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Students often find sociology research paper topics, both confusing and exciting. When tasked with a sociology research paper, you must consider choosing an ideal topic first. 

What Is A Sociology Research Paper?

Sociology research paper delves into understanding and investigating human society. The research paper will explore how human society is developed, structured, and all society’s crucial functions. Your sociology research paper presents a particular argument, and you must have a thesis statement. You should consider developing supporting ideas for your thesis, where you need to present an insightful and successful sociology research paper. If after reading this article you are still struggling to find a topic for your sociology research paper, reach out to our experienced tutors to help you come up with a unique topic and even take you through the writing process.

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How To Choose Good Research Paper Topics For Sociology

As a student, it is important to choose a good research topic for your sociology research paper. Through procrastination and lack of an interesting topic, some so many students settle for plagiarized and poorly crafted research papers. Here are some considerations to make when choosing good sociology research paper topics.

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of sociology
  • Look around
  • Brainstorm on the ideas
  • Research and develop a thesis

Develop An In-Depth Understanding Of Sociology

The majority of students tend to confuse between sociology and psychology. Therefore, understand that psychology concentrates on how the mind operates while sociology examines human behaviours from a social perspective.

Therefore, when writing a sociology research paper, you must remain keen on examining social trends and human behavior

Look Around

You need to look in front and around you to gather ideas for your sociology research paper. Therefore, consider examining different social behaviors and how they impact livelihood. You also need to closely examine different groups of people and how they relate or behave. The exercise will help you develop a list of ideas that deems fit your sociology research paper. 

Brainstorm On The Ideas

You are to examine your list of ideas and eliminate points or topics that you aren’t passionate about. A sociology research paper is interesting where you settle for a topic that excites you.

Therefore, ensure to examine every topic and determine whether you have indisputable interests for writing on the subject. 

Research And Develop A Thesis

You need to conduct your research on your topmost sociology research paper topics.

A shred of evidence must support every argument. Identify multiple resources for each topic. Ensure to choose a researchable topic and verify the credibility of all resources.

100+ Sociology Research Paper Topics 

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Sociology Research Paper Topics On Culture 

The world is full of a variety of cultures. Different cultures affect human behavior and impact social establishments and existence greatly. Below are sociology research paper topics on culture. 

  • Effects and causes of bullying
  • Compare and contrast Hollywood and Bollywood
  • Sex and relationship education at schools
  • Similarities and differences between Burning Man and Woodstock
  • Should young couples propose at college
  • Concept of success in modern America speech culture
  • Concept of hipster and its influence on the choice of career
  • The influence of culture, sociability, and community on current evolution and potential future
  • The motivation of sports culture among the youth
  • Roles of transnational industries in the dissemination of hip hop culture
  • The influence of music and music education among the youth
  • The importance of culture in our society
  • Nationalism among children and youth
  • Sociological elements found with the movie “Boyz n the Hood.”
  • How to define your social group and hobbies

Sociology Research Paper Topics On Race, Nationality, And ethnicity 

There is a vast array of sociological perspectives that impact race, nationality, and ethnicity. By writing a sociology research paper on race, nationality, and ethnicity topics, you can explain how human beings are defined by their race, nationality, or ethnicity. Below are topics to consider. 

1. Reasons for Immigration

2. Effects on nationality on a career on the governmental establishment

3. Why white people became “white.”

4. Adaptation of patriotism studies among different educational studies

5. The role of race in urban street crime 

6. The genocide in Darfur

7. The correlation between social status and patriotism

8. The sociology of race and ethnic relations

9. How is patriotic sentiment experienced in different countries

10. The nature of ethnicity problems

11. Changes in international marriages within time

Sociology research paper topics on family

Social structures often impact families in various ways, from marriages, reproduction, household chores, and divorce, among others. Your sociology research paper should present a logical analysis of the social resources designated to a family. Here are some family-related sociology research paper topics to consider. 

1. Effects of single parenting on a child

2. Effects of cross-racial adoption on children and society

3. Raising a healthy child in an unconventional family

4. Abnormalities of parenting at LGBT families

5. Gender studies for children

6. Birth control and society

7. Sociology of family and marriage

8. What role does stigma play in domestic violence

9. The risk of child marriage

10. Effects of children whose parents work outside the home area

11. Compare and contrast two theoretical perspectives used to define and explore marriage and family units

12. Do working mums feel guilty of having not spent enough time with their children?

13. Effects of capitalism on family relationships

14. Immigrant families in the US

15. Importance of a family in raising a child

Sociology research paper topics on the internet and media

Today, the internet has affected how people behave and relate to each other. The media is gaining popularity in society. Information of all kinds is just a click away, and this affects people of different levels differently. Below are insightful and catchy sociology research paper topics on the internet and media. 

