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Why Am I So Bad At Writing Essays?

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Why am I so bad at writing Essays? let me give you a secret. When it comes to essay writing, the majority of the students focus on just writing and miss out on things that help in writing the best essays. There are things that you need to avoid where you have been bad at writing essays. You will agree with me that writing a good essay is challenging and quite hard.

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Why am I so bad at writing essays? The question is very familiar to many students today.

The majority of the students find themselves struggling with essays, and even when they craft their best, their grades do not portray much of the excellence.

Writing a good essay takes more than writing skills. Also, though you have had a tiresome essay writing journey, all hope is not lost.

Below are some of the reasons why you fail in essay writing. 

  • Failure to follow instructions 
  • Focus on the obvious
  • Feeling as if essay writing is a punishment
  • Choosing a broad topic
  • Lack of a thesis statement 
  • The absence of an outline
  • Answering the “what” question and not the “why” and “how” questions
  • Hastiness

Failure To Follow Instructions 

The reason why you are bad at writing essays is primarily caused by failure to understand and follow instructions.

Every tutor or professor avails instructions and guidelines to be followed when crafting the essay.

Not unless you know and follow the instructions keenly, you will always miswrite your essays.

Therefore, ensure to examine all the guidelines, and after understanding them, proceed to craft your essay. 

Focusing On The Obvious

While writing your essay, you need to avoid stressing out the obvious and surprise the reader.

A professor can not award you an A for an essay full of apparent facts. Therefore, You need to tell a story that synchronizes both the conflict and change.

Your article must be argumentative on several ideas that portray the different aspects of the story. Change is described as you avail your perception of those ideas. 

Feeling As If Essay writing Is A Punishment

There is no doubt that essay writing can be daunting and hassling at times.

Nevertheless, mark your motivations right. Dullness, while writing essays, is a major reason why you are bad at it.

It would be best if you had fun while writing the essay. 

Writing from a space full of distractions is no fun. Therefore, identify a welcoming environment that allows you to concentrate.
Acquire the right motivation and always write while within the peripherals of your motivator. 

Choosing A Broad Topic

If your professor doesn’t avail of a specific topic of discussion, you should consider narrowing it.

Majority of students fail to conclude their area of focus and end up confusing the reader.

There are other instances when you over-narrow the topic hence limiting yourself.

You require moderation when it comes to choosing an ideal theme for your essay. 

Lack Of A Thesis Statement 

What is your essay’s main idea? Answering the question helps you stick within the perimeters of a credible but provocative argument.

Many are the times when one fails to define a thesis statement for their essay.

A thesis statement helps define your attitude towards the topic under discussion.

The body of your essay depends on your thesis statement. Therefore, you need to have a thesis statement and it must appear in your introduction part. 

Absence Of An Outline

Lack of an outline contributes to a lack of consistency. Your essay lacks flow and credibility, where you fail to understand the point that precedes what idea.

It would help if you had a sequential organization for all your ideas. Therefore, an outline enables you to define the three parts of an essay and identify the information contained in each section.

You are required to establish an overview that will allow you to pinpoint your main points and parts of the essay. 

Answering The “What” Question And Not The “Why” And “How” Questions

Essays have a word count requirement. The majority of students experience hardships in meeting the word count.

Where your essay focuses on answering the “what” question, you will always struggle to meet the word count.

Nonetheless, trying to explain the “Why” and “how” questions make it possible for you to have more information than you need.

Therefore, eliminate the limitations in meeting your word count requirements through abhorring answering “what” question. 


Waiting until the last minute for you to start writing the essay is disastrous. Hastiness is the enemy of writing the best essay.

Therefore, ensure to commence your essay writing as early as possible. Taking your time to craft the essay allows you to get all the facts, citations, references, and grammar right. 

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It is very easy to get and remain bad at writing essays. However, it is also very easy to master the right way of essay writing and ace in the exercise.

Therefore, you need to understand your failures and pave a different path of approach in your essay writing journey. 

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