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As a student, you will probably come across a comparison essay that will enable you to compare and contrast a subject matter. The most important aspect of writing the comparison paper is identifying suitable comparison essay topics. 

High school, college, and university students are required to write comparison essays which enables them to compare and contrast a subject, hence being able to pinpoint their findings and highlighting all the notable differences and similarities. A comparison essay does focus more on similarities not unless you are required to compare and contrast hence, pinpointing the differences. 

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Tips on how to select suitable comparison essay topics 

The first step towards crafting or writing a catchy comparison essay is defining a topic. You need to identify an exciting idea or topic that your paper will concentrate on. A suitable topic makes it possible for you to showcase your writing and critical analysis abilities, hence enabling you to attract the best grade. Below are guidelines that will allow you to select the best idea or topic for your comparison essay. 

Examine your interests

Like any other essay, you need to enjoy writing the paper. Therefore, brainstorm on ideas that excite you and have them jotted down. The main idea for writing a comparison essay is to showcase your writing and comparative skills. Therefore, you need to make sure that you work with a topic that interests you. 

Be simple

Simplicity is vital when selecting a suitable topic. You need to, therefore, identify ideas or issues that are simple to compare. For instance, you could compare WI-FI vs. LI-FI, or Linux vs. Windows. The more conversant you are with the subject matters, the more straightforward the writing task. 

Tips on how to write a comparison essay

Creativity is necessitated when writing a comparison paper. Therefore, after identifying your two subject matters for comparison, you should proceed to write your essay. Below are tips that when exercised, will enable you to write your paper with a lot of ease. 

Get the structure right

To begin with, you need to acknowledge the fine comparison essay structure. Like many of the essays, a comparison paper has three segments; the introduction, body, and conclusion. Where you follow the right format, your essay will have no mistakes since you will follow a definite outline right from the introduction to the conclusion. 


An introduction plays a significant role in any paper as it helps create the first impression of your targeted readers. Therefore, you need to write a catchy, intriguing, and persuasive introduction that will grab your reader’s attention. 

Your essay needs a thesis statement, and it appears in the introductory paragraph. Your thesis communicates the focus and idea of the entire paper. 


A comparison essay will have to showcase similarities for two objects or subject matters. The body section makes it possible for you to highlight three similarities. Therefore, brainstorm through your topic and identify similarities that are worth focusing on. Every paragraph must present a single likeness. 


It would be best if you wrapped your essay by restating your thesis statement and helping the reader acknowledge what the paper entails without introducing new ideas whatsoever. 

Get your facts right

In-depth research enables you to garner irrefutable information fundamental to writing your essay. Therefore, take your time and review books, journals, newspapers, blogs, and publications. It would help if you got your facts right. 

Work with a timeline

Majority of students fail to plan themselves only to rush in the last hours. However, you need to understand your timeline and set prior deadlines for your essay writing project. It would be best if you had ample time to write, read through, and analyze the viability of your paper. 

Choose your writing zone keenly

Where will you be writing from? You can’t write your essay from a football pitch since there are so many distractors. Therefore, identify a spot where distractions are minimal. It is where you concentrate on writing the paper that you pave your way to an A grade. 

Write the first draft and proofread

You need to follow your outline and write the first draft. The first draft helps you encompass all your ideas and pinpoint the similarities as planned in the outline. However, you need to examine your paper for mistakes and errors that you might have made. Proofreading your document helps you facilitate necessary editions. Once you have edited the essay and you feel it meets the threshold, you should consider submitting it before the deadlines. 

Examples of comparison essay topics 

Comparison Essay Topics For High School

  • Public school vs private school
  • Modern rock music vs rock from the early 20th century
  • Waking up early or waking up late
  • The Japanese concept of beauty compared to the American one in terms of standards
  • Eating fast foods against consuming healthy meals
  • Portuguese and Spain ( similarities and differences)
  • Harry Potter: Book or movie
  • The best construction: Storybuilding vs wooden house
  • Printed books vs ebook: Which one is the most appealing
  • Facebook or Instagram
  • New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons
  • A female friendship vs male friendship
  • E-learning vs traditional learning
  • Parent control of full freedom
  • College tests vs High school examinations
  • A good teacher vs a lousy teacher
  • Historic literature vs fiction
  • Acting or lying

