April 8, 2020

Descriptive essays are a type of essay that helps the reader know more about a place, a person or thing. The primary purpose of a descriptive essay is to create a picture of how something looks or how the events affecting it unfolded. A descriptive essay is one of the most common types of essays […]

A cause and effect essay discusses the reasons as to why something happened and the effects of that thing. Other people also refer to this type of essay as a reason and results essay. To write a cause and effect essay, it is crucial to ensure that you understand why something happened then discuss how

Learning schedules coupled up with deadlines mean that it is necessary to learn how to write an essay fast. This skill becomes vital in helping you stay ahead of schedule and also allows you time to review your essays to score maximum marks. While writing an essay, fast is not everyone’s giving. Here are some

A comparative essay is a type of writing that tries to compare two subjects in one essay. The focus of this type of writing is pitting the similarities and differences of each topic against the other. Writing a comparative essay presents a challenge to many students, but this post will guide you on how to

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