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Police Brutality Research Paper – How to Write One

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With so many police brutality cases, crafting a police research paper can seem easy.

The primary factors to be considered when writing a police brutality research paper are highlighted below

Police brutality has prevailed over the years. Police misconduct extends to making victims suffer physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

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Even though police brutality and misconduct are prosecutable, it tends to exist in the majority of the countries.

The role of police officers is law enforcement. The task is, at times, dangerous, stressful, and exhausting.

Members of the public are, at times, incorporating making the police officers use force.

However, the hassles and hustles experienced by these officers don’t approve of the misconduct.

The police brutality research papers written over the years.

Aim at identifying the major misconducts of police officers and forecasting a solution for the prevailing catastrophe.

Writing a police brutality essay demands a high level of craftsmanship.

How To Write a Police Brutality, Research Paper

The media covers many stories of police brutality victims. Therefore, when writing your research paper, you need to understand the police brutality questions you need to address.

However, do not forget that,

There is a lot of prejudice also connected to police brutality, and examining the bias will you craft a detailed and remarkable police brutality essay.

Below are ways to write a remarkable police brutality research paper

  •  Define a topic
  • Develop a research proposal
  • Craft a catchy introduction
  • Consistency is key
  • Do your research
  • Set a timeline
  • Understand your standpoint

Define A Topic

Your police brutality essay topic must remain well-aimed.

Police brutality cases are broad, and when crafting your topic, choose one moderately.

Therefore, ensure you have a moderately crafted topic that is neither too broad nor too narrow.

Do your research and identify a topic whose information is readily available.

Develop A Research Proposal

Before writing your police brutality research paper, consider having a research proposal.

The proposal must incorporate an introduction, body, conclusion, and references.

Your body must include all the ideas that you need to be discussed in a paragraph.

Craft A Catchy Introduction

A remarkable police brutality essay must always snatch the reader’s attention.

The catchiest introduction starts with a scandalous fact or a rhetorical question.

In the introduction, ensure to have a thesis statement included.

Your thesis plays the backbone of the entire research paper. Ensure keeping the statement locked in one sentence or two utmost.

Consistency Is Key

You need to write a research paper that flows fervently. Therefore, ensure to plan all your ideas and define their systematical sequence.

Consistency in your statements helps maintain flow.

It is, therefore, important to enumerate all the ideas and points. You are to discuss these ideas in the research body.

Do Your Research

In order to do this,

Look for police brutality research papers that have been written in the past.

Therefore, ensure to do your research and peruse through some of the samples. Through the samples, you will have an idea on how to craft one.

Set A Timeline

You need to have a timeline designed and followed strictly. Time consciousness is necessary where you need to have the paper submitted on time.

Therefore, understand the deadlines and eye on being ahead of time.

Understand Your Standpoint

A standpoint is necessary more so when concluding your research paper about police brutality.

Your readers need to understand the solution you are presenting to your thesis statement.

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Police Brutality Research Questions To consider

Below are some of the police brutality research questions to ruminate.

  • What is the right path for culminating police brutality cases?
  • Is racism a prime factor of police brutality?
  • What is the relation between sexism and police brutality?
  • What are the factors triggering police brutality?
  • Is there neglect in prosecuting police brutality cases?
  •   Is there neglect in prosecuting police brutality cases?
  • Are there different types of police brutality?
  • Is lenience experienced making police officers more brutal?
  • What punishment suit accused police officers of brutality cases?
  • Are there degrees of police brutality?
  • Why is police brutality a social catastrophe?
  • What are the most affected regions with police brutality, and why?
  • Does the system promote police brutality in any way?
  •   What is the connection between police duties and police brutality?

Writing a police brutality research paper is never a walk in the park. Therefore, ensure to identify the area that interests you most and dive into it.

An example of a police brutality paper

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It is the duty of the police to protect all the citizens of the country. Their duty is to ensure that all citizens uphold the laws of a country and stay away from crime. However, police officers in the United States have been to blame for various forms of oppression.

They have been accused of bringing harm to other citizens who have not broken any laws. Police Brutality in the United States is a complex ideology that has a widespread impact on the current society.

For many years, the brutality of the police against the general public has come to serious scrutiny. Police brutality involves the unwarranted and excessive use of force against civilians.

It includes various forms of assault that range from battery and torture and lately, murder. Although many people of different races have been victims of excessive force, it is clear that the police brutality rates are higher among African Americans

There have been various videos surfacing on the internet that have shown the oppression that citizens get from the police.

There have been riots from the United States citizens protesting the deaths of people who die under the arm of the law as a result of oppression. It has been noted that police brutality is especially common among African Americans.

In the early 1990s, poor white Americans had expressed concern that they were experiencing brutality from officers.

Later on, the Jews expressed frustrations that they, too, were being oppressed by the police. Muslims also shared this complaint. Although these occurrences have gone on for years, it is only recently that the government has begun to take great measures against the accused officer. Lately, many African Americans have been victims of police brutality.

The past few weeks in the country have been filled with traumatic experiences revealing the deep roots of racism that is within the crime-fighting unit.

It has been discovered that many policies have been made to oppress African Americans. It has also been uncovered that there are deficiencies in the law that do not punish the police enough even after they have been found guilty of oppressing United States citizens.

The killing of George Floyd, which happened five years after Michael Brown, has caused a huge debate on how safe Black people are being protected by the same forces which hold a bias against them.

Reports indicate that police use excessive force when it comes to minorities. This is based on the structural racism that remains deeply rooted in the force. For a long time, the police have gone unpunished for assaults and deaths against innocent citizens.

There have several reports of innocent African Americans dying at the arm of the police. Many of these officers get away with these murders and are protected by a broken criminal justice system.

Freddie Gray was a young African American who was shot by a white officer who claimed that he felt that he was in danger. The occurrence caused national outrage and protest happened in different states of the country.

As a result, Black Lives Matter Movement was formed. Even though Gray was not the first man to be shot under the arm of structural racism, it has caused many people to question the safety of Black people living in the country.

Many people linked the continuous killings of Black people to the institutionalized racial practices that had been rumored to run in the police force.

Reports indicate that police were using more force when it came to their encounter with African Americans. It is possible that this is as a result of their training where crime is reportedly higher among African Americans.

Regardless, police nowadays use the excuse of fear of their lives when it comes to assault cases involving innocent Black people.

In conclusion, police brutality levels are very high in the United States. It is clear that oppression is higher among African Americans.

This is as a result of the institutional racism that has been in the police force for decades. Although there have been efforts to slow down the rate of police brutality in the country and especially affecting people of color, the system is still faulty.

Speaking on its effects and how it slows down, the population of minorities is important so that it sheds light on the rotten justice system we follow today.

Not only does the system demonstrate prejudice on people of color, but it has also gone on to silence the voice of black people who are both facing time and indirectly affected by brutality.

It is yet to recognize the struggles of this group of people and shed light on the issue. With an account of actual stories, then it becomes less of a challenge to show just how difficult it is to live as an African American.

This does not only shed light on the idea but also gives more room for change in both the justice system and in public as well.

policies should be changed to ensure that police work for the good of all people without showing bias on a particular race. Although it is difficult to identify whether or not this will ever change, it is clear that the movements will save the lives of many African Americans.

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