Comparison Essay Topics For Middle school/ 6th Grade 

  • Skiing vs swimming
  • Zeus vs King Authur which one do you like most
  • Watching a sci-fi movie vs an action movie
  • Skiing vs swimming
  • Parents vs siblings
  • Influence of celebrities and parents on teenagers
  • 1950’s role models vs modern role model
  • Circus vs cinema
  • Is a hurricane worse than a tsunami?
  • Pizza vs sushi
  • How to deal with enemies and friends
  • Bicycle or driving. Which is the most difficult
  • Pokemon vs Sailor moon
  • Is there a link between school bullies and dictators
  • Students who practice sports or musical instruments
  • Comic books and Tv shows
  • Christmas, Halloween, or prom night
  • Finding educational information from the internet or books
  • Running vs walking
  • 5- star hotel vs 3- star hotel: Pro’s and Con’s
  • Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Natural science
  • Einstein theories
  • Compare and contrast bacteria vs viruses
  • Chemistry vs physics
  • Compare and contrast Jupiter and Saturn
  • Geology vs mineralogy
  • Mental vs physical health in American teenagers
  • Microwave vs oven
  • Fossil vs nuclear energy
  • Volcanic eruptions vs earthquakes. Which cause more damage
  • The correlation between science and technology
  • Andromeda and milky way
  • Nuclear power for peace or war
  • Traditional or modern medicine
  • Is it possible to live on other planets
  • DaVinci vs Thomas Jefferson
  • Using renewable vs fossil energy
  • Two different chemical reactions formula
  • Using genetic engineering in medicine or agriculture
  • Are hurricanes more dangerous than tornadoes
  • Difference and similarities of the two moon missions

Comparison Essay Topics on Religion

  • End of the world in different religions
  • Catholicism against Protestantism
  • Judaism vs Christianity
  • The Quran vs the Bible the difference in their teachings
  • Secular states and religious states
  • Isis against Athena
  • Jesus Christ and Buddha
  • Life of Jesus Christ vs Moses
  • Orthodox Christmas and Christmas in Muslim countries
  • The definition of wrong vs right in different religions
  • The difference in tradition and customs of various churches
  • How was the life of Jesus Christ displayed in gospels

Comparison Essay Topics On History and Political Science Themes

  • Two personalities who contributed to the history of England
  • The difference in the events of WWI and WWII
  • Teachings of Confucious vs Hammurabi’s code
  • How are political regimes different in the United States and the United Kingdom
  • Two public people
  • Compare and contrast fascism and Nazism
  • Impact of African countries independence
  • Democracy vs Dictatorship which one is better
  • Paleolithic and Neolithic periods
  • UK prime minister vs US president
  • Compare and Contrast Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans
  • Communism vs Liberalism
  • European History vs Us History
  • King Louis XIV vs Henry VIII
  • How did life in America differ after the war in Vietnam
  • Friedrich Hegel vs Karl Marx
  • The economic development of China vs America
  • The soviet government opposed to the American government
  • The way people in stay  in Asia vs Europe
  • Religious study vs Anthropology

Comparison Essay Topics on Literature

  • Compare and contrast two plays of Shakespeare
  • Drama vs Comedy
  • Fiction against non-fiction books
  • Compare and contrast two books of the classical writers

Roman  vs Greek Mythology

  • Romeo and Juliet: Past vs modern methods
  • Harry Potter vs Lord of the rings
  • Ancient literature in Greece vs Egypt
  • George Bush vs Barack Obama
  • Lesson learned from the beauty and the beast
  • Quotes of the well-known personalities
  • How were women displayed in the books of the 18th century vs 20th century
  • Macbeth vs Hamlet: Dealing with personal struggles
  • Romance vs popular horror themes
  • The literature of the past vs of the present

Comparison Essay Topics on Philosophy

  • Life and death
  • The line between right and wrong
  • Is Miami to live in than your current home place
  • The negative vs positive effects of religion on people
  • Anchored in reality or dreamy: Pro’s and Con’s
  • Effects of books and video games on morals
  • Mental and physical needs of human
  • Helping others vs taking care of oneself
  • Macbeth and Hamlet
  • Modern and Ancient philosophers
  • Similarities between humans and dogs
  • The difference between Socrates and Plato
  • What is the effect of music and poetry on people?
  • Roman Philosophers ve Greek ones
  • Which is stronger? The power of hands or the power of words
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There is no doubt that comparison essay topics are hard to identify or choose. However, with the right approach, you are guaranteed of selecting a suitable topic that will motivate you to write an A grade comparison essay. 

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