1. Cyber violence

2. Differences and Similarities between watching a TV and streaming

3. Is Google making us unintelligent?

4. Effects of Facebook regular usage on the mental health

5. Using specific examples mention the difference between a liberal and critical economy approach to the media

6. Neoliberalism

7. How can social media improve the hiring process

8. Is blogging a profession?

9. Effects of social media in your relationship and communication with others

10. Online relationships

11. Influence of romantic comedies and dramas on women

12. Compare and contrast Instagram and twitter

13. Is addiction to social media only for young people?

14. Does social media create isolation

15. Effects of social media on body image

16. The correlation between genre and social groups

17. Internet memes are underestimated

18. Opinion leaders and their effect on social media users

19. The benefits of the internet of things

20. What is catfishing

21. Is online identity a mask or a real identity

22. Can crime TV influence people to commit crimes?

23. Influence of social networks on education

24. Behavioral patterns in online communication

25. Social media addiction

Sociology research paper topics on gender

The sociology of gender helps examine different gender stereotypes and models affecting human behavior and social wellbeing. Gender differences are evident today. Here are topics to consider for your gender sociology research paper. 

1. Sexual harassment and masculinity

2. LGBT legalization in different families

3. Sexual harassment at work

4. History of women rights in different parts of the world

5. Sexual assault in the US military

6. Women rights violation in Pakistan

7. The gender roles in a family

8. Eating disorders and sexual abuse

9. Impacts of family violence on women and children

10. Gender stereotypes in sports

11. Relationship between gender studies and self-esteem

12. Gender inequality and how it relates to the feminist

13. Man and woman professions

14. Mention social minorities on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity and institutional discrimination.

15. Can men be feminists?

16. Gender inequality at work

17. Women safety in the future

Sociology research paper topics on children and teenagers

The transition of children and teenagers matter great a deal, and sociology helps examine how children behave and relate to society. Therefore, your sociology research paper should focus on those things that impact the social wellbeing and behavior of children and teenagers.

1. Effects of imprisonment in teenagers

2. Should adults view teenagers as equal

3. Physical impairment of children

4. Do little children have stereotypes?

5. Do parents need to invade their teenage children’s personal lives?

6. Importance of sexual education for children

7. Reasons for teenage suicides

8. Impacts of housing instability of the student’s performance

9. Criminalization of young people

10. Positive and negative effects of idols on youth

11. How can parents prevent early pregnancy for children

12. Influence of sport on teenage mental health

Sociology research paper topics on stereotyping

Stereotyping has remained a prevailing disaster today. Some so many people face prejudice and get stereotyped. How does stereotyping affect or impact social behavior and structure? 

1. American common stereotypes

2. What is “stock character”

3. How do stereotypes work

4. Compare and contrast stereotypes and prejudice

5. Effects of advertising on gender stereotyping

6. How national stereotypes spread

7. Influence of age stereotypes on employment

8. Reasons for creating stereotypes

Sociology research paper topics on human rights 

Human rights play an important role in enhancing uniformity on social structures. A sociology research paper on human rights helps examine different human rights and violations of these rights and their social behavior impacts. 

1. Incarceration against minority

2. Effects of religion on human rights

3. Police brutality

4. Relationship between human rights and creative expression

5. Which group of people favor gun laws (young or old)

6. Advocating the right of sex workers in Canada

7. Is violence an acceptable tool for social change

Sociology research paper topics on the environment 

There is an indisputable relationship between human society and the environment. Environmental sociology, therefore, examines all interactions between human beings, social behaviors, and the environment. 

1. Consumer attitude to nature

2. Social ecology and anarchism

3. Ecological education

4. Global changes and environmental crisis

5. Impacts of Ecofeminism

6. The human nature relations

7. Ecological culture

8. Impacts of industrial waste on the environment and health

9. Global ecological movements

10. Impact of the environment on the society

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An Example Of A Sociology Research Essay

It is your sole obligation to determine the sociology research paper topic and area of focus. Take time to examine the observable social behaviors with different people. It is through examining these social behaviors that you identify a topic that motivates you into further research. The above are just but a few sociology research paper topics to brainstorm on. 

What are sociological topics?

Sociological topics are topics that mainly look at the structure, development and functioning of human society as well as social institutions, social relationships and interactions between them.

What are 5 social problems?

Here are some of the social problems; prostitution, racial discrimination, drug abuse, political corruption, alcohol abuse, poverty, anti-social behaviour etc.

What are the 3 types of sociology?

The three main perspectives of sociology include; conflict, interactionist and functionalism.

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