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50 Unique Ethical Research Paper Topics

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Students find writing an ethical research paper to be tedious and complicated. Nonetheless, with a topic of interest, you are guaranteed to simplify the writing process significantly. Even when you decide to buy your ethical research paper online, it’s essential to have an excellent topic. That’s why, in this post, we have crafted the best ethical research paper topics for you.

What Is An Ethical Research Paper?

People make ethical choices daily. The options are consciously, unconsciously, and subconsciously made. The majority of students tend to confuse ethics with moral rules, laws, and principles.

An ethical research paper focuses on investigating standard rules that govern human beings and their behaviors. Ethics students must write an ethical research paper to explore specific ethical codes while advancing their writing and critical analysis skills. 

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50 Ethical Research Paper Topics

When you are struggling to identify an ideal ethical research paper topic, consider the following ideas. 

  1. Distinguish between security regulation and censorship
  2. Do you consider reporting your friend if he commits a crime?
  3. How would you make students obey academic integrity principles?
  4. Should we choose between a happy life and a lucrative career?
  5. How can obeying rules be bad?
  6. How to understand and distinguish terrorist
  7. Should politicians strive for power?
  8. Can refugees from the middle east be accepted in the US?
  9. Is donating organs morally justified
  10. Should condemn Michael Jackson for changing his skin color
  11. The basics of the code of ethics and professional conduct
  12. Compare deontology to consequentialism in relation to normative ethics
  13. Mention the ethical side of beauty pageants
  14. What are ethical issues in the workplace?
  15. Discuss the issue of transplant tourism
  16. How can you categorize ethical arguments against contraception?
  17. Describe the ethical approach to testing 
  18. Mention the pluralism approaches to forced marriages
  19. Utilitarian interpretation of Armed conflict
  20. The utilitarian approach to population control
  21. Define smoking and its impact on people’s general health
  22. Mention the harmful effects of alcohol consumption
  23. What are the Pros and cons of assisted suicide?
  24. Discuss the impact of cybersecurity on peoples privacy online
  25. Do both gender have equal rights in today’s society?
  26. Mention the unhealthy benefits of organic foods on our lifestyle
  27. Discuss the impact of plagiarism on students academic success
  28. How to curb discrimination among people with HIV/AIDs
  29. Mention the strategies need to combat obesity in young children
  30. What are the adverse effects of air pollution in major world cities?
  31. How does one moral behavior lead to happiness?
  32. Discuss why do many people pursue hedonistic lifestyles
  33. Do the rich deserve to have what they have
  34. Would you kill somebody for mercy for euthanasia to be justified?
  35. Why is it difficult for people to help strangers
  36. Is suicide a crime in modern society
  37. How does a democratic society increase morality?
  38. Should women have a right to choose abortion?
  39. Is the Kyoto protocol a moral
  40. How has Catholicism changed its views on same-sex marriage
  41. Describe the contradictory aspects of the principle of lawfulness
  42. The basics of consequentialist justification
  43. Define the legality of prostitution
  44. What is the role of applied ethics in the contemporary world?
  45. Define moral relativism in a globalized world
  46. Skepticism as to the alternative to the divine nature of ethics
  47. Mention facts and myths about the internet of things
  48. How has social media affect teenagers self-esteem
  49. Give a comprehensive analysis of damaging UV rays for the skin
  50. Should animals be tested to make hair and skin products safer?
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How To Select The Best Ethical Research Paper Topic

As a student, you need to understand that identifying an ideal topic for your ethical research paper is the first step towards crafting the best piece. Even though there are so many areas that students can focus on, the majority of them find the task of determining a definite area of study or subject matter both hassling and overwhelming.

At times, professors avail ethics research paper topics to their students. Below are remarkable tips that will enable you to choose the best ethical research paper topic. 

  • Choose a broad theme of focus.
  • Identify a broad theme that excites you.
  • Research on your identified subject
  • Narrow down your theme
  • Examine your resources
  • Develop an outline
  • Examine how engaging the topic is

Choose A Broad Theme Of Focus 

Ethics is a broad topic, and you can never cover every aspect of the subject in your article. Therefore, ensure to settle for specificity by choosing a specific theme. Therefore, ensure to brainstorm on different subject matters within the realms of ethical standards.

For instance, you may decide to settle scientific and medical experiments on animals. Identifying a broad theme for your paper helps pave a clear trajectory towards writing a successful piece. 

Identify A Broad Theme That Excites You

You must be interested in the subject matter designated for your paper. Therefore, brainstorm on areas that interest you. Fundamental knowledge on the subject is a plus as it lays the foundation for your research and writing endeavours.

Students that settle for topics that don’t interest them experience hardships when researching, evaluating information, and writing the paper. 

Research On Your Identified Subject

You need to conduct in-depth research on your subject. Preliminary research helps you accumulate enough information fundamental to making an irrefutable decision on what to focus on in your ethical research paper. Therefore, settle for reliable resources with verifiable and credible information.

Over the years, the internet has simplified things; but remember to be careful when acquiring resources and information from the internet. Always consider the library as your first option when it comes to resources and research. Make sure to jot down the info you find relevant for your paper. 

Narrow Down Your Theme

You need to shift from the broad theme and narrow it down into a more manageable topic. A piece will have multiple topics, and your research will enable you to come up with a list of different topics.

Examine each topic and examine how engaging, researchable, and manageable it is as far as your ethical research paper is concerned. For instance, when focusing on animal experiments, you could narrow it down to, “is it ethically right to experiment certain medication on animals before administered to human beings?” 

Examine Your Resources

With your narrowed-down topic, you must do your research and identify resources that will enable you to provide sufficient shreds of evidence in support of your argument. Jot down all the points you find relevant from your resources. The points will allow you to develop strong primary and supporting ideas. 

Develop An Outline For The Ethical Research Paper

An outline must be developed when formulating a topic for your ethical research paper. Your outline must have an introductory paragraph, body part, and a conclusion. The introduction communicates your paper’s thesis or primary purpose. Your body will share different ideas in support of your thesis statement. Therefore, determine whether you have enough points to write on your topic. 

Examine How Engaging The Topic Is

Who’s your targeted audience? You need to understand who the reader of your paper is. Without understanding your readers, it’s impossible to define a timely and worthwhile topic. Therefore, examine the needs of your audience and determine whether your topic is engaging, easy to understand, and interesting to them. 

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In Conclusion

Writing a strong and successful ethical research paper is a hard task and it demands a lot of skills. However, the best way to simplify the task is to identify an ideal topic. The above guidelines will enable you to choose the most engaging and interesting topic for your paper. 

How do you write an ethical research paper?

Simple steps on how to write an ethical research paper; pick a topic related to ethics, create an outline, write a precise and clear introduction, write the body paragraphs then the conclusion. Finally, proofread your essay.

What are the five codes of ethics?

They include objectivity, integrity, confidentiality, professional behavior, and competence.

How do you write an ethics statement?

To write an ethic statement, you need first to consider your readers, decide your goals, have a list of what influences you, write about your beliefs and practices then finally clarify “why” clear

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