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How To End A Research Paper

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The majority of the college students focus more on writing a research paper and neglect the ideal way, on how to end a research paper. 

Students tend to experience unwanted hardships when witting the final part of their research paper.

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First of all,

The conclusion plays an integral role in enlightening the reader about the topic in a summarized manner. Nevertheless, some students aren’t sure how to write a conclusion.

This article presents tips fundamental to enable you to sum up your research paper in the best manner possible. 

Indisputable Ways To End A Research Paper 

Your research paper conclusion must present a closure for your readers. You need to sum up the entire paper by availing a detailed and precise conclusion giving readers a sense of completeness and satisfaction.

Below are guidelines or ways to end your research paper. 

  • Remind the readers about the topic
  • Capture the thesis
  • Conclude all the main ideas
  • How significant is your argument
  • Call for action
  • Work with a conclusive synthesis
  • Your conclusion must be linked with the introduction
  • Settle for a citation
  • Retain a logical touch
  • Enhance clarity

Remind the readers about the topic

When concluding the research paper, there is a need for you as an author to restate the topic. Once you have restated the topic or the subject manner, ensure to explain how significant it is.

Most of all,

The conclusion should make sense and remain complete even in the absence of the body. 

Capture the thesis

The introduction part of your research presents the thesis statement to the readers. The body develops the thesis further by availing remarkable and indisputable arguments.

It deems fit that you paraphrase the thesis statement and the main theme of the paper. Even though you are availing a summary of the thesis statement, ensure to keep it detailed to maintain its integrity and completeness. 

Conclude all the main ideas

Your research paper discusses some key ideas and points in support of your thesis statement. When summing up the paper, you should consider reminding the readers of the main points or ideas.

Therefore, ensure to avail of a detailed outline of all the ideas discussed in the body. The ideas must be restated briefly and articulately.

But beware,

You must never avail of newly defined information that didn’t appear in the paper in the conclusive statements or paragraphs. 

How significant is your argument?

Throughout your paper, you had discussed ideas and proved your arguments.

However, for your conclusion to have the completeness it necessitates, you should consider presenting the significance of all the ideas argued in the paper.

Where you had justified the importance of the argument before or in other paragraphs, you should avoid repeating yourself. 

Call for action

As a research paper author, you need to call your targeted audience to action. There is no way you can exhaust a given topic fully. Therefore, ensure to call all the readers to action for additional research. 

Work with a conclusive synthesis

When concluding your research paper, have all your ideas, including the thesis, compiled as a synthesis of facts or information. 

Your conclusion must be linked with the introduction

When writing your research paper, it is ideal that you craft the introduction and conclusion last.

Therefore, ensure to examine your introduction and have your conclusion linked to create a blended harmony between the two.

The introduction introduces the paper to readers, and the conclusion should keep this fact in mind.

For instance,

It is advised that you start your introduction with a rhetorical question. The same question can appear in your final paragraph but add an answer to the question. 

Settle for a citation

You can choose to conclude your paper with a citation from one of your sources or references. Your research paper must have a primary source. Ensure to get the quotation from this reference and have it support your paper extensively. 

Retain a logical touch 

You need to maintain a thoughtful touch when concluding the paper. No matter how many aspects get discussed by the paper, the rational aspect must prevail and remain irrefutable in the conclusion. 

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Enhance clarity

The conclusion must be brief, precise, and above all, easy to understand. There are people who, after writing a remarkable paper, conclude awfully, hence ruining everything.

The clarity portrayed by the conclusive paragraph makes the paper worthwhile. Therefore, ensure to proofread the conclusion and eliminate distorted and awkward phrases.


You can never afford to avail of ambiguous information in the conclusive paragraph. 

Successfully concluding your paper demands keenness and skills. Therefore, ensure to understand the above guidelines. Consequently, your conclusion will remain indisputable, hence making the paper meaningful.

An Example on How To End A Research Paper 

Student’s Name

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Birth control and pregnancy conclusion

            Women should adopt non-hormonal conceptive methods rather than hormonal contraceptives. Nonhormonal contraceptives are better when compared to hormonal contraceptives as they have a lower rate of unplanned pregnancies. Nonhormonal contraceptives are also cost-effective and they don’t have long-term psychological and physical consequences. Women should be well informed about all contraceptives before choosing contraceptive methods that they are going to use. Although most women depend on healthy providers to choose the best contraceptive method for them, most healthy providers recommend hormonal contraceptives hormones only. Among the best non-hormonal birth control method is the use of a female condom which does not only prevent unwanted pregnancies but also prevent STDs if perfectly used.   

How do you write a conclusion for a scientific research paper?

The best way to write a conclusion for a scientific research paper is by interpreting your findings at a higher level of abstraction to show the extent to which you have addressed the topic discussed.

What word can I use to start a conclusion?

Examples of words you can use to start your conclusion include; to conclude, to sum up, to summarize, in brief, in conclusion, briefly, finally, in a word, in the end, thus, in sum, in the final analysis.

What's a good transition sentence?

A good transition sentence uses specific words and make a precise connection between paragraphs, sentences and ideas.

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