A Boy packing a school bag;My First Day of School Essay -The Ultimate Guide

My First Day of School Essay -The Ultimate Guide

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Going to School is an essential stage in every student’s life as it helps them socialize with people from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, My First Day Of School Essay is a typical question in school. The essay explains how your first day at school was, your emotions, experiences, and everything you went through. Writing an essay can be challenging and exhausting, but the good thing is you can get help writing your essay by hiring legit essay writers.

Here you will get tips on how to write an essay. Lets get started!

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How Long Should My First Day Of School Essay Be?

There is no specific length to follow when writing “my first day of school essay”. However, the length of the essay depends on your education level.

For example, at the primary level, the essay’s length varies between 100 and 250 words. At the secondary level, the essay will range between 300 and 500 words. 

When writing my first day of school essay for a higher secondary level, the essay will be considerably long, between 600 and 1000 words. Therefore, there is no ideal length. However, your instructor will include the number of words required.

Best Tips for Writing My First Day of School Essay

Write a rough draft or outline for the essay

Before beginning to work on your essay, you need to have a rough draft or an outline for the essay. The outline acts as a structure that will guide your writing process.

Divide your outline into three sections; the setup, the main section inclusive of the climax and a thrilling conclusion. Outlining will help you get the best details of your essay to include in chronological order.

Originality and creativity

If you were to search the internet for my first day of school essay, you would find tons of essays available. However, if you can find the essay online, so can your professor. You wouldn’t want to face plagiarism issues within days of joining an institution, considering it might get you expelled.

You need to be creative and come up with an original essay. Remember, your experience will be unique to you, and it cannot match that of another. Sit down and come up with an authentic, exciting story that describes your real experiences.

Description and chronology

An essay on my first day of school is a narrative essay. Thus, you need to give the reader a vivid description of events following a chronological order.

Explain the events from the first step you took in the school to the end of the school’s first day. When explaining your experience, do not hold back on the details. Describe every moment and emotion.

Appropriate punctuation and grammar

Despite being an informal essay, it is still an academic document. Therefore, you need to use appropriate punctuation and grammar throughout your essay. Refrain from using unnecessary abbreviations and slang.

Appropriate voice and tone

Using the appropriate voice and tone will help you reveal your attitude towards the reader. Tone establishes the mood in which you will be used to transfer your emotions to the reader. It can be in the form of figurative language, choice of words, and point of view.

You can use a positive tone to describe your emotions when writing my first day of school essay. For example, you can say you were glad, joyful, hopeful on your first day of school.

A vivid story of characters and places

When writing an essay on my first day of school, you need to give the reader a vivid description of the characters and places. The reader needs to relate to your story and feel like part of it. To do this, you need to give them a vivid story. Therefore, you need to describe your experience and encounters in a way that your reader gets a complete imagination of these experiences.

Editing and proofreading

Once you are done crafting the initial draft of your essay, you need to revise it thoroughly. However, do not edit immediately you are done writing. Allow yourself a day or two and go back to the draft and check for any errors. You will find some rough spots which you can polish up.

When proofreading, check for any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Also, check for any hard-to-read or long sentences and rewrite them in short and simple sentences, which will be easy for your reader to understand.

Format Of The Essay

My first day of school essay will follow the standard format of an essay. It needs to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Here are some things to include in each section of the essay;

Introduction Of The My First Day Of School Essay

How important was your first day of school to you? Were you anxious about it? How did you expect it to be, and how was it? In the introduction section, you can start by explaining the events preceding joining the school. You can also share your expectations versus reality.

Body The My First Day Of School Essay

The body section is where you include all the juicy details. How did your first day of school start? How did you feel? What did you see that intrigued you? Vividly describe every aspect of your first day of school.

Tell the reader how the weather was, how the institution appeared as you describe the buildings. How were the other students behaving? How welcoming was the staff? Explain how the orientation process was if it was helpful. Did you happen to talk to anyone? Add in every minute detail of your day and describe it wholly and have your reader create a mental picture of the experience.

Conclusion Of The My First Day Of School Essay

Now that you have described how the day was essential to you, how it started, at the conclusion section, explain how your day ended. Was the first day at school good or bad? Support your good or bad answer with a vivid description.

Describe the best memories of the day or the day’s worst memories, depending on how your day was. Did your first-day experience make you long for the next day of school or not?

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Above, we have discussed all the tips you need to write my first day of school essay that captivated your reader. Start with describing your events before joining the school, and the first day of joining the school in the introduction section. In the body section, vividly describe the events of your first day. Lastly, the conclusion section winds up by letting the reader know how your day ended. Remember, this is a scholarly essay, and you need to use appropriate grammar and spelling. Don’t forget to edit and proofread your essay before submitting it.

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