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Leadership In Nursing Essay

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Leaders are necessary for the nursing industry. Therefore, university students pursuing nursing are to submit a leadership in nursing essay as part of their coursework. 

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering how to write a leadership in nursing essay. Nursing students are required to showcase their leadership skills through writing and submitting nursing leadership essays.

Nonetheless, the majority of the students fail to identify the simplest way to write the article. Explained below are guidelines fundamental to writing an essay in nursing leadership. 

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Steps To Writing Leadership In Nursing Essay

When it comes to crafting an essay in leadership in nursing, you should understand that there are so many leadership types, and the topic is broad. Therefore, below are steps that you need to consider. 

  • Understand the essay requirements
  • Identify a remarkable topic
  • Do your research
  • Develop an outline for your essay
  • Develop your introduction
  • Craft an appealing body
  • Conclude your essay
  • Edit your essay

Understand The Essay Requirements

Leadership in nursing essays is complex, and lecturers present sets of requirements and instructions to follow. Therefore, ensure to understand the assignment carefully. You need to know whether you will be analyzing, reflecting, or discussing a given leadership topic. Therefore, make sure to follow the essay question correctly as it helps determine the success of your paper. 

Identify A Remarkable Topic

There are instances when your leadership in nursing instructor avails a particular topic to write about. Nonetheless, where the instructor gives you the liberty to choose your topic, you should consider selecting a title that corresponds to your leadership ideologies and believes. You also need to choose a topic with sufficient scholarship resources hence simplifying your writing work.

Leadership in nursing is a very broad field, and you need to narrow down and concentrate on one aspect. 

Do Your Research

Once you identify the main topic for your essay, you should consider researching and conducting your research and investigation. You need to identify reliable resources and examine their credibility. How reliable and successful the authors are matters significantly. Therefore, ensure to gather enough information on your leadership in the nursing topic and have all the main points written down. Your essay must showcase your sources. 

Develop An Outline For Your Essay

Your essay needs to follow a systematic sequence. Therefore, ensure to develop an outline that dictates what precedes what and what follows. An outline helps you define a detailed plan that you will follow when crafting or writing the paper.

Therefore, start by defining the classifications and aspects of the topic. Through classifying information, you will experience minimal hassles when maintaining flow and relevance. 

Develop Your Introduction

A successful essay must have an articulate, precise and concise introduction. The introduction helps intrigue your readers into reading the following segments. Therefore, take your time and understand the issue that your essay will be addressing. Through the presentation, you will have a platform to explain the relevance of your study. Therefore, make sure to justify the investigation. Your introduction helps communicate the main focus and idea of the research and doesn’t discuss the main idea. 

Craft An Appealing Body

An essay should have body paragraphs that help support the main idea. You need to develop three ideas that harmonize perfectly with your leadership in the nursing topic. Your essay should have three body paragraphs that expound three different views. There are instances when you need to keep the body segment lengthy more so when your instructor demands a higher page and word count. 

Conclude Your Essay

Once you write the introduction and the body paragraphs, you need to come up with a conclusion. The conclusion helps you sum up the findings of your essay. The majority of nursing students tend to reveal new leadership information and facts in the conclusion section, which is wrong. You need only remind your audience of the ideas in the preceding paragraphs.

Edit Your Essay

It is after writing your essay in leadership in nursing that you proofread. Proofreading helps you spot mistakes that you might have made while writing; hence, being able to avail the edits necessary. Always avoid rushing while proofreading and editing your work. It is one thing to submit a well-written essay full of grammatical mistakes and format errors and avail a well-written essay with zero errors. Make sure that you examine all the punctuations, grammar, and other possible mistakes. 

Writing a leadership in the nursing essay takes keenness. You must, therefore, understand the outline perfectly and the topic of focus. Consequently, you will manage to amass new information while attracting a good grade. Also, remember to ask for help from our nursing experts if you are struggling to draft a good essay

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An Example Of A Leadership In Nursing Essay

Reflective Essay on Leadership in Nursing

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Nursing has been a professional practice that has been categorized as a profession that needs the skill to perform it and a functional and robust leadership concept. Leadership in nursing is portrayed to ensure proper and healthy patient care and provide a systematic way of conducting nursing activities. Additionally, it aids in protecting the nursing fraternity by advocating for their rights and ensuring proper and human treatment during their daily activities. Proper nursing leadership is formed on the directives of loyalty, respect, equality, and trust, which aid in uniting nurses to the healthcare organizations they work with. Nursing leadership is crucial to this field because it aids in boosting the organization’s desires and individual factors. Leadership in nursing acts as a universal umbrella covering both the organization, its leadership, and its employees.

