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Exploratory Essay Topics

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As a student, you need to develop the art of writing an exploratory essay. Exploratory essays help explore problems while offering different perspectives to solving the problem without you stating your position. The essay’s dynamic may sometimes prove difficult, and you may opt to get legit essay writing help. In the post, we have the best exploratory essay topics for your essay.

What Is An Exploratory Essay?

An exploratory essay is a nonfiction short paper exploring a specific problem, experience, or idea without supporting a particular standpoint. Exploratory essays support ambiguity where a student allows more than one standpoint to the specific subject matter.

Exploratory papers embrace a neutral tone and focus on the different viewpoints available concerning a particular problem and abhor specificity in availing a solution. 

A single exploratory paper can target different audiences and have their perspectives towards a given issue addressed hence availing a common ground for many people. Therefore, the paper will penetrate through the obvious to discover creative remedies or points of view to a particular problem.

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150 Exploratory Essay Topics 

  1. The challenges of marrying someone from a different religion
  2. How can families minimize the risk of divorce
  3. What is the best diet plan to maintain a healthy weight?
  4. What are the benefits of going to college?
  5. The effects of divorce on children
  6. The importance of the family in the 21st century
  7. The role of the elderly in society
  8. What are the impacts of dropping out of college?
  9. Define the different cultural habit
  10. What are the effects of terrorism?
  11. What are the dangers of early marriages?
  12. The importance of having biological children
  13. What is the influence of finance on families?
  14. What are the differences between single parenting and couple parenting
  15. Should we concern ourselves with world problems?
  16. What are the effects and challenges of same-sex parents?
  17. Divorce is the source of negative influence on children
  18. How has the family structure changed in the last few years
  19. Should adoption be allowed in the family?
  20. Explain the role and power of the united nations
  21. Can a family be raised ease by same-sex parents?
  22. Differences between partners in marriage. Establish their weaknesses and strengths
  23. What are the challenges of interracial marriages?
  24. Parents should participate in children affairs at equal measures
  25. TV commercials should use more regular people than skinny models
  26. What are the challenges of raising a child in the war tone area?
  27. What if parents give up using printing textbooks altogether
  28. Should parents be the primary caretakers and educators to their children?
  29. What are the difficulties of raising someone else kids?
  30. If super-intelligent computers replaced teachers
  31. What should the US do to remain the world superpower?
  32. Describe the relationship between financial security and the health of a relationship or marriage
  33. The relationship between developed countries and developing economies
  34. The problems of a single household to bring up educated and well-balanced children
  35. The effects of the marathon race on your body
  36. Is gene screening an ethical medical practice?
  37. Many families could have been stable if they are allowed to adopt children
  38. Are dictatorship bad as they say
  39. The importance of the renewable source of energy to the world
  40. How are safe genetically modified foods
  41. Define why technology is a threat to society
  42. What are the positive impacts of religion on family cohesiveness and strength?
  43. What should be accountable for a child’s behavior poor upbringing or genetics
  44. Can adolescents create a strong family reunion?
  45. What are the positive effects of recycling and green products
  46. The effects of the mobile phone on the brain
  47. Does voting make any difference in the current modern society?
  48. Should partners ask for permission from parents to get married?
  49. Compare the traditional way of learning to e-learning
  50. How should the healthcare system in the US be financed?
  51. Define the best technique to prepare for a test
  52. How do the internet damage our children and society
  53. How to ensure there is education for all
  54. The environmental effects generated by the increased industries in India and China
  55. Impact of long-distance in a romantic relationship
  56. Do coffee assumptions help young people learn better
  57. Is a divorce a solution to the family financial problems
  58. The changes brought about by the internet of things
  59. Is monogamy still relevant in the present world?
  60. Should young couples get married to avoid premarital sex temptation?
  61. Is the current taxation system fair or should we change another one?
  62. What are the effects of being married in your teenage
  63. What are the positive and negative effects of Nanotechnology?
  64. Is gun control a response to the ongoing frequency of school shootings in the US
  65. The effects of social media on reality
  66. The benefit of cohabitation to the two people who want to get married
  67. Should education be free to everyone?
  68. The positive effects of social media on college students
  69. Why does arranged marriages last longer than love marriages
  70. Compare traditional learning to eLearning
