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As part of their studies, students are often asked to write description essays by their professors. When tasked with the assignment, the most challenging writing phase and step are identifying a remarkable topic. Do not worry in this post we have crafted the best description essay topics for you. 

What Is A Description Essay?

A description essay is a metaphorical academic paper or article that helps describe something, whether an event, object, person, or process. Description essay writers must always focus on showing the readers an image through their essay instead of telling them about the subject matter.

Students often feel obligated to compile proof and shreds of evidence to support their work as they do when writing the majority of essays. Therefore, you need to consider describing a subject matter when appealing to the touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste senses. 

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100+ Description Essay Topics 

  1. Why I love flowers 
  2. A day with a baby elephant
  3. A picnic
  4. A race
  5. A competition
  6. What makes me laugh
  7. How to get my attention
  8. What is it like to be a football player
  9. To be a Hollywood star
  10. How does karma work
  11. The infinity of the sky
  12. A daily routine 
  13. A haunted house
  14. My life as a vegan
  15. Something I will quit doing
  16. Watching a parade 
  17. A class reunion
  18. I like this trait in a person
  19. I hate this trait in a person
  20. A great scientist
  21. A brilliant technology
  22. First time I fell in love
  23. First time I had tears of joy
  24. A phobia
  25. A banquet
  26. Daydreaming
  27. When I want to give up
  28. When I feel sad
  29. The meaning of life 
  30. Adventures of science
  31. Education before anything
  32. A crazy jump with bungee
  33. Importance of college education
  34. Your favourite book store 
  35. Wearing a disguise outfit
  36. The way I study
  37. How I visit the gym
  38. How I perceive God
  39. Meetings with God
  40. Describe the painting
  41. Describe your best friend
  42. Describe your favourite pet
  43. Meeting someone new
  44. A day at the ocean
  45. My favourite club
  46. My dream job
  47. The day which I hate
  48. Cooking is my life
  49. Describe a souvenir
  50. Describe addiction
  51. An amazing view
  52. A camping trip
  53. The way I start my morning
  54. The way I end my day
  55. When I visit my neighbours
  56. When I go fishing
  57. Describing an old friend
  58. Describing when you moved to a new city
  59. Your lucky charm
  60. Running a marathon
  61. How to escape a robber
  62. What makes me relax
  63. Drawing a portrait
  64. How to make a pie
  65. On my way to school
  66. On my to my workplace
  67. A trip to the mountains
  68. Benefits of being given less homework’
  69. Acting a play 
  70. Making a speech
  71. My first car
  72. My childhood toy
  73. My study essentials ‘
  74. What I always have in my pocket
  75. This was my perfect date 
  76. How my parents raised me
  77. A poem 
  78. A novel
  79. A dance 
  80. A children movie
  81. Benefits of having a school newspaper
  82. The Benefits of a summer school
  83. Your first concert
  84. Your first kiss
  85. Your first date
  86. A city I got lost in’
  87. What I see from my window
  88. A teacher 
  89. A Christmas story
  90. A warm winter evening
  91. My friend’s hobby
  92. What I like doing during my free time
  93. A funny memory 
  94. A Halloween costume
  95. Building a fort
  96. Creepy things
  97. A special photograph 
  98. My favorite clothes
  99. Sitting in a traffic
  100. Meeting a famous person
  101. What makes my family members relaxed
  102. Emotions I hate to feel
  103. How I react to a surprise
  104. My pet peeve
  105. The most important event in history
  106. The greatest person in history
  107. A pirate of the Caribbean
  108. My favourite cartoon character
  109. What I use a computer for
  110. Staying at a friend’s house
  111. A road trip 
  112. A beach 
  113. Learning how to drive
  114. A perfect companion for me
  115. What makes me appreciate a person
  116. Canadian white nights
  117. In the heart of Africa
  118. Who is your favourite hero
  119. Where do you want to go to college
  120. A new car 
  121. Falling in love
  122. I walk my dog in this park
  123. I dreamt of this place
  124. Top 10 Europe destinations
  125.  The most attractive places in Asia
  126. The ride on a subway train
  127. A garden 
  128. Your ideal date
  129. The house I grew up in
  130. My perfect room
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Tips On How To Write A Description Essay

For you to shine in your description essay writing, ensure to consider the tips below. 

  • What different issues can your essay cover?
  • Determine an ideal topic for your essay
  • Structure
  • Prewrite your essay
  • Write and edit your essay

What Different Issues Can Your Essay Cover?


Personal essays are the hardest to write about since you will have to write while creating an individual’s image. A human essay should tell about the qualities, appearance, behaviors, mood, and actions of a specific person. 


There are so many places in the world. The trick to writing a successful place description essay is creating an original and exciting description of the place you are writing about. For instance, if you are focusing on a city, your writing should help show your readers the city’s beauty. An excellent example of cities to write about is New York. 


What happened? An event essay helps readers understand the happenings of a particular event. There are so many events to write about from your last vacation, graduation, wedding, camping trip, music concert, etc. 


Animal description essays serve the purpose of describing an animal’s behavior, biology, or appearance. Your essay must thoroughly create an image in the reader’s mind. 


A description essay on occupation plays a significant role in describing your occupation or job. 


People behave differently. Therefore, when you need to describe another’s behavior, you should consider a behavior description essay. An excellent example of this type is describing the behaviors of certain people under certain conditions. 

Determine An Ideal Topic For Your Essay

After acknowledging the different things that you can write about, you need to discover a topic that interests you. In some instances, professors give the essay prompts that you need to write about. However, it would be best if you exercised keenness where you are to choose a topic for your paper. The topic that you settle for must be of interest to you, and you must have immense knowledge about it.

For instance, when writing a person’s description essay, you should consider writing about a person that you know personally. How familiar you are with the subject matter makes your writing worthwhile. 


Description essays don’t follow a strictly chronological arrangement. The essay’s focus should be on your feelings and not on citations, research, and identifying resources. Therefore, ensure to structure your essay into a sense-appealing arrangement. 

Have a worksheet with five columns detailing the five senses. The columns will enable you to avail information about the senses as far as the subject is concerned. An ideal description paper has five paragraphs with one designated for introduction, another for the conclusion, and the remaining three for the body part. 

Prewrite Your Essay

Before you can write a description essay, you should consider creating a clear image in your mind. You need to understand how you see the subject matter for your essay. When examining the image, consider your five senses. Prewriting enables you to understand the image from a broader perspective before writing to show your readers an image of your topic or subject. 

Write And Edit Your Paper

After an in-depth understanding of your topic, you should consider writing your essay. Therefore, ensure to jot down all your thoughts concerning your topic without examining how lengthy they are. The idea is to have the first draft and later on revise its level of precision and concision. Your description essay depends on your narration skills. You need to use a lot of adjectives that will help showcase all the feelings. 

Once you are through with the first draft, you should consider revising the paper thoroughly. The revisions will help you identify all grammatical errors. It would help if you also examined your article’s flow and how appealing it gets to all the five senses. 

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In Conclusion

Keenness in writing a description essay helps you describe something fully while creating an indisputable image to your readers. You need to write based on your feelings for the subject matter. The above guidelines will help you identify an ideal topic for your essay and guide you through the writing process. 

How do you write a description essay?

Here are simple steps on how to write a description essay; select a topic, write a thesis statement, have the senses right, generate an outline, write the conclusion, proofread your essay.

How do you start a description?

The first line should be able to grab the readers’ attention. You need to start with a strong description of a place, scene, or first-time experiences.

What makes a good description?

A good description should be able to make the reader paint picture and also it should be attractive to all the readers’ senses of touch, hearing, sight, smile, taste.

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