Not any individual can take up a leadership role in nursing; the individual must have a particular set of skills that would help identify the type of leadership skill they want to use. They have to be keen enough to determine what is being practiced, how it is being practiced, and whether it effectively accomplishes an organization’s goal. If not, as leaders, they have to implement needed and necessary changes that would bring better service delivery and make nurses comfortable undertaking their duties. However, amending and creating change in an organization, especially a related clinical one, is challenging. It requires time, research, and interval changes to allow systematic abolishment of the previous leadership as the new and suggested one is adopted. Most importantly, a nursing leader should have the capability to plan for the future and reduce resistance to their planned agender. Additionally, a nursing leader should always involve individuals in their scheduled planning and changes. They should not force change but collect views from individuals who are bound to be affected by the change and view their opinions. Rather they should apply changes that they themselves would be comfortable to work with. Making sure that the nursing fraternity would have no excuse to go contrary to the changes being implemented.

            The transformational leadership type is the most preferred and more effective to use as a leader in nursing. It is a type of leadership that, inclusive, accommodative, and consensus-seeking type of leadership. That being mentioned allows for the inclusivity and consideration of all individuals who are to be affected in one way or another by decisions made. A nursing leader should consider transformational leadership as he or she must have been a nursing employee before being appointed as a leader. Therefore, they know their way around the organization, how work is done, and, most importantly, get involved in day-to-day activities. Hence both transformational. Comparing transformational leadership to other types of leadership, such as transactional leadership, which is the complete opposite of transformational leadership. When a leader opts for transactional leadership, he or she will create a rift between the organization and its employees. They become more commanding and forceful of their changes upon the employees. Transformational types of leaders bring abought inclusivity within the organization, and employees become more outgoing and feel more accommodated and respected. Transformational leaders are focused on making their employees grow and develop their skills and practice. Hence employees get to learn more under them.

In a clinical environment, leadership should concentrate on service delivery to patients. It should focus on ensuring that patients get the proper care they dream of making them more comfortable and the hospital of their choice. To deliver this, the nursing leader should focus on training employees on the importance of better service delivery and how to achieve it. This should be relayed from the hospital front desk all through to the surgical theater. Stating these leaders in nursing is in a race to build a sound communication system between hospitals and patients. This is mainly done by ensuring service delivery is at its best and well collaborative of all sorts of patients despite race or belief. Additional proper communication and treatment from a nurse to a patient would allow for the adequate and full diagnostic of a patient hence ensuring the patients get the needed treatment. Therefore, doctors get an easy time administering proper medication to a patient due to the nurse’s adequate accommodation. In conclusion, leadership in nursing should be abought inclusivity and mentorship to other employees. It should compose of a transformational type of administration other than the transactional model of leadership. Additionally, Nursing is a professional practice that is categorized as a profession that does not only need the skill to perform it but also a functional and robust leadership concept. Leadership in nursing should be carried with due diligence and significant consideration to provide suitable health care services and improve the organization’s reputation. Changes in the organization should be done inconclusive and review of other participants other than being one-sided, for it would impact a negative attitude to some nurses. 

What are the nursing leadership skills?

The crucial nursing leadership skills include; critical thinking, mentorship, emotional intelligence, integrity, respect, dedication, excellent communication skills, and professional socialization.

Why is leadership important in nursing?

Leadership is essential in nursing since it encourages success. Nurse leaders should create an environment that makes their staff passionate and enthusiastic about their work. They also provide the tools and guidance necessary and drive nurses to act professionally.

What are the five leadership styles in nursing?

The five leadership skills in nursing include:
1. Laissez-Faire leadership
2. Democratic leadership
3. Autocratic leadership
4. Transformational leadership
5. Servant leadership

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