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Research Paper Prospectus And Examples

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If you are in the academic field there is no way you can avoid conducting research. In this article, we are going to discuss a research paper prospectus and examples.

So how is research import to your academics? well.

This is how you remain relevant and make a difference in your field.

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There is no way you can call yourself an academician and not contribute anything new in the field you have specialized in.

For more insights on research paper prospectus and examples, read on. 

Just to give you some heads up,

This is a preliminary plan that you will come up with for conducting a study.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to be detailed or technical but just an analysis of the issues you’ll be confronting in your research.

In simple terms, it can be said to be a preliminary proposal. In order to write a great research paper prospectuses consider the following:

  • Research Problem
  • Assumptions
  • Theoretical issues
  • Literature review in research paper prospectus and examples
  • Research questions
  • Anticipated benefits and difficulties

Research Problem

You will be floundering around with words when writing a research proposal if you haven’t defined the problem.

Thus, the first thing you want to be done with when writing a research paper prospectus is defining the problem you’ll be discussing. 

You will be conducting the research to solve that problem which is why you need to be focused on it. 

In research, a problem is a situation that will have negative consequences for some individuals, groups, or institutions if left untreated.

An example would be, “girls are less likely to pursue careers in science-related fields.”

In this example, you can clearly pick out the problem, who it affects, and why someone would say that.


After you have defined your research problem, you can then make your assumptions.

It is basically what you are basing your work on. Don’t sweat it though.

There are no right or wrong assumptions at this point. Moving ahead you will use literature to verify the assumptions and that’s when you can begin the elimination process.

The more speculative ones can remain. Thus, list as many as possible without overthinking the step.

Theoretical Issues

Theoretical issues will always come up in every research proposal.

Before you move on to collect data and analyze it to come up with a scientific conclusion worthy of writing and even composing a report on you should formulate theoretical reasons that have led to the problem.

There are several views you can take in explaining your theory. Social systems view and behavioral views are good examples.

Identify any theoretical orientations you may consider in the study design as well.

Literature Review In Research Paper Prospectus And Examples

This is the major part of the research paper prospectus. You have to delve into academic papers, journals, and books to see what the available literature says about the topic of study you have chosen.

However, you don’t have to list all the available literature unless you are pursuing a post-doctorate degree. 

Nonetheless, be sure to include the major writers in the field, most relevant research papers and theories.

Also, take note of the years the literature you are reviewing was published.

As time goes by, new things come to light and this causes a shift which is why you also have to give priority to the literature that has been published in recent years.

Research Questions

Based on the problem you have, you have to formulate research questions that you are trying to answer.

It makes it easy for you to move systematically and also cover everything you wanted in your study.

The data you have will be used in answering these research questions and that’s how you end up solving the problems. 

You can have one or two research questions depending on your problem or have as many as 10.

However, the less they are are the more detailed you can be in answering them not to forget the fact that you’ll also spend less time in the study.

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Anticipated Benefits And Difficulties

Define this to avoid getting frustrations along the way.

If you anticipate some pitfalls or benefits you’ll be more prepared to deal with them once they come up instead of getting stressed about the situation.

Thus, note them down before you begin the journey as well as how you can deal with them going forward.

You’ll not be working alone in the process hence these issues should be communicated to your team as well. 

With a good grasp of this process writing a research paper prospectus will be a bliss. 

What is a research paper prospectus?

This is a preliminary plan of conducting a research. It is a simplified research proposal

How do I write a prospectus?

First you must be sure of the subject that you are to talk about then begin working on the statement of the problem.

How long should a research prospectus be?

A good research prospectus should be between 10-15 pages.

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