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The majority of university or college students feel overwhelmed whenever assigned a synthesis essay. Understanding the best way to write a synthesis essay starts with crafting and developing an ideal topic. That’s why in this post, we have pointed out the current synthesis essay topics you can use for your essay.

What Is A Synthesis Essay?

Synthesis essays enable students to identify multiple elements of a subject matter, allowing them to create a unified whole by combing all the features. When synthesizing, you are to develop and understand your unique standpoint on a given issue and develop a shred of evidence from different resources supporting your opinion. 

Many a time, students confuse synthesis with argumentative essays. Even though synthesis and argumentative essays share a lot of similarities, tutors avail information resources for your synthesis essay topic. Therefore, students tend to think that writing a synthesis essay is simple since the professor does the primary research.

Nonetheless, the article helps examine your level of thinking and skills in coming up with a persuasive argument. After you have received clues from your professor, you should develop connections between multiple elements of the subject matter. 

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100+ Synthesis Essay Topics

Below is a list of excellent synthesis essay topics that will help you simplify your assignment tasks. 

  • Security and our behavior
  • How can we make the environment clean
  • Why cosmetics are tested on animals
  • The effects of plastic bags for the environment
  • Can I go to work safely?
  • Why is city traffic increasing every year
  • We need to improve our standards of leaving
  • Compare your DNA to banana’s DNA
  • Distant tribes and the modern world
  • Do you use a lot of technique at home
  • Why many stores get rid of plastic bags
  • What is it like to live on an island
  • Discuss how third world countries are evolving
  • Why students have to write an essay
  • When will scientist find a cure for cancer
  • Should higher education be free
  • Students should be allowed to control their education
  • The impact of class size on academic performance
  • What are the effects of racial prejudice on the annual college admissions
  • How students dress code affect the students’ performance
  • College athletes should be paid for their performance
  • Effects of technology to the traditional classroom
  •  The impact of distant students on the number of students on the campus
  • Legalization of gay marriage is the next logical step in the evolution of society
  • What is the role of gender today
  • Should we enforce genetic engineering with enthusiasm
  • Discuss the circumstances influencing gender roles
  • Mention the long term effects of globalization
  • What changes are urgent for the education system
  • Do advertisements misguide society
  • Is the environment suffering as the media puts it
  • Should eminent domain exist, and why?
  • Space exploration is vital for humankind.
  • The restrictions of legal drinking age. Is it effective?
  • How to know depression and confront it?
  • Can cats and dogs rule the world?
  • Mention the ugliest song in the world
  • What are the effects of frequent tanning on your skin
  • Do you read spam every day
  • Do you watch sport channels
  • Do you think all girls can become models
  • What should guys know about girls
  • How would you describe the friendship zone
  • Do women need makeup always 
  • What is your view on Facebook friends
  • Do you want to earn more
  • Do Mickey Mouse scare kids
  • What are the effects of global warming on farming
  • How does air pollution cause global warming.’
  • How does the American lifestyle contribute to global warming
  • The USA should be a leader in addressing the issue of global warming
  • The effects of global warming on the population of Monarch butterflies
  • How does global warming contribute to marine species extinction
  • How does the usage of fossil fuel contribute to global warming
  • Global warming and renewable sources of energy
  • Is homeschooling a good idea
  • Why does childhood obesity happen in such amounts
  • Why museums still exist
  • How does nature adapt to the techno genetic environment
  • Is mandatory community services effective
  • Discuss how social roles of shopping malls have evolved over the past century
  • Is it worth to read celebrity memoirs
  • Multiculturalism as a utopian idea
  • What makes up a good idea
  • How to describe the identity of a person
  • Does ideal love exist in the real world
  • Does social media makes it easier to socialize
  • How important is the image of a body today
  • Is gun control sufficient
  • Why are superstitions still so widespread
  • Is there too much violent imagery in the media today?
  • Does global warming getting enough coverage in the media
  • Why does racism still occur
  • Why is poetry still important
  • Does racial profiling still happen?
  • What is the role of invasive species
  • What is the origin of races
  • How has photography become art?
  • Has Lord of flies come true?
  • Have the cellphones made our lives better or worse
  • Can poverty be defeated once and for all?
  • How has photography become an art
  • How have the presidential elections changed over the past 50 years
  • Why is obesity becoming an increasing problem
  • Why is obesity an increasing problem
  • How justified is racial profiling
  • Is daylight saving time still justified
  • What are the reasons to have pets
  • Discuss experiments on people
  • Discuss ways to protect children from domestic violence
  • What are the chances to win the lottery
  • My favorite sports that make me happy
  • How to get rid of traffic jams
  • Should you sleep all night before exams
  • How to get rid of the world nuclear weapons
  • Can you ever give up on your smartphone
  • Does the internet make us less social
  • Do study rooms always have the necessary things to learn?
  • Facebook threatens people’s privacy
  • Has global warming caused air pollution
  • How machine learning affects business productivity
  • Does technology promote the culture of entertainment
  • Do violent video games contribute to real-life violence
  • What threats do drones represent to personal privacy
  • How does artificial intelligence contribute to the problem of overproduction
  • Should voting be mandatory in the USA
  • How should parents forbid their children from watching violent content
  • Should the death penalty be longer applied in the USA
  • Should marijuana be legal in the USA
  • What are the effects of poverty on children’s health
  • What factors influence fashion
  • Is war always a bad thing
  • Can zero tolerance be justified
  • What is the effectiveness of secondary school education 

