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Is it time to apply for your master’s degree? Are you not sure what you need and how to write essays for a master’s degree? Do not worry, you are in the right place. 

In the year 2000, about 10.4M of the U.S population had a Master’s degree. By the end of 2019, this number had doubled to 21M, and today, more and more people are applying for Master’s degrees and higher. 

There are many reasons why, but the main reason might be because, on average, a Master’s degree holder earns at least 3.7% more than a high school diploma holder and at least two more than a bachelor’s degree holder. No one hates money, right?

Your reason for getting a Master’s degree might be different. Maybe you just want to get specialized knowledge of something you enjoy doing. Or you just want to feel a sense of accomplishment. Whatever your reason is, the first step to getting into a master’s programme is the application process. So you need to get it right.

Applying to a graduate school can be intimidating. After all, it is a huge step towards growing your career and reaching your academic goals. But despite the lengthy application process involving getting letters of recommendation, writing long essays, passing exams, and submitting supporting documents, applying to a grad school doesn’t make you whimper. 

This article breaks down how to write essays for a master’s degree that will give you an express pass to and during your Master’s program.

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How To Write Essays For Master’s Degree Application

The process of applying for a Masters may vary from one university to the other. But there is a general procedure that cuts across all schools. So, there is a very slim chance that you will escape writing a personal statement. 

Unless the university you are applying to has special requirements, here is the standard procedure to follow when applying for your Master’s degree;

  • Think carefully about what to study. What subject get’s your eyes shining? Pick something you are passionate about so you will have an easy time and enjoy studying for your Master’s degree. 
  • Choose your university. Different schools have courses on your chosen subject. Do your research before you settle on a school. 
  • Prepare your referees before-hand. This is a mandatory requirement. Once you have decided on your school and subject, it’s time to start contacting your previous lecturers and request them to provide a reference for you. 
  • Write a personal statement. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to write an essay for a Master’s degree that will get Admission Officers marveled.
  • Send in your application. Check your university submission options from their website before you begin your application. Prepare your documents – including all the required supporting documents – and follow the application process listed on the university’s website.
  • Wait for the university’s feedback. Once you have sent in your response. Wait for the response. The waiting time depends on the university you are applying to.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the process of applying for your Masters, it is time to learn how to write an essay that kicks butt. To make your MBA essay application stand out from other applicants hire Bright Writers essay experts to help you write an excellent personal essay.

Tips on how to write the application essay

The application officers hate cliché. A personal statement is supposed to tell the admission committee what kind of person is behind the application. It tells them about you and your reasons for applying to the programme. So to write a compelling application essay, you should follow the following three tips:  

Understand and write to the prompt

A prompt is the question of the essay. Before you start writing the essay, ask yourself this question: What is the question you are required to respond to?

It will be extremely difficult to achieve the essay’s required objective if you don’t understand the prompt. Read and re-read the requirements repeatedly until you are convinced that you have well understood the prompt.

Be personal

Your essay should be about you. Write something that relates to your experiences as a person. For example, example, you can write an essay about police brutality in the US that kills at least a thousand people every year. Tell them how this data led you to join a volunteer group that educates the police force on the proper handling of civilians.

Find your unique selling point

There is only one of you in this world. Be you. Find what makes you unique and put it down on paper. Do not try to show how highly accomplished or impressive you are. Instead, tell them what makes you different and how this will contribute to the school and programme. This is your selling point.

Many of the applicants have similar if not better metrics. Find out what experiences make you who you are and tie them to your interests in the subject. 

Steps On How To Write Essays For Master’s Degree

Step 1. Understand and master your subject

Writing an essay requires you to show the readers your power of reasoning. It will be futile to do any ‘reasoning’ if you do not understand your subject. 

So before you start writing on the topic, ensure that you understand it well. Do thorough research. Analyze, evaluate and compare different materials on the subject and familiarize yourself with the arguments. 

Step 2. Be original and independent in your thoughts

Avoid clichés like the plague. A lot of Medical School applicants are rejected every year due to generic personal statement ideas. Not because they do not qualify but because instead of making them stand out, their personal statement makes them look fake

So before you start writing, find out what other people are saying and develop your own argument around the same concept. But remember, be original. Do not go with the flow. 

Step 3.Accuracy and complex research

Your research on the topic should be thorough. Ensure that everything you write is true reliable, and correct. 

Step 4.Operate within academic conventions – referencing, structure, attribution, and proper approach to research

Maybe it’s been a while since you were in school, and therefore, you have forgotten academic writing requirements. You need to revise and familiarize yourself with the general characteristics of academic writing

Structure Of A Master’s Essay

A masters essay has three sections, and each section has its own importance. 


Just like charming a lover, a good first impression is very crucial in essays. It where you tell the readers, “Hey there, this piece is worth reading.” Your essay introduction is a high stakes section, and if you don’t pay close attention, you might lose the reader’s interest before they even get to the central part. 

In this section, the reader wants to know what to expect from the essay. When saving a full course meal, the starter sets the mood. Make your ‘starter’ good enough so that the reader will look forward to the main course(body). 

Your first sentence should hook the reader. Start with a thought-provoking question, or present proven facts and statistics that lead to your discussion. These tricks will make the reader want to continue reading to find out more. 

Bring in a snippet of your argument immediately after your first sentence. This should be tied directly to your first sentence to not lose the flow of your introduction. Be very specific and don’t include any irrelevant information.


The body is the central part of your essay and comprises 70% to 80% of your essay.  It is where you argue your points and present your experience and stand on the topic. 

The body of an essay is divided into paragraphs, and each of the paragraphs should represent a single idea. Do not stray from the main idea of the paper. Each section should have a maximum of 4-5 short sentences. Elaborate on each concept while presenting clear supporting evidence. 


Have you read ‘I have a Dream’ by Martin Luther King? If you haven’t, you should. Because your essay conclusion should be something comparable to that. Emotive! 

It is the end of your great personal speech. It should be able to leave the reader feeling something. Anything! Get some excitement, surprise, contemplation, or even a mix of all these emotions. Make it as precise as possible.

That said, avoid introducing any new ideas in your conclusion. The aim is to round off what you said in the entire essay in a way that leaves an impression. Do not repeat yourself.

A good conclusion is short. About 10-15 % of your entire essay. Do not ramble. Instead, aim to make sure that the essay stays in the reader’s mind for a while. After the conclusion remembers to carefully proofread and edit your essay.

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A personal statement is a way of showing the admission officers your dedication, commitment, and motivation for joining the programme. As such, it should be like a sales pitch. It should tell the admission team who you are, your career aspirations, qualifications, experiences, and what you can contribute to the department. 

It is very critical to know how to write an essay for a master’s degree that makes you stand out. It can determine if you get an offer or a rejection. 

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