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This type of essay tries to explain the reason as to why your voice matters when it comes to democracy in the country. For such an essay, the focus is on how best you can illustrate the power of people’s free will to elect the leaders of their choice. Additionally, the examiner wants to know if you understand your role as a voter in the current set up of the government. This post will guide you on how to write why my vote matters essay. 

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Format On How To Write A Why My Vote Matters Essay

  • How to start the essay
  • Planning your essay
  • Highlight a personal story

How To Start The Essay 

The introduction of why my vote counts essay needs to be compelling. More than anything else, you want the reader to know that you are aware that you know your vote matters. Therefore, the introduction for such an essay would be more compelling if it started with a statistic as a hook. 

The more recent the statistic, the better, and this will help you present a case that draws the reader into your lane of thinking. Additionally, it is a good idea to affirm that your right to vote allows you to voice your opinion on how and who governs the country. 

Planning Your Essay 

To excel at writing such type of an essay, it is important to plan your essay to the end before you even start writing it. As you plan your essay, you may want to focus on the following main aspects. 

  1. Research 

This type of essay requires that you do thorough research on your right as a voter and how you can exercise this right. Additionally, you will need to research any instance in history where the government did not make the voice of the people a priority. 

Highlight how such an instance affected how the government operated and its overall effect on the general population. Additionally, highlight any positives from instances where the government gave the people a chance to voice their opinion through voting. 

To get all these points, you will need to spend an enormous time researching data that will offer evidential support to the claims you make. Partnering with your local librarian is one of the best ways to make this possible.  

  1. Organize Your Research

Once you research your essay, it is important to go the extra mile and ensure that you organize your research well. Well-organized research ensures that your writing flows from start to end. There will be minimal instances where your ideas confuse the reader. 

When writing this type of essay, it is important to address each point on its own before proceeding to the other. To be able to thoroughly cover a particular point, your research needs to follow a sequence that allows you to stay on track.

  1. Set A Time For Writing 

It is easy to put off your writing for a later time. You will find this happening all too often if you fail to set aside a specific time for writing. It is therefore essential to decide on a particular time during the day when you will write your essay. 

This practice allows you to stay on schedule and meet any deadlines that you are chasing. Additionally, it is an excellent way of overcoming writer’s block, which can adversely affect your writing. 

Highlighting A Personal Story 

The voting process in the country is one that affects everyone, whether you participate or not. It helps to highlight a personal story of how a similar process affected your life. This personal account does not have to be a positive one. It can be negative, and its purpose is to show how the voting process affects ordinary people. Additionally, it should show how this made you decide that your vote must count. 

Final Thoughts 

A why my vote matters essay is one of the most common types of essays that your school may ask you to handle. It is important to understand that this type of essay aims to test your understanding of the voting process and how democracy affects the lives of ordinary people. 

With this type of understanding, you stand a better chance of writing an essay that illustrates your points most persuasively. Additionally, proper planning contributes to the success of such an essay. 

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An example of an essay on why voting matters

Why my vote matters essay

What is the importance of voting

Voting is a fundamental right that enables citizens to choose leaders of their own choice. It allows citizens to choose their government and the representatives in the government. In a democratic nation, voting is the way to express the citizens’ opinions.

what are three ways that voter turnout might be increased

The following are ways on how to increase voter’s turnout.
1. Citizens need to be educated on their right to voting, especially for the young generation.
2. Automatic registration of voters should be put in place. Once you have attained the age of 18, you are automatically registered.
3. Weekend voting should be put in place to have a high voter turnout.
4. An electronic system should be used to allow postal voting.
5. Voting should be made compulsory.

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