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Apart from submitting your transcripts, an MBA admission board requires you to provide an MBA essay. Crafting the best essay takes skills and must follow the right format and through this, we are going to show you the right MBA essay format you can use for your essays. If you have a lot going on in your life and you are struggling with your MBA essay you can always get help from Bright Writers MBA essay writing professional writers.

You will agree with me that writing an MBA essay is not a walk in the park. MBA essays are somehow hard to write more so where you lack fundamental guidance. MBA essays are part of an MBA application process, and the article must be submitted before the approval of your enrollment.

However, some so many graduate students lack the skills and expertise to write an ideal MBA essay. Through this article, you will understand the perfect MBA essay format to observe throughout your writing. 

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Why Is An MBA Essay Critical?

Every year, so many students apply for MBA programs. Nonetheless, not all the applications are justified for enrollment. Therefore, after the admission committee goes through the applicants’ transcripts, they would need something extra to narrow the applications to a selected few. An MBA essay makes things easier since not all applicants can express their beliefs in writing. Sometimes it is recommendable to get an expert to help you through the writing process of your MBA essay.

Universities that receive thousands of MBA applications every year settle for the essay as a vetting tool. Therefore, as a professional, you need to have more than good grades, a promising career life, experience, and exposure. Through the MBA essay, you receive a platform to tell the admission committee who you are and why you need to join their institution. What makes you an exemplary MBA applicant? 

There are instances when an MBA school makes an MBA essay optional. The majority of the applicants will choose not to write the article. However, it would be best to consider writing that essay as it’s the only indisputable evidence of your competence and help differentiate you from other applicants. 

What Is The Ideal MBA Essay Length?

The length of an MBA essay is subject to the requirements set by a given institution. There are instances when applicants are expected to write a one to two pages essay while in some other cases, they have a word count to meet. Where a word count is available, you must stick within the perimeters of the words. The length instructions must, therefore, be followed strictly. 

In some instances, the requirements fail to identify the length of the essay. In such a case, you are flexible to write a piece of any length. Nonetheless, you need to limit yourself and write an essay of moderate length. Avoid writing a two-paragraph or a ten pages essay. The shorter the article, the sweeter it gets. Therefore, ensure to write a more concise but generous essay. Admission boards read through thousands of applications every year, and you must never overwhelm them with your extended essay. Therefore, consider writing a maximum of three pages expressing yourself clearly and concisely. 

MBA Essay Format Guidelines

Your essay must always observe some basic formatting guidelines. For instance, a margin must be available, giving the paper some white space. Therefore, you must consider having a margin of one inch at both the top and bottom of the article. Font styling should be considered. Therefore, ensure to have a readable font size. There are instances when applicants use hard-to-read fonts, which ruins their essays. Thus, settle for a legible font like Times New Roman. 

A five-Paragraph Format

Your essay must apply a five-paragraph size or setting. Therefore, ensure to have an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. 

Your paragraphs need 3-7 sentences. Where possible, create uniformity in your paragraph length. For instance, if your introduction encompasses seven sentences, your body paragraphs will do the essay injustice if they cover three sentences. You need to maintain flow in your essay. Therefore, consider using transitional words that enable your audience to flow from one sentence to another and from one paragraph to the next. 

Intrigue your audience to wanting more of the essay by availing a hook introductory sentence in your introduction paragraph. The hook sentence helps capture the reader’s attention. Therefore, introduce your topic and have your thesis statement appearing in the introduction paragraph. 

The body paragraphs will encompass facts, details, and pieces of evidence supporting your thesis statement. Therefore, you need to write the body paragraphs with a lot of keenness as they are the essay’s meat. It would be best if you remained judicious, making all the words count. 

The conclusion helps you wrap up your points and ideas. New ideas must never appear in the conclusion paragraph. Always stick within the perimeters of the points covered in the preceding paragraphs.  Also, editing and proofreading your essay will improve the quality of your essay.

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With the right format, you are assured of writing the best and most compelling MBA essay. Therefore, take your time and understand the essay requirements. Write keenly and follow the above guidelines. 

How do I format an essay?

An essay consists of the following parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Following this format will help you write and organize an essay.

What skills does an MBA give you?

They include expert problem-solving skills, dealing with pressure, communication skills, strategic research, and analysis, networking knowledge, and best business leadership practice

What is the goal of an MBA student?

To develop effective communication skills to combine complex business ideas.

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