How To Choose The Best Synthesis Topic 

When assigning synthesis essays, professors tend to avail of a specific topic to the students or allow them to select one from a set of topics. However, there are instances when professors give students the liberty to identify a matter of choice without any limitation whatsoever. Choosing an ideal synthesis essay topic takes a lot of keenness, and listed below are considerations to make. 

  • Understand what interests you
  • Avoid general topics
  • Settle for debatable topics
  • Settle for a negotiable topic

Understand what interests you

It’s only where your interests rest on the synthesis essay topic that you write prolifically. Therefore, ensure to examine your level of excitement towards a given topic. You can only enjoy doing your research, where you select a new item. 

Avoid general topics

It would be best if you made your essay worth reading by avoiding topics and subjects that are too general. For instance, you should avoid issues like social media, global warming, technology, or corruption, among others. Your writing must remain short but overly detailed. Therefore, consider different matters. 

Settle for debatable topics

It would be best if you always chose topics that, for years, have remained debatable. AS topic that majority of the readers agree on is boring to read and should never be considered. Therefore, ensure to examine the rate of disagreements on a particular topic. 

Settle for a negotiable topic

As you choose a synthesis essay topic, ensure to identify topics that are both interesting and researchable. You can never research on an indisputable fact or point. Therefore, identify issues whose standpoint can change, hence giving you room for negotiations. 

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Tips On How To Write A Great Synthesis Essay

Understand the assignment requirements

Students think that this is an obvious point, but there are so many students out there who start writing without thoroughly understanding the task requirements. Therefore, ensure to read through the requirements or guidelines to understand the assignment’s overall purpose and anticipation. 

As a student, you must avoid misinterpreting the instructions as they might ruin your grades. Therefore, ensure to understand the guidelines while mastering all the essay concepts. 

Identify credible resources and read them thoughtfully

You need to maintain a clear and critical mind when reading through your sources. Note are propelling points and ideas in your resources. The jotted notes will help support your opinion.

When examining your sources, ensure to scrutinize the author’s standpoints, claims, and reliability, why looking for inconsistencies worth addressing—your professor’s eyes on testing how critical you are at thinking critically. Being a critical thinker helps you avoid writing a biased or one-sided synthesis essay. 

Define your standpoint and develop stick-abilities

It would be best if you defined your position on a particular subject matter. Therefore, examine the available resources while highlighting information and content that supports your point-of-view. Settle for contradictory arguments that help you in defending your position. Wavering on your decision shows how inconsistent and unconfident you are. 

Work with an outline

Your synthesis essay encompasses five paragraphs; introduction, three-body-paragraphs, and conclusion. An outline helps keep your work organized. Every section on the body defines a specific argument but in support of your thesis statement. Therefore, develop a thesis statement that appears in your introductory paragraph. All three cases in the body must be in support and agreement with your thesis statement. 

Edit your work

Once you have finalized on writing the first draft of your synthesis essay, you should consider proofreading. Through rereading your paper, you will get a platform for identifying all mistakes and correcting them appropriately. 

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Detailed above are tips that, when followed, will enable you to select the best synthesis essay topic. The tips will also help you ace in your essay writing. Therefore, ensure to understand every point clearly and apply them accordingly. 

What is a synthesis essay?

This is a type of essay that is a written discussion combining support from various sources of differing views. It is used in analysis to examine related theories.

How many paragraphs is a synthesis essay?

A synthesis essay should have five to six paragraphs and at times the main body can have more paragraphs.

What does a synthesis essay look like?

A synthesis essay should have an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Each section should be written differently.

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