your work to correct grammatical mistakes that make you look like a careless writer. Similarly, you can even read your work twice or thrice to ensure that you haven’t left out any errors.

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Confirm That All Career Questions Are Answered

How thorough is the essay? Does it cover all the angles about the career? The career research paper needs to present a detailed report about the career. Therefore, reexamine the relevance of the paper as far as the career is concerned.

Crafting this paper has never been a simple task. However, if the guidelines above are followed, the process becomes easier to tackle. So, understand each instruction, and you will be able to write your essay about careers.

An Outline For a Career Research Paper 

A good outline is important for any paper. Most importantly, it helps you create a good flow of thoughts and ensures you have a powerful introduction, body, and conclusion. 

The Introduction 

An introduction has one or two paragraphs. Of course, this depends on the simplicity or the complexity of the paper. The introduction should introduce the paper’s topic, have a good definition of the career, and a thesis statement that clearly explains the paper’s focus. Above all, remember to hook the reader to your paper and give them an easy transition to your work. 

The Body 

The body can have three or more paragraphs depending on the points you want to address. Here are some things that need to be included;

  • The most important features of the career.
  • The nature of the job and a list of the responsibilities.
  • The minimum qualification required for the purpose.
  • The challenges involved in pursuing the career.
  • A discussion of how easy or how difficult it is to find placement in the sector.
  • The possibilities for growth in the career sector.
  • An explanation of why that particular career looks more appealing to you than the rest.
  • The skills which complement the career responsibilities.
  • The shortcomings that might come in the way of your career and how you plan to tackle those situations.

The Conclusion

The conclusion should summarize what you have learned. It should summarise the most important points, a reinstatement of the thesis stated in the introduction, and a concluding statement that effectively winds up the discussion.

An Example Of a Career Reserch Paper

Career Research Paper



Media ideally refers to means of delivering information to a targeted audience. Throughout the lessons, we have learned of the different types of media that are there. These include print media, broadcast media, and the internet.

Print media uses printed items to pass the information, including magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, and pamphlets.

On the other hand, broadcast media involves using avenues like television and radio to pass information to people. The internet is the other form of media whereby people share and communicate through online platforms.

Some people use the internet as a media channel by using podcasts, YouTube videos, and virtual programs. As time goes by, some types of media lose audiences because of better and convenient platforms for communication.

When the internet had not been developed, print media was the most prevalent avenue for passing information. However, this got to change with the invention of the internet.

I have chosen the type of media is the broadcast media, as a journalist who aspires to work as a news anchor. Journalism career at the most basic level revolves around journalists investigating, collecting, and presenting the information.

This can be done in newspapers and magazines or radio, television, and online sites of passing information. It is the work of journalists to inform the public of important news and activities.

Therefore, I would like to learn more about journalists and the news anchoring profession and their importance. I believe that news anchors are essential in the world of information and communication. They are the link between the listeners and the public.

I hope to learn how they can read the news eloquently with the most minimal errors. Intriguingly, an individual will read news knowing well that a million people are watching yet still not become shy and afraid of the vast multitude.

I am also interested in learning more about how they can maintain professionalism in their interviews without letting their emotions get in the way. News anchoring is undoubtedly an art of presentation.

Broadcast media entails the use of radio and television to convey information. This form of media uses journalists to pass the information to other people concerning the target audience.

Television and radio remain the principal source of information and entertainment for people exposed to mass media. These channels are both influential because they reach a broader audience.

Additionally, they combine visual images, sound, motion, and color to empathize with the viewers and listeners. Broadcast journalism involves researching and reporting the news.

Several jobs are available in broadcast journalism. One can work as a reporter or work behind the scenes as researchers and producers who find background details about stories and interview other people.

These jobs include researchers, editors, news reporters, camera specialists, graphic designers, producers, and directors. Researchers are the people who go out and source for information to be passed through either television, radio, or online platforms.

On the other hand, editors edit the information received to ensure that it is safe to be viewed by the audience. Graphic designers and camera specialists ensure that the images displayed on television and online platforms are good for viewing.

News anchoring is what I am interested in, mainly reporting the news through the channels like television, radio, and online platforms.

News presentation is an art of journalism whereby an individual presents news during a news program either on the television, the radio, or online. A news reporters’ role has developed over time to what it now is.

However, these news anchors occupy a contestable role in news broadcasts. The news reporters can be working journalists who assist in the collection of news material. Also, the news presenters may provide commentary assistance during the news program session.

Often, news presenters and anchors work from the studios. These studios can be either television or radio studios. Recently, there has been a new group of news anchoring, which is done online. These online news reporters present the news from remote areas of their interest because not all of them own studios.

I take much interest in learning about journalism, particularly in news reporting. I want to study anchoring in the next two years of college and hopefully work as a news anchor one day in one of these radio or television companies.

News anchors work during news program sessions and when breaking news needs to be communicated to people. News anchors also have the opportunity to run specific programs. 

There are news anchors who report on specific topics like either politics, sports. I want to learn about these anchoring groups and maybe choose one that I can work on in the future.

Working as a news anchor journalist appears to me to be a profession that can take many different aspects from day-to-day life activities. It involves learning about what an issue is and identifying the blur lines while presenting to an audience.

Appealing to the audience is the main aim of a journalist since it is a profession that depends on the public’s interest. News anchors have to learn how to unpackage the stories using headlines that will catch the attention of the listeners and viewers. 

In conclusion, I am very interested in learning more about this profession and hopefully working in this career field in the future.


A career research paper is important for students because it opens their eyes and helps them see the employment world. It also helps them know what skills will be of help to them, what challenges they will face, and how they will overcome them. This way, they will step into the world of opportunities with an idea about how things work.

What is the purpose of a career research paper?

To help you explore careers, you might be interested in, learn the challenges and maybe reconsider your choice if it’s not an area you’d like to pursue.

How do I choose a career?

Learn about your values, interests, personality type, and aptitude. Then identify areas you’d like to explore. Please do thorough research on them, then after figuring out the pros and cons, make your career choice and write down your goals.

What should be included in a career research paper?

Your career goals, Interests, and talents, the thesis statement, the pros and cons of the particular career, and an outline.

How do you write a career research paper?

Start by discussing your career goals, describe your talents and interests, focus on one career, cite sources, and then explore the career’s advantages and disadvantages.

How do I start a career paper?

Choose a career, then describe your talents and interests, focus on one career, and outline the advantages and disadvantages of the career.

What is career research?

A career research is an extensive research to determine which job is best for you.

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