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A ‘What makes America great essay’ is an essay question that, as a student, you should brace for. With much talk on how to make this country great again, many examiners are looking at this as a viable question to test students’ writing skills. However, how do you go about such a question and what do you need to focus on to make it stand out? This post will guide you on how to write an excellent essay on this topic. Read on. 

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How To Write What Makes America Great Essay

  • Understand the essay question
  • Decide on what to include

Understand The Essay Question 

This essay question is relatively straightforward, but still, many candidates will have a challenge responding to it. The main reason why this is so is that many find it challenging to organize their ideas in a flowing manner. 

If presented with such a question, it is a good idea to take some time and understand the question first. Secondly, decide on what you will write about and how you will get the information that will support the claims that you make in your essay. 

Thirdly, it is crucial to come up with an outline that will guide you as you write your essay. While an essay outline is not necessary, it makes it easier for you to link your ideas together as you write along. Additionally, some examiners may require that you submit an outline before you attempt the essay question. 

Decide On What To Include 

America is a country blessed in many aspects. When deciding on what to include in your essay, it can become overwhelming. However, you need to narrow down to a few things that you will require and focus on throughout the essay.

For the most part, the following are some of the most prominent things you may want to include in your essay. 

What To Include In Your Essay

Political landscape 

America enjoys a good sense of political stability when compared to other nations globally. The country has a robust democracy that ensures a smooth transition between governments. 

Additionally, the citizens choose who represents them in key government positions. This democratic governance makes a good point when you write a ‘what makes America great essay’. 

The Economy 

The USA has been the leading economy in the world for a very long time. Focusing on the aspect of its rich economy and how enabling it is for businesses to thrive is sure to help you earn high scores in your essay. 

While still on this point, you may also want to talk about the role the USA plays in foreign aid to other countries. The philanthropy displayed by the American people is an indication of a thriving economy that allows them to extend courtesy to other countries. 


The USA is a country that includes people from all walks of life. If there is a country that leads in inclusivity worldwide, then the USA takes position one. 

You can highlight this and find even more supporting information to help you elaborate on it in a compelling manner. 

How To Structure Your “What makes America great” essay 

Your ‘What Makes America Great Essay’ will follow the general essay format. The focus here will be on the three vital sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction should give an overview of the country and the reason as to why you’re writing this essay in the first place. The introduction should also welcome the reader to learn more about the country that you love. 

The body section will need to expound on the points that you feel make America great. You will need to present each point with supporting data and a compelling argument. 

Wrap up the body by reaffirming your point as to why America is a great country by linking to the evidence in the body. 

The conclusion of your essay should paraphrase the thesis statement that you chose for the essay. Additionally, it should reaffirm your stand that America is a great country. 


To make your essay stand out, you will need to make an effort to edit well. Take the time to reread your essay, aloud, and note any mistakes you made, as you wrote. Additionally, share your essay with a friend or a professional who can give you valuable feedback on how to make it better.

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An Essay Example Of “What Makes America Great.”

What makes America great essay

What are some great things about America?

Here are some on the great things about America
1. The trade and work that is respectable in America.
2. America offers more opportunity and social mobility than any other country.
3. American has the best social equity than any society.
4. The destiny of the young in America is not given to them rather created by them.
5. America has gone further in establishing the equality of rights than any other society.

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