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What Is An Expository Essay

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An expository essay requires you to investigate a topic, draw up a conclusion, and communicate this to your readers. Expository essays will cover varied topics, but whichever the topic, the way of writing is similar. This post will guide you on what an expository essay is and how to write one. 

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Format On How To Write An Expository Essay

  • Your thesis sets the tone
  • Ensure logical transitions
  • Use evidential support to write an expository essay
  • Call on your creative juices

Your Thesis Sets The Tone 

Your thesis will determine where your essay leads. The thesis statement allows the readers to understand the point that you are driving at them. Through your thesis statement, you can convince the reader that there is a genuine problem that your essay will try to explain. Enough time spent on a thesis statement ensures that your essay starts with a specific tone and concludes with that particular tone. 

To formulate a good thesis statement, you must take the time to understand the essay question. Once you have done this, you can structure your thesis statement in such a way that it becomes the cornerstone of your essay.

The thesis statement requires you to expound on it in the introduction and later paraphrase it in the conclusion. Doing this ensures that at the beginning, your audience understands what you want to explain and later, in the end, it helps to reaffirm the points you were illustrating. 

Ensure Logical Transitions 

You may have a clear argument that you want your audience to understand, but failure to use logical transitions may mean you fail to communicate. Logical transitions go beyond the use of transition words. You need to show a relation between one part of your expository essay and another. 

Your audience needs to see this transition to relate two or more ideas and to get the flow of what you are trying to explain. Ensure that you can show a correlation between one idea and another especially in the body section of your expository essay. The expository essay outline allows you to do this in the body section.

The body section is the most crucial part of your essay. It is where most readers will want to focus on to know what you stand on a particular topic is. The use of transitions in this section not only helps you readers understand the flow of your ideas but also helps to persuade them that your conclusion is one they should agree with. 

Logical transitions also allow you to appeal to the audience that may be sceptical because of your introduction. While we do focus on writing a compelling introduction, we may fail at this at times. In that case, the body is the best chance to draw this audience back to our understanding of the thesis statement. 

Use Evidential Support To Write An Expository Essay

Evidential support is necessary if you are going to make the most of your logical transitions and reaffirm the thesis statement of your essay. To build upon this aspect, you must do thorough research long before you even attempt to write your essay. The following is an expository essay example showing the use of evidential support.

what is an expository essay

Good research will allow you to have enough evidence that supports the idea or conclusion that you want to share with your audience. Additionally, thorough research also allows you to explain your ideas in a compelling manner that helps to persuade the audience to agree with you. 

To persuade using evidential support, present a compelling topic sentence on each paragraph in the body. Follow this up with evidence from the text you have read and other research is done. Finally, write a conclusion that leads up to your main conclusion at the end of your essay. The general expository essay template allows you to do this easily. 

Call On Your Creative Juices 

The best way to write an expository essay is to be creative. However, you will need to set the platform for this to occur. Part of the cause as to why you may fail to write your expository essay creatively is because you fail to research thoroughly. In-depth research on the topic you are handling allows you to have compelling angles through which you can get your audience to agree with you on a particular point. 

Additionally, creative juices can be encouraged through the use of illustrative sentences. Illustrative sentences allow you to break up the most complex of ideas into a simple one. As you write your essay focus on making the ideas easy to understand through writing simple and straightforward sentences. 

What is the main purpose of an expository essay?

The primary purpose of an expository essay is to explain, analyze and bring clarity of information by presenting relevant ideas and thoughts.

What are 4 types of expository writing?

The types of expository writing include the following; cause and effect essay, comparison and contrast essay, problem and solution essay, classification essay, process essay, and definition essay.

What are the elements of expository writing?

Here are the elements of expository writing; clarity of thesis, organization, development, quality of content, unity and coherence, word of choice, sentence variety, tone, Reader adaptation, emphasis and rhythm, punctuation, and mechanism.

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