How To Write A Comparative Essay

A comparative essay is a type of writing that tries to compare two subjects in one essay. The focus of this type of writing is pitting the similarities and differences of each topic against the other. Writing a comparative essay presents a challenge to many students but this post will guide you on how to write a comparative essay. 

Format on how to write a comparative essay

1. How To Start A Comparative Essay

To write a comparative essay well, it is important to think critically about how you will start it. You need to understand what the essay question asks and then decide the best approach to take when writing the essay. Whichever approach you take, it needs to address both similarities and differences in equal measure. 

The best way to introduce a comparative essay is by defining the topic at hand and explaining how either sides relate to each other. This technique allows you to give the reader a short overview of the two themes that you will compare in the rest of the essay. 

2. Choose A structure That You Are comfortable With 

The structure that you choose to use for your essay is very crucial. All essays will follow the introduction, body and conclusion format. The body section of a comparative essay can go two ways. 

In the first structure, you can choose to discuss all the similarities that both topics have in common. Once you clear the similarities, you will then follow this up with the differences in the next paragraph. Finally have a third paragraph where you give a consensus on the two topics. 

In the second structure, you can decide to discuss one topic’s similarities to the other, and then follow this up with how it differentiates from the other. Once you are done with the first topic, you can then proceed to the next topic and do the same with it as well. 

3. Choose The Best Points To Argue 

When you choose to compare two themes in a comparative essay, it is important to carefully decide which points you will argue. What you decide to put into the essay will depend largely on the type of research that you do and how thorough that research is. It is important that you take the time to review as much information as you can get on either topic. 

Essay experts advise that you take the time to read on either topic individually. This practice allows you to have an in-depth understanding of what either topic deals with. Through this intimate understanding of either topic, you are able to have an expert opinion on each topic. With that knowledge, you are now able to draw comparisons better. 

Additionally, in-depth knowledge of either topic allows you to elaborate your points clearly to the reader. When writing a comparative essay, the most crucial thing is for the reader to understand the comparisons you are drawing in the simplest way. This understanding is even more vital if you are handling a topic that your audience deems controversial. 

4. The Use Of Transition Words And Phrases 

To draw comparisons well, it is vital that you use transition words and phrases when you write a comparative essay. Transition words and phrases allow you to easily guide the reader from one point to another without leaving them hanging. 

Additionally, the use of such words and phrases allows you to compare one point to the other without confusing the reader. This fact is especially true if the comparative essay you are writing is long. You need also to ensure the reader stays on the same page as you. 

Final Thoughts 

Comparative essays are quite common in learning institutions. It is important for students to learn how best to write such an essay to score maximum marks. Additionally, it is also important to learn to edit such an essay thoroughly. A well-edited comparative essay makes the difference between a writer that can convince the reader and one who the reader can cast doubt about their mastery of the topic at hand. 

Using the guide provided above, you will be able to write a compelling comparative essay. Additionally, it is important to learn to express your points in a persuasive manner. This allows the reader to follow what you are writing easily.

An example of how to write a comparative essay

How to write a comparative essay

What are the comparative essays?

A comparative essay is an essay that asks you to compare at least two or more things. What to compare will carry depending on the prompts of your assignment.

How do you write a body paragraph?

The best tips on how to write a body paragraph include the following:
1. Write your main ideas in sentence form.
2. Write your supporting points of the main idea.
3. Write a further description or explanation of your main idea.
4. You can include a summary point for each paragraph.

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