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As a high school or college student, there will come a time for you to write a reflection paper. However, do you know how to start a reflection paper? What is a reflection paper? How is one started and written?

High school and college students are to write a reflection paper in partial fulfillment of their coursework. However, very few students understand what a reflection paper is and the sure way of crafting one.

Lets look at it in detail,

The introductory part of the reflection paper determines whether the readers are to follow the story through or not. Therefore, ensure to follow the guidelines below. This will help you understand the principles of starting a reflection paper and writing one. 

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What Is A Reflection Paper?

A reflection paper is an essay written by a student showcasing their personal opinion, idea, and reflection on a given subject or topic. Generally, students are expected to write their conviction about a given book, film, idea, or even lecture.

A reflection paper falls under academic papers, but it’s not as formal as other types of academic papers.

Why do I say this?

The tone used when writing the paper is casual, and the first-person-writing-style is adopted. Even though the paper presents your opinion, you need to avail of remarkable evidence supporting your ideas.

The paper should not have counterpoints since it focuses on your convictions. There is, therefore, a need for you to mull over your thoughts and understand your opinion before you start writing the paper. 

A Step-by-step Guide To Starting A Reflection Paper

  • Acknowledge the type of reflection paper
  • Choosing a subject and a topic
  • Develop an outline

Acknowledge the type of reflection paper

There is a need for you to acknowledge the type of reflection paper you are about to write. There are three main types, and each type dictates the writing process and tone. 

  • Education
  • Professional
  • personal


An educational reflection paper presents your ideas and convictions regarding a given book, lecture, or film. Your opinions help gauge the educational value of your topic, determining what students learned and whether the study was relevant or not. 


The type AIMS at evaluation a given professional behavior. The type calls students to focus on individual professionals like teachers or even social workers


Every student has their feelings in connection with personal subjects. Therefore, a personal reflection paper focuses on having students explore their feelings and thoughts concerning subjects that affect them personally. 

Choosing a subject and a topic

The tutor tends to avail of the topic or the subject that students will concentrate on. In most cases, lecturers and professors focus on the education type of reflection paper writing.

The tutor can give a lecture, book, or film as the topic, and students are to give their personal experiences. Even though the tutor avails a subject, you need to determine the topic and decide what you will write about.

You need to set aside ample time where you will research the topic and eventually define your thesis or main theme. 

Your essay or reflective paper will expound and support your main theme. 

Develop an outline

You need to brainstorm on the subject matter and all the available and possible topics. Once you have brainstormed fully, consider developing an outline.

In addition to that,

Brainstorming helps you craft short sentences about the ideas you need to write about. Brainstormed ideas give an outline to follow. Understand what your introduction, body, and conclusion will cover.

An outline enables you to keep your reflective paper writing organized.

Ways to maintain organization throughout your essay include:

  • Craft a reflective question
  • Develop a compelling introduction
  • Have a thesis

Craft a reflective question

You need to ask yourself how the topic relates to you and affect your feelings. Through answering a reflective question, you will manage to define the ideal theme and tone of the paper.

An example of a reflective question, ‘how does this subject affect my personal feelings?’

Develop a compelling introduction

You need to introduce your paper using three to four sentences. The sentences must factually pinpoint how the subject matter affects or relates to you. 

Have a thesis

Were your expectations met? There are instances where you get a yes answer for the question and, in other cases, a no response. Your thesis statement must be developed from the answer you develop. The statement must appear in the introduction part. 

But remember this,

You can only write an informative and detailed reflection paper after getting the beginning right. Therefore, ensure to follow the above ideas and tips. This paves your path to starting a reflective paper with a lot of ease. Also if you are having any problems writing your reflection essay our team is ready to help you.

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An Example of How To Start A Reflection Essay

An example of how to start  reflection essay

How do you write a reflection paper for experience?

Simple steps to follow when writing a reflection paper for experience. Start by giving a short explanation about the author, Provide a summary of the story, your center of attention should be on the main characters, talk about the main issue the writer touches upon, explain the influences and allusions then finally share your feelings about the book.

How do you start a personal reflection?

The first step is to introduce your topic and thoughts to the reader. Build your ideas and experience through the body paragraphs then finally make a conclusion statement by reflecting on your personal experience.

How do you write a reflection class?

Start by introducing the reader to the course with a summary of the syllabus. Describe the instructions and the essential topics covered. Inform the reader on why you chose the course and the educational benefits you expect to achieve from the course.

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