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Nurses work alongside specialists and other healthcare professionals. Therefore, you are expected to write teamwork in nursing as part of your nursing training. How is teamwork in nursing essay written? 

Nursing students are expected to write an essay on teamwork in nursing, and you will consent to the idea that composing this kind of essay isn’t as simple as it seems. As a nurse, you will be working alongside other nurses, and you must always be part of the team. Teamwork is, therefore, necessary where success is eyed.

The majority of nursing students fail to attract good grades when writing their essays on teamwork in nursing. Nonetheless, it would be best if you worried not as below are some fundamental tips that will help you craft and write the best and most successful teamwork in nursing tips. 

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Fundamental Tips For Writing Teamwork In Nursing Essay

In your nursing training, you will discover that your services and care to the patients is not from an individual perspective but teamwork. Therefore, there is a need for you to understand your beliefs on teamwork in nursing and understand writing this essay is essential to your academic and professional journey. 

Below are tips to consider

  • Examine the assignment to understand the main objectives
  • Research on the subject
  • Time to write the essay

Examine The Assignment To Understand The Main Objectives

It’s through understanding the assignment that you get to write a prolific essay on teamwork in nursing. Therefore, ensure to understand what the task entails and its main objectives. Every piece that you write in your nursing training and career has a specific purpose. Therefore, ensure understanding what your essay will help you achieve and settle within the perimeters of the objectives. 

Nurses are part and parcel of the team, and you must, therefore, understand the significance of teamwork in nursing for you to present a successful essay. 

Research On The Subject

Teamwork in nursing is a broad subject, and it’s through researching that you accumulate enough information and knowledge for your essay. A fruitful article delves into a specific topic. Therefore, ensure to examine the information you have gathered through your research and determine the one appealing to your interests as far as teamwork is concerned. 

You can develop a remarkable topic by examining your belief as a nursing professional. Once you develop a theme, consider conducting thorough research while pinpointing all the significant points from different scholarships and publications. 

It would be best if you had an outline for your essay. The framework helps you understand the sequential presentation of ideas. Therefore, make sure to categorize your findings or your research and determine your thesis statement. A thesis statement explains the primary purpose of the essay and should be supported by other sub-ideas. 

Your outline should have at least five paragraphs where the first and last are the introduction and conclusion, respectively. The remaining three paragraphs are designated for the body segment. 

It’s not possible to discuss everything on teamwork in nursing through your essay. Therefore, consider narrowing down and sticking with your topic. Sometimes it can be difficult to do research, that’s why our academic writers are always available to help you with the research.

Time To Write The Essay

With your ideas well formulated in your mind and thoughts organized through an outline, you should write the first draft. Therefore, ensure to examine the instructions available for the essay. Every instructor has their specific instructions that you need to adhere to. Therefore, consider the instructions more so on the font, page, and word count. 

Once your draft is ready, ensure to read through identifying all the errors and mistakes. While writing essays, students often miss some punctuation, make grammatical mistakes, and omit some words. Through proofreading the draft, you will manage to examine the flow and spot all the mistakes. 

Consider editing all the mistakes and re-read the essay again. Examine the format and determine how well it synchronizes with your outline. 

Things To Avoid When Writing An Essay On Teamwork In Nursing

Nursing students and professionals often make mistakes when writing their teamwork in nursing essays. Therefore, ensure to avoid the following errors. 

  • Settling for a commonly written on the topic
  • Last-minute rushes
  • Discussing things that are don’t relate to your topic

Settling For A Commonly Written On Topic

An obvious essay is boring. Therefore, look for a topic that many students haven’t written—your instructor eyes on discovering how philosophical you are in the subject. 

Last-Minute Rushes

You need to understand the timeline that is available to write and hand-in the essay. The majority of students wait until the last minute to start writing their papers. Hastiness must remain abhorrent, where you need a remarkable grade. 

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Discussing Things That Don’t Relate To Your Topic

Unstructured talks and statements are not necessary for your essay. You need to understand what your topic covers and develop stick abilities within the perimeters of your outline. Introducing ideologies and beliefs that are not relating to your subject helps showcase your level of incompetence. 

How well you dedicate yourself to writing the essay on teamwork in nursing determines how successful you get. Therefore, ensure to understand the above tips which equip you with the dos and don’ts. 

An Example Of Teamwork In Nursing Essay

                                          How to promote teamwork in nursing

                                                            Student name




                                    HOW TO PROMOTE TEAMWORK IN NURSING

            Effective teamwork is an essential tool for the effective delivery of work. Caring for patients requires a lot of dedication, commitment and collaboration by all the parties involved. Nurses work close together with other physicians and specialists to provide comprehensive care to their patients. Therefore, teamwork is crucial, and it gives a positive outcome to the services offered to patients. Collaboration gives high job satisfaction, top patient care, patient satisfaction and reduces stress in the work area (Kalisch, & Stefanov, 2007). The key elements to promote teamwork is by communication, collaboration and cooperation among the staff.

