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Dissertation Topics In Education- For 2021

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Are you looking for dissertation topics in education? Cheer up! You came to the right place.

Writing your dissertation is a big step in earning your master’s or doctorate in education. It is a task that requires utmost dedication and perseverance.  You are expected to produce an original piece of work that represents your contribution to your academic field. 

A dissertation in education might take longer than a year to complete and the time is split between conducting research, reviewing the literature, and the actual writing of your dissertation. This might get hectic throughout this time period and some students may opt to get help writing their paper.

Choosing a topic for your dissertation is arguably the most challenging part of the whole process. But do not panic! To develop a great dissertation topic, all you need is to do proper research and carefully consider your choices. Continue reading to find out how to do just that.

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How to choose the best dissertation topics in education

Is it time to start your dissertation, but you are not sure where to start? Here is a step by step guide to help you narrow down your ideas and come up with a relevant dissertation topic. 

Think of something you are passionate about 

If your dissertation topic is in a subject that you are passionate about, the whole process will be a fun and entertaining ride. However, if not, you can get a capable writer or custom dissertation services to help you along the process.

It requires a lot of effort to complete your dissertation. When you choose something you like and have some existing knowledge of, the effort needed is cut in half. 

Take your time and do in-depth research and write down 2-3 potential areas and three possible topics under each area. 

Choose something practical

Although it is crucial to find a unique topic for your dissertation, it is not practical to pick a topic that will need you to compile a completely original research piece. It would help if you chose a topic that you will be able to complete before your graduation. Something manageable. Some topics may require a lot of resources, long travels, and sometimes longitudinal research. 

The trick is to do thorough research on each topic. Assess what has been written before on each subject. Do a brief preview of each topic’s requirements and retain topics with data that is available and attainable.

Do not fear the unknown

The topic doesn’t automatically become easy now that you have done your research. You should be ready for a literature battle. You should be prepared for a long list of questions and be comfortable knowing the answers. 

As you continue researching your topic, keep track of all questions and theories that come. The answers to these questions are what will refine your dissertation and make it unique and original. 

Talk to your peers

You are not alone. Leverage in the diversity, opinions, and background of your peers in your academic field. It will give you different views and in-depth knowledge of the subject.

This will help you in your quest for dissertation topics in education. 

Be open to change your topic

You should know that it is okay to change your research topic halfway through your dissertation. As you continue your research and consultation with your peers, your knowledge might evolve, and so is your topic. 

Your inspiration may evolve as you continue writing. Embrace the change and let your dissertation evolve as well.

Tips on how to write a dissertation in education

If you have followed the steps above, you now have your topic. It’s now time to write your dissertation. Below are tips to help you plan and write a kickass dissertation. 

  • Make a schedule. Make a list of everything that needs to be done and allocate a deadline for each task. 
  • Start writing. Do not drag it. It is not going to get easier. Start writing as soon as you have a schedule drawn. Start with your dissertation proposal as this will be the guideline that makes it easier.
  • Be aware that your first draft is just the starting point. You will have to do a lot of rewriting and editing. It’s best to keep that in mind.
  • Be flexible. Don’t worry too much if you miss a deadline or two. But be quick on your feet. Readjust your schedule accordingly and continue writing.
  • You can write whichever part of your dissertation first. The introduction can come last or whichever time you feel the most inspired. Skip around the parts of your dissertation and have fun while writing. Don’t be stuck on a hard part while you can do the next part.
  • Get early feedback. Talk to your supervisor and have them walk the process with you. Share the progress with them and let them give you feedback as you go.
  • Don’t neglect yourself. Writing your dissertation is not the end of the world. Remember to take regular breaks and take care of your health.
  • Have a reference manager. Don’t wait until the end of your dissertation to start putting together the references. Use a reference manager to keep track of your references. Zotero is a good reference manager that you can use. 

Dissertation topics in education

Early childhood education topics

  1. Parents perspectives about the developmental benefits of early childhood education for their children.
  2. How the early childhood education and care profession represented in mainstream news.
  3. Semiotic analysis of the representation of play in early childhood learning center promotional literature.
  4. Parents’ initial anxieties about sending their children to preschool.
  5. What do educators identify as the key challenges of transitioning from early childhood to compulsory schooling settings.
  6. Parents perspectives about the benefits of structured and unstructured play for children.

Elementary teaching dissertation topics in education

  1. Teachers perceptions of authoritarian behavior management strategies.
  2. Barriers and opportunities for promoting a sense of belonging in primary school classrooms.
  3. Skill development strategies that can be observed in children’s play during recess breaks in schools.
  4. What educators see as the educational benefits or drawbacks of compulsory uniforms in a school that has compulsory school uniforms.
  5. Benefits and limitations of regular play breaks for learning according to educators.

Middle and high school dissertation topics in education

  1. What educators see as their role versus parents’ roles in promoting the moral values of children.
  2. What parents of immigrant children see as the challenges their children face in schools in their new nation.
  3. Students perception s of the impact of homework on their after school extracurricular activities.
  4. What high school teachers in leadership positions perceive to be the best approaches to mentoring early career teachers.
  5. What are students’ perceptions of how well school prepares them for university or trade or real life.

Educational Technology ideas

  1. Teachers’ perspectives of the impact of technology on student learning.
  2. Differences between boys and girls technology usage habits during free time at school.
  3. Social, pedagogical benefits and limitations that students face when learning online.
  4. The best age that parents perceive for introducing children to technology.
  5. Parents perceptions of classroom mobile apps that are designed to increase parent-student interactions.
  6. How prepared do pre-service teachers feel about teaching using Electronic White Boards.

Ideas that involve interviewing your classmates’ topics

  1. Differences between first year and final year students perspectives of the role of the classroom teacher in the 21st century.
  2. How prepared do pre-service teachers feel about walking into a classroom and beginning their craft.
  3. What pre-service teachers see as their biggest worries about entering the teaching profession.

Homeschooling dissertation topics in education

  1. Significant role of IT in home schooling.
  2. Motivational factors for choosing home schooling.
  3. How well home-schooled children perform when they return to school.
  4. Academic achievement and socialization amongst home-schooled university students.

General education and teaching dissertation ideas

  1. Teachers’ perceptions of the barriers and opportunities to learning for children in poverty.
  2. Challenges that male educators face in their 5 years of teaching.
  3. What experienced educators perceive as the value of their university education.
  4. What teachers believe to be effective netiquette rules for online learning.
  5. Factors that impact teachers’ motivations for promotion into leadership positions in schools.
  6. How teachers differentiate their behavior management strategies for children with developmental delays.
  7. Parents’ perception on the purpose of schooling.
  8. How introverted and extroverted student learn differently.
  9. Teachers believe on the benefits and challenges of intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation strategies.
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Picking dissertation topics in education can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is plan carefully and keep an open mind. After all, this is one of the most critical decisions you will have to make in your career. 

A well-chosen topic will make your work much easier and enjoyable. So, take your time and choose wisely. 

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