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How To Write A Dissertation Proposal

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If you are a movie-person, you probably watch trailers before you could buy a movie. A dissertation has a trailer that the supervisory committee examines and is also known as a dissertation proposal. If you are reading this, you are probably a graduate program candidate, and the supervisory committee has asked for a dissertation proposal. Graduate students are expected to know how to write a dissertation proposal that helps culminate their studies.

Some so many students face many hardships with their dissertations and, more so, their proposals. Before you could do your investigation, a panel must have a glimpse of the study you anticipate. Therefore, you need to prepare beforehand and write the best dissertation proposal.

Nonetheless, how can one write the proposal? What is the format or the outline? Below are tips that, when understood, will help you ace in writing the proposal for your dissertation. 

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What Is A Dissertation Proposal?

Graduate candidates are to submit an academic paper supporting their investigations, research, and findings; this academic writing is known as a dissertation.

Nonetheless, before you can conduct the study, you anticipate, you must provide a dissertation proposal that gives your audience enough information about what you expect and how the research will surface. 

A proposal enables readers to understand your work and anticipations in-depth since it gives a detailed plot for the entire dissertation journey. The road map presented by the proposal justifies the need for the study. 

Dissertation structures vary greatly depending on the course a student is pursuing, level of studies, and other requirements as per the supervisory committee or university. Nonetheless, a proposal for the dissertation must be written before the actual paper. 

Things Included In The Dissertation Proposal

A proposal has different parts, but this doesn’t affect the structure. The majority of the students are always quick to check through search engines and settle for the first structure they come along. You need to re-examine the structure with other sources as the structure is universally the same. Therefore, ensure to understand your paper’s requirements and choose a structure that meets the paper needs.

Below are the different chapters of a proposal

  • Introduction
  • Literature review 
  • Methodology
  • Research findings
  • Conclude


An introduction is the very first chapter of every academic paper. The section helps create a platform where you introduce your topic through availing background information to the readers. A thesis must be available in your introduction alongside with your dissertation objectives. 

An ideal dissertation focuses on answering a set of questions. It would be best to introduce those dissertation questions to your readers to prepare them for the actual paper. 

The introduction part should showcase the purpose and significance of the study. It would help if you also showed how you would be conducting your research and the challenges, limitations, and delimitations you anticipate. 

Literature review 

Other scholars have done their research on your topic, and you need to research their findings. The literature review chapter is all about showing how other people have been investigating the subject and how justifiable their study is or how they have failed. Therefore, ensure to relate the scholarship available with your research. In this section, you should consider showcasing your research framework, description, and study review. 


The methodology structure differs from university to university. However, you need to introduce and conclude the chapter. In the episode, you will show your research design and the questions that you will be investigating. How will you consolidate and analyze data? Who are your research participants? The methodology section plays an imperative role in showing the particulars of data collection and analysis. You can also add a hypothesis in this section. 

Research findings

Through the guidelines of your research objectives, significance, and purpose, you should consider presenting some of your findings in this chapter. Nonetheless, it would be best if you upheld precision and concision. It would be best if you organized your results as per your dissertation objectives. 


The last chapter helps conclude the proposal. In conclusion, ensure to highlight a summary of your statement of the problem or thesis. Organize your conclusion to summarize your study, as discussed in the previous chapters. In conclusion, you must avail of a discussion of your research and avail recommendations for research in the future. 

Dissertation Proposal Examples

Many are the times when Ph.D. students look for proposal examples without first understanding the format, outline, and requirements for their paper. It would help if you never settled for a sample without first understanding what the supervisory committee expects from you. 

When you eye accuracy, you should consider looking for dissertation proposals from your university and go through them as apparent examples. 

Your proposal must have a title page at the beginning. The title page contains:

  • The title of the dissertation
  • Name of the university
  • Your name
  • Course (graduate program)
  • Department 
  • Supervisor’s name

Maintaining Quality When Writing Your Proposal

Most students think that being prolific writers is a gate pass to submitting an exemplary proposal or dissertation. Well, linguistic prowess is a plus but is never the prerequisite for providing a quality proposal. You need to paradigm shift your concentration from the style of composition to the outline. A remarkable proposal needs to observe the ideal framework. An outline helps organize the paper and uphold its quality. 

What is the pattern of your proposal? Answering this question helps you define an indisputable model that your proposal observes. A pattern-less proposal will bore your supervisory committee leading them to complete mystification. 

How To Prepare For The Proposal 

Before you can write anything on your proposal, you need to read a lot about your subject and the topic you choose. The majority of students believe that researching is a simple task, but the hassle is always deciding what to research. 

For you to choose an ideal dissertation topic, consider going through your notes, previous assignments, and discussions that you have had. Brainstorming on these subjects helps you identify a problem that is dear to your interests. Always consider a topic with enough scholarship resources. 

Can you even imagine watching a movie without examining the trailer first to realize it was a waste of time? Well, the supervisory committee needs to go through your dissertation trailer in the form of a proposal. Therefore, you need to observe the acceptable outline, format, and structure. The above guidelines set you on the right pace. 

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What is a proposal for a dissertation?

A dissertation proposal describes the research you want to do, what you will talk about, how you will carry it out, and its worth.

How long is a dissertation proposal?

The average length of a dissertation proposal is between 15 – 20 pages.

What is a dissertation proposal outline?

This refers to an academic paper that you write to give the readers more information about your dissertation.

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