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Social Media Essay- How To Write And What To Include

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Social media is a platform for people worldwide to share ideas, opinions and discuss their issues. Regardless of all the information about social media, many people find it hard to write an essay on social media. That being said, you can order an essay online from our trusted essay writing experts to make your work easier.  

One can choose to either write a persuasive or an argumentative essay. Either way, the following are the key points to write in your essay:

  • Advantages of social media
  • Disadvantages of social media
  • Positive impacts of social media on an individual and the society
  • Negative impacts of social media on an individual and society and how to avoid it.
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Advantages to highlight in your social media essay 

You could include the following advantages in your social media essay :


Entertainment is important for your mental health. Social media platforms like Youtube and TikTok provide entertainment when we’re bored. These platforms provide various ways to relax and have fun. You can find hilarious memes and watch funny videos.


Social media has benefited both students and teachers. It is easy for experts to educate others through social media. Some teachers create Youtube channels, and students learn a lot from them. 

You can follow their pages and increase your knowledge in your areas of interest. Since it’s free, you can educate yourself without paying. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools opted for online learning through social media. 

Building connections

Social media allows people from anywhere around the world to connect easily. People can communicate with family and friends who are in other countries easily. Regardless of the location, religion, and time, you can connect with anyone and share your thoughts.


Through social media, we learned of the racism in the USA and the SARS attacks in Nigeria. Creating awareness has helped eradicate some of these crimes. It has also helped people discover and innovate new things that can enhance their personal lives.

Building communities

Social media has brought people with the same interests together. People with the same religion and beliefs and form a group and discuss it. Similarly, people with the same interests can unite and discuss their interests. For example, writers can form a group, share their content and motivate one another. 

Job opportunities

Social media has increased the number of jobs. From influencers to content marketers, all these jobs require the use of social media. Through social media, businesses can now promote their work through these platforms and be assured of a profit. Moreover, it is cheap to advertise yourself on these platforms. 

Disadvantages to highlight in your social media essay 

For every advantage, there is a corresponding disadvantage. You can list the following disadvantages in your social media essay. 

Lack of time management

Many people have developed the habit of checking their accounts on social media often. It can take several minutes for one to return their focus to the tasks at hand.

Mental health

Research has shown that social media can cause depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and even suicidal thoughts. It also contributes to shortened attention spans.

Fake information

Since information travels fast through social media, a piece of false information could reach a large number of people and cause great harm. To avoid this, ensure you fact-check before posting something crucial.

After highlighting the advantages and disadvantages you could then now discuss the impact of social media. However, you may have gotten to this point and feel like this is a tad much, you could get an essay writing service to take the load off. If not, let’s keep going.

The positive impact of social media to discuss in your social media essay

Enhances creativity

Various social media platforms provide space for people to display their arts. If you love cooking, you can share some of your recipes.


Social media has allowed people from different regions to communicate and share ideas.

Expansion of the health sector

Through it, you can meet online doctors at home and get professional help.

In the business sector;

Various businesses can compare themselves with their competitors and look for ways to improve. They can also market themselves to increase clientele. Online shopping has also been introduced, and it is advancing gradually.

Social skills

Many individuals have learned to develop their social skills through social media. People can now express themselves with confidence. They can also form new friendships and social circles through social media.

The negative impact of social media to discuss in your social media essay 

Increase in cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a form of harassment using electric means. It has become prevalent. One in every four teenagers has experienced cyberbullying. It causes emotional, psychological, and physical distress. Everyone can be a victim of cyberbullying. It can be in any form, through threats, rumors, or intimidation messages. It usually results in anxiety and low self-esteem in people.


Personal data and privacy can easily be hacked through social media. Identity theft is a result of hacking. In 2020, several Twitter accounts were hacked, including Barack Obama’s. Ensure you don’t overshare your personal data on social media to avoid hacking.


Social media addiction is a behavioral addiction characterized by being overly concerned about social media. Due to the effect it has on the brain; it is both physically and psychologically addictive. This addiction can lead to depression, low self-esteem, disrupted sleep patterns, among others.

Fraud and scams 

Internet fraud is the use of internet services or software with internet access to swindle victims. Some social media scams include free app downloads, personal quizzes, and hidden URLs. Ensure you avoid phishing scams to protect yourself from fraud.

How to avoid the negative impact of social media

  1. Be mindful of your social media habits. This involves being conscious of how you use social media and how it makes you feel.
  2. Set limits on the amount of time you spend on social media. You can avoid using your phone during meals, before sleeping, and before waking up.
  3. Use social media to connect with people who inspire you, share similar interests and spread positivity. 
  4. Schedule regular breaks from social media. It may be long or short, depending on your preference. 
  5. Avoid oversharing your personal information. You can also adjust the privacy setting on your phone. 
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With the growth in technology, social media is becoming a routine for everyone. Although many people claim writing a social media essay can be difficult, you won’t have a hard time if you follow the guidelines above. 

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