  71. Working mothers should be able to access free child care to be able to pursue a career
  72. Do second marriages likely to end up in a divorce
  73. What are the challenges of adopted children?
  74. Single people are happier than those in a relationship
  75. The impacts of genetically modified foods and vegetables on the world
  76. Compare longer marriages to shorter ones
  77. Should the authority reduce the amount of sexual content on television?
  78. The pro’s and con’s of the recent immigration policies
  79. The importance of music in the rehabilitation of prisoners
  80. The impact of the woman to become the breadwinner
  81. Global warming, Is it a real global issue exaggerated by the media?
  82. How does the US government control terrorism
  83. Is China going to be the superpower in the near future?
  84. Why is illegal immigration resolved by building a wall around the border?
  85. The effects of pre-marital sex on couples
  86. The effect of reality TV shows on society
  87. The psychological effects of Obesity on teenagers
  88. The problem two partners undergo from different races
  89. Cheerleading should be apart of the games
  90. Why do people get into relationships?
  91. Does love really exist without friendship?
  92. Steroid users should be restricted from joining sports
  93. Is being single happy a reality or myth
  94. The relationship between children and the step-parents
  95. Is it possible to control human minds with the chip?
  96. The motivation factors you should consider when getting into a marriage
  97. Is love one of the significant factors when choosing a partner
  98. Facebook is responsible for the infringement of privacy
  99. Should you be friends with your ex
  100. Women are more likely to get divorced than men
  101. Is technology stealing its user’s creativity?
  102. Getting married after 30 years is ways better than before
  103. Is golf only for the rich community?
  104. Should we limit political advertisement?
  105. Women and men have equal chances of breaking up their relationships
  106. Can online dating be fruitful?
  107. Women athletes should be paid more money
  108. What does it mean to be in a perfect relationship?
  109. There should be an ideal length for a feature film
  110. Is gender equality real or just a utopian concept?
  111. The state should control surrogate parenthood
  112. The fruitful of art as a profession
  113. The connection between music and human psychology
  114. Should partners maintain close contact after divorce?
  115. Is the music appropriate for all ages?
  116. Is Brexit an example to be followed or a one-time thing
  117. Should colleges and universities ban the use of smartphones on school premises?
  118. How safe are online transactions
  119. Should obese people be encouraged to run more
  120. Is good for children to have pets
  121. How has Whataspp made communication easier
  122. The negatives effects of caffeine on young people
  123. The advantages and disadvantages of globalization
  124. How should students study for tests and exams?
  125. Should military services be compulsory?
  126. Do we blame the government for high healthcare bills?
  127. Should the US engage in conflicts like Syria?
  128. How has the EU affected by the crisis in Europe
  129. Children should be rewarded for good conduct
  130. Is WWIII ever going to happen
  131. Marijuana should be legalized
  132. Is the world ready for the first female POTUS
  133. Presidential campaigns should be funded by private actors
  134. Should fail parenting be penalized
  135. What are the effects of drinking and smoking on the human body?
  136. Why is excessive pampering bad for children?
  137. What are the achievements and failures of the Obama administration?
  138. The effects of video games on children
  139. What will happen if North Korea stop launching rockets
  140. How safe is nuclear energy
  141. How safe are high heels
  142. Male and female athletes should receive the same amount of salary for their effort
  143. Mention the reason behind continental splits
  144. Is being broke a habit
  145. Should sports adventure be banned or encouraged
  146. The application of science during the stone age
  147. Does artificial intelligence detect human emotions?
  148. There should be a punishment for dressing up indecently
  149. The ideal role of a woman in society
  150. The importance of communism in today’s world
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Tips On How To Write An Exploratory Essay

Your ticket for writing an excellent exploratory paper lies in identifying tips on how to write the essay. Below are nine tips that, when considered, will help you present the most engaging and successful exploratory essay. 

  • Have a topic
  • Develop an outline
  • How to write the first draft
  • Proof, edit and seek a second opinion

Have An Exploratory Essay Topic

There are multiple problems available for you to explore in your paper. However, specificity is necessitated; you must identify designated exploratory essay topics for your essay. Examine your life, experiences, and people around you and discover controversial issues that need addressing. Settle for a contradictory topic that people of different caliber enjoy discussing or talking about. 

What do people need? Answering this question helps you discover a subject to delve into. For instance, you can settle for health, social problem, world peace, political, or education-related issues. Always examine the subject matter thoughtfully and scrutinize its level of engagement, controversy, and contradiction. 

