Why Did You Choose Nursing?

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Being a nurse is a noble calling, and if you are thinking of getting into the profession, it is one of the best things you can ever do in your life. Nurses get to spread happiness, save lives, and also bring comfort to those who are suffering. Because of the satisfaction you get by making someone’s life better, it is considered to be a rewarding career. However, like all other college applications, if you want to study nursing, you will be asked to write an essay on why did you choose to nursing. It is your time to shine and show the nursing school you are the right fit.

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Some of the reasons you can put forth in your essay include

Reasons Why I Choose Nursing?

  • Making a difference in people’s life
  • High job security
  • You are always learning something new.
  • Diverse job opportunities

Making A Difference In People’s Life

As a nurse, a lot of people will come to see you daily. Most of them will be struggling with various health or social issues. You have to help with the available resources. If you have a high moral compass and value human life, then this is the career.

You will also get to ease your clients’ suffering, which brings a smile to your face no matter how difficult your day has been. Touching a human life makes a lot of difference because they will always remember, and the reward is not money.

Thus, if this is the purpose you want to fulfill in your life, you can become a nurse.

High Job Security

No matter how much you love your career or your profession, you may grow to resent it if you are struggling to make ends meet each month. That is why you should be working in a field where you can make rent and have enough money to cater to basic human needs. The nursing fraternity offers job security. Nursing is one of the professions where you won’t have to tarmac for long before you get a job.

Also, there is job security, which means you won’t always be in constant fear of being laid off the next day. When you can relax because you are sure your job is secure, your mind will also be at ease, allowing you to give your best in your post. It also translates into better quality work and high output. Also, you can further your career to make your skills more marketable.

You Are Always Learning Something New

As a nurse, every day will be a learning experience for you. You can work in many departments at different times. Also, if you want to specialize, that will be easy. You pick the department that appeals to you the most and then specialize in that.

Also, you can decide to move out of the clinical area and become a nursing manager. Such A step allows you to share your insight, vision, and knowledge with other nurses and other professionals you work with.

On the same note, you can collaborate with other healthcare sector stakeholders to come up with policies that make the profession better. You will always have the opportunity to inspire people in the healthcare field to do better in their work and give their best no matter how small the task seems.

If you love overcoming challenges, then nursing will be a great profession because no day will be the same as the next one.

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Diverse Job Opportunities

Once you bag your nursing diploma, there are so many career pathways that will open up for you. There aren’t many professions with diverse career opportunities like nursing.

The nursing profession is fast-paced, and you have to be active and energetic all the time. Also, you ought to be a multi-tasker and be able to prioritize. You will be bombarded with many tasks every day that are important, but some of them will be a matter of life and death, and you ought to know what to do first and act fast to save lives.

However, as you overcome the obstacles and challenges, you will transform your life. Thus, if you wondered why you chose to nurse, then these are more than enough reasons to go for it.

An Example Of Why You Choose To Do A Nursing Career

My Interest in Nursing



Due Date

Reasons for my Interest in Nursing

“Education is the pillar and the foundation for success.” These had been the best words I could always retract from most of the conversations I ever heard from my dad. He surely mentored me into believing that education was a core, and it is. Therefore, throughout my lifetime, I’ve always wanted to do something a bit challenging, interesting, and could directly impact people’s lives in society. Therefore, I thought of the nursing profession, an area where people deal with various patients’ care.

Moreover, my mother being a nurse and seeing the level of satisfaction she could feel every day of her life by helping people in her job was a great inspiration and a motivation of my interest in the profession. Therefore, since my childhood days, I have grown to know that nursing is something I have ever dreamed of doing in my life. According to AMN Healthcare and Center for Advancements of healthcare professionals, 81% of the nurses have reported that they are satisfied with the career path they made. Another survey also indicated a job satisfaction rate of 94% for nurses (Batcheller, Zimmermann, Pappas, and Adams, 2017). I believe that I will also get the same career satisfaction in nursing.

The initial step that I made was having a strong-rooted interest in the nursing course itself.  Throughout my college and nursing school, my interests in the nursing profession and my commitments to that field grew progressively stronger than ever before because I found out that I had an excellent aptitude for the work. I have believed in my ability to communicate fluently and efficiently with a diverse group of people and have the ability to offer grounded explanations of things in a clear, technical, and non-technical manner. According to the survey by the World Health Organization (WHO) 2020, there are approximately 22 million nurses globally. As a young one, the number of nursing professionals was also high, and the numbers were still improving. “Many people are nurses in the world; why should I be left out?” was my mind a young and ambitious child. Aristotle, on his “Sophistical Refutations,” could argue that I had a fallacious argument. According to Selpia and Setyarini, my thoughts are described as a fallacy of hasty generalization (Selpia and Setyarini, 2020). However, Aristotle’s fallacies could not stop the idea that I had about the number of nurses attracted me.


Batcheller, J., Zimmermann, D., Pappas, S., & Adams, J. M. (2017). Nursing’s leadership role in addressing the quadruple aim. Nurse Leader, 15(3), 203-206.

Selpia, D., & Setyarini, S. (2020, April). Students’ Reasoning and Fallacies in the Indonesian EFL Classroom. In the Twelfth Conference on Applied Linguistics (CONAPLIN 2019) (pp. 20-24). Atlantis Press.

Why did you choose this career?

The best way to answer this question is to say I chose this career because I enjoy it. This is because it shows most interviewers how you love your work.

Why did you choose ICU nursing?

I chose ICU nursing because it is a challenging career. It will help improve my critical thinking skills in that will always be on my toes in making quick and sound decisions.

What nursing means to you?

Professional nurses should be able to earn the trust of their patients. It means being contemporary, treating your colleagues and patients with compassion, kindness, dignity, and respect. You also need to understand the code of conduct and be accountable.

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