            Teamwork means that every member will contribute towards the patient’s experience. A lot of benefits are associated with proper cooperation among health workers. Improved patient satisfaction and outcome is recorded because of good teamwork. Nurses also get job satisfaction from working as a team. They get a sense of fulfilment and contentment with their work from working as a team. It ensures professional accountability among nurses and other health personalities. A working relationship is created among workers that allow that there is more engagement in work. Nurses are more effective as a team as compared to working as individuals. But the question is teamwork promoted in the nursing fraternity?

            Communication, adequate leadership, situation awareness and mutual support are the key elements to achieve collaboration (Robson, 2017). Communication is crucial for any effective operation in any institution. It is easy for nurses because they understand each other. Communication among the nurses will include clarity, honesty, compassion and a proper resolution of issues. Communication among other specialists requires a lot of discipline to avoid any miscommunication. Adequate notification will prevent misunderstanding and errors that cause patient mortality. Forming proper communication guidelines and managing the communication skills of the organization will promote teamwork among nurses. These skills will be crucial in the running of all operation and service outcomes will be improved (Babiker, Husseini, 2014).

            Leadership is an essential element of a capable team. A nursing team will require a leader to guide and provide them with responsibilities. A good leader will ensure that all duties are clear and well communicated. A lot of errors and mistakes occur in a team where the leader is not able to bond with the team. A good team cannot be created if the nurses fear their team leader and they are not able to approach them. Effective leadership will promote teamwork and give more motivation to perform their duties (Robson, 2017). Cooperation is also encouraged when the teams are assigned specific roles that provide them with a sense of responsibility. When individuals are entrusted with particular tasks, they are aware of the duties, and team members will always know who they can approach in case of a problem.

            Another way that nurses can promote teamwork is by focusing on being a team to eradicate errors and to have a good patient outcome. Collaboration boosts morale and increases the productivity of the nurses. Team members can create trust amongst each other and unify their solidarity in the workplace. Trust will be obtained by putting their differences aside and coming together to perform their tasks. A team will also maintain ethnicity and fairness in their day to day engagements. Treating each other somewhat in the workplace will foster confidence among members and will increase their performance. A good team will also support each other with systems to eliminate error and mistakes in the workplace. The nurses should work towards the objective of providing the best services to their patients.

            A positive work environment will also promote teamwork among nurses. Nurses are also human beings with feelings and react to things differently. Team members should be patient and respectful to their colleagues. They should also be empathetic with each other and support each other’s decision. When nurses have an emotional connection with each other, they become each other’s keeper, and teamwork is promoted. Cooperation can also be developed by creating goals and objectives among the members of one team. The targets will make them work together to be able to deliver the desired outcomes.

            Creating a good work relationship will promote teamwork in a team. The nurses should get to know each other beyond work and build a strong team that everybody is comfortable with each other. The team should also solve conflicts and resolves all issues that arise while working. Advanced training should be encouraged to increase their expertise and improve their skills. Teamwork will also be promoted if there is a clear way to evaluate the member’s performance. Upon excellent performance, the team should be rewarded and encouraged to do better in their work. They should also learn that they are not in a competition by they are there to compliment each other work toward effective performance.

            In conclusion, nurses are on the frontline in the medical field and touch the lives of the patients. They provide essential services and ensures that the patients are cared for properly. For a hospital to have a good patient outcome; nurses must be involved. For these and other reasons, nurses need to work as a team. Teamwork will emphasize on achieving the goals and objectives while enhancing individual skills and strength. Collaboration among nurses can be promoted by better communication, setting goals and objectives, ethical leadership, training, and supporting one another. Solving dispute and creating a healthy work relationship will also improve the team’s performance.


Babiker, A., El Husseini, M., Al Nemri, A., Al Frayh, A., Al Juryyan, N., Faki, M. O., & Al Zamil, F. (2014). Health care professional development: Working as a team to improve patient care. Sudanese journal of paediatrics14(2), 9.

Kalisch, B. J., Curley, M., & Stefanov, S. (2007). An intervention to enhance nursing staff teamwork and engagement. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration37(2), 77-84.

Robson, W. (2017). Tools and techniques to improve teamwork and avoid patient harm. Nursing Times113(1), 24-27.

Why is teamwork important in nursing?

Teamwork is important since it promotes effective communication and also there are positive patient outcomes.

How can nurses improve teamwork?

Here are the tips on how nurses can improve teamwork:
1. Ensure you know your staff
2. Build an effective relationship with your employees.
3. Set understandable guidelines
4. Be an example to the rest
5. Ensure you get feedback

What is the importance of teamwork?

Teamwork creates an environment that promotes friendship and loyalty. A good relationship between employees will encourage them to support each other, work harder and cooperate easily among themselves.

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