Develop An Outline

Your exploratory essay has three main parts that you need to encompass and outline accordingly. 


Your essay needs an attention-grabbing opening. Therefore, ensure to craft a catchy introductory paragraph that will keep your readers motivated to read more of the paper. You need to commence your writing with a short hook sentence. Make the introduction about the reader, hence the need to start with a “you” word. 

In your introductory paragraph, ensure to state the significance of your paper and the problem being addressed. You need to have a reference in your introduction but make it brief. 


The body part designated for your paper plays a significant role in portraying all the different perspectives while presenting shreds of evidence in support of your discussed standpoints. You need to, therefore, discuss a certain point and also offer points against your main idea. Your paper needs to explore a problem without standpoint biasness. 


Your concluding paragraph’s sole purpose is to remind your readers about the main problem and restate the standpoints discussed in the body part. A new idea must never surface in conclusion. A remarkable conclusion must always challenge your audience to derive their conclusion. 

Time To Write The First Draft

You need to identify a peaceful environment that is writing-friendly to write from. Distractions are expensive and might contribute to you writing a vague essay. Therefore, ensure to write thoughtfully and patiently while encompassing all the ideas as pointed out in your outline. 

Read to understand the instructions and exploratory essay topics presented by your professor. You must follow instructions to ensure that you meet the word and page count requirements. Proper citation should be considered, and the MLA citation style is most-preferable for an exploratory essay. 

Proofread, Edit, And Seek A Second Opinion

It would be best if you read through your essay, again and again, to ensure that it is correctly punctuated and there are no grammatical errors. Therefore, take your time when revising the paper and avail of the necessary edits. Editing your paper makes it both presentable and worth reading. 

You need to seek a second opinion about the essay before handing it in. Therefore, have a friend, classmate, or family member reading the paper through. The critics you receive from your friend will help you see the paper from a reader’s perspective. Consequently, you will manage to edit your paper with a blended writer-reader perspective. 

How to choose exploratory essay topics

Unlike your usual argumentative essays, explorative essays require you to learn about a particular issue and conclude what you learned. Therefore, choosing the right exploratory essay topics is very crucial and can determine the quality of your paper. Here are some tips to help you come up with a topic that is practical and relevant. 

Consider your writing prompt

All too often, students receive low grades because they didn’t understand the prompt. You can’t give a correct answer to a question you do not understand, right. An exploratory essay prompt might often contain layered information that you need to decipher correctly for a successful essay.

Hence, it is advisable to spend as much time as needed reading the prompt to ensure that you understand what is required before choosing your topic.

Choose a category you are interested in

Many scholars have found out that the more interested they are in the topic, the easier it becomes to write about it. So when choosing exploratory essay topics, consider picking a topic or subject you are interested in. 

This reduces the time to spend on your research and allows you to enjoy the whole process of writing your essay. 

Make a list of your ideas

The first step is always the hardest. But instead of worrying, do this. Sit down alone in a quiet room and write down all the ideas that come to mind in your chosen category. Write down everything, and don’t assume some ideas as lame or odd. Write as many essay topic ideas as you can, and make short notes on each. 

Narrow down chosen subjects

Once you have your list of ideas and potential topics, it is now time to narrow them down. First, from your list of ideas, try clustering together related ideas.  Get rid of topics that are not relevant or do not interest you. This should help you narrow down your ideas list to a few topics. 

Find material on your exploratory essay topic 

Once you have three or four general ideas, do a little research and find all the relevant primary and secondary data available for each topic. Also, find and read some relevant literature on each of the topics. You aim to settle on exploratory essay topics that have information readily available. This will reduce the amount of time and resources you will need to finish your research.

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In Conclusion

The above guidelines are fundamental to enable you to write the most successful exploratory essay. Therefore, ensure to examine the tips keenly and employ them accordingly. Writing an exploratory paper is a skill that you need to possess. 

What is an exploratory essay?

This is a type of essay that describes when, how, and why finished certain types of research.

How do you start an exploratory essay?

1. State all you want to write for the readers’ to decide what to think about them.
2. Have a persuading statement to entice the reader
3. State the purpose of the essay

Is exploratory research qualitative or quantitative?

It is qualitative; this is because it is used to acquire principle reasons, opinions, and motivations. It shows insights into the problems and also generates ideas for potential quantitive research.

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