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College students are required to write profile essays as part of their coursework. Therefore, you need to discover the best profile essay topics to write on where you need a successful profile paper. 

What Is A Profile Essay?

A profile essay is literary writing focusing on giving a description of a person, an event, or even a place. The information encompassed on the essay must be comprehensive and clear while profiling a given subject matter. For example, where your professor asks you to describe a city, an organization, or even a philanthropist, you should always consider writing a profile essay.

As a student, you need to consider writing comprehensive profile essays that help attract remarkable grades. Your paper should encompass knowledge, balanced information, in-depth study, and organization skills on your assigned topic. 

It would be best to start your essay with a person’s appearance when writing about a distinguished person. For example, you can detail some of the individual’s achievements or even the institutions they were enrolled in when beginning your essay. When profiling a place, you should consider the demographics, name, distinguishing features, and world rankings, among other primary information. 

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100 Profile Essay Topics 

When asked to write a profile essay, you should always consider looking for new ideas to write on. Your topic must never lead to a boring essay. Some students detail the obvious, making a paper boring. Instead, you need to dig deeper and gather new information about the subject matter. Here are profile essay topics to consider. 

  • Spy profile paper for Aldrich Ames
  • A profile on Tim Willis
  • A profile on the various classes of drugs
  • A profile on Smokey eye makeup for daytime
  • A profile of a direct competitor
  • A Facebook profile
  • A profile of a formative phase of the lifespan immature
  • A person demographic Writing guide for the article
  • The focus phrase for the article profiles essay topics
  • A defining moment with a Dad
  • A career as an FBI profiler
  • A brief profile of Toms
  • The year of spy 1985
  • Swot analysis on
  • Apple computer
  • Apple innovation
  • BP Oil
  • An observation of my friend
  • Brand Profile on your favourite radio station
  • Brazil a country of diversity
  • Business profile in India places
  • BP R.K. Trading Co
  • BP Yellowjacket Consulting group
  • Columbia sportswear company
  • City bank tarp acceptance
  •  Career profile: Engineering
  • Career profile: Advertising executive
  • Childhood memories of grandfather
  • Company profile and background of BLD plantation
  • Country profile report
  • Cuba profile
  • Computer hackers
  • County profile on California
  • Dad
  • Dempster Industries
  • France 1985 and 2012 demographic profile
  • Community crime profile survey
  • Corporate analysis of Pentair
  • Developmental profile
  • eBay analysis
  • Nepal education profile
  • Demographic and socioeconomic profile of a country
  • Economic Profile of the Airline industry
  • Effects of trans fatty acids intake on blood lipid profile
  • Industry profile of Eurasia group
  • Elder- Beerman store corporation
  • Social network profiles should be considered in the hiring process
  • Diversity profile analysis for AutoZone and Walgreens
  • Who has the advantage between Ford and Toyota
  • Facebook profile of Facebook twitter
  • Grandma
  • Garuda food
  • Gap analysis of global communication
  • Fiat Automobile corporation
  • FedEx company profile
  • Free personal narratives: Silent tears for grandmother
  • Facebook: Personal information
  • Psychological profile of Finding Nemo
  • How to become a white-collar crime
  • History of
  • Grandma and Grandpa
  • Grandpa and his canoe
  • Identity
  • HOC Cybersecurity profiles
  • Grandma, Schnitzel and politics
  • Mobile phone industry
  • Mother’s last day
  • Company profile – LRNA
  • My college journey
  • My mom the matchmaker
  • Motivation profile
  • My Dad and the Flat earth
  • My dept to Grandfather
  • Mother’s comforting grey gun
  • Life as a resident assistant
  • Online dating
  • My writing profile
  • Organizational profile
  • Paramedic job profile
  • Personal communication profile
  • Pacific panel brochure 2010
  • My writing style
  • Personality profile
  • Personal profile of a belly dancer
  • Organizational culture profiles
  • The political profile of Jose Serrano
  • Roman woman profile
  • Sports high profile endorsements
  • Psychological profile of Holden Caulfield
  • Sharing Facebook password
  • Social media usage to screen potential employees
  • The risk profile of Aflatoxin
  • Senator Profile: Dianne Feinstein
  • The Bead Bar Network
  • The Hilton key largo resort
  • The effects of advertising on the youth market
  • The country of Liberia
  • Temperamental profiles
  • Victoria profile
  • Transformational leader profile
  • What causes criminal behaviour
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How To Choose The Best Profile Essay Topic

When assigned profile essays, many students experience hardships in determining the ideal topic for their paper. Below are tips that will enable you to select the best profile essay topics. 

  • Understand the assignment
  • Choose an interesting topic
  • Consult with your instructor or friends

Understand the assignment

When writing a profile essay, you will need to create a visual image of the person, place, or subject being described in the audience’s mind. As a reader reads through your paper, they should connect with the subject being described. Profile essays must appeal to all five senses. 

Examine the assignment instructions as provided by your professor and acknowledge the purpose of the essay. The majority of students start writing their essays without understanding the guidelines governing the project. 

Choose an interesting topic

There are instances when the professor avails a topic. Nonetheless, it would be best if you concentrated on things you are passionate about where you are to choose a topic. Therefore, identify something, someone, or somewhere that excites you. You are prone to write in a productive manner where you choose a topic that you are familiar and interested in. 

Consult with your instructor or friends

If you cannot identify an interesting and familiar topic, you should consider talking to your professor or friends who might suggest some inspirational topics for your profile essays. You must consider consulting for a topic as a last resort. A random internet search would also help you come up with interesting and researchable profile paper topics. 

Tips On How To Write A Great Profile Essay

With a remarkable profile essay topic and thoroughly understanding the assignment guidelines, you should consider writing your paper. There are tips that, when followed, enable you to write the best profile essay, hence earning remarkable grades. 

Create an outline 

As you tackle your profile essay assignment, you should consider understanding and following the right structure. A profile essay has three main sections; the introduction, body, and conclusion. 


The introduction helps give an opening to your essay. Therefore, you are to describe the subject briefly, give a comprehensive scope of the paper, and provide your thesis statement. The introduction presents a hook descriptive statement about the event or a person. 

The body

Your body segment defines your essay’s length. You can either write a short or lengthy essay. A short essay encompasses three-body-paragraphs, while a lengthy one exceeds three-paragraphs. Each paragraph discusses an attribute or characteristic of your subject matter. 

You need to provide examples in support of your points. Identify resources and cite the examples accordingly to avoid plagiarism. 


Your essay climaxes at the conclusion, and you are to remind your audience of the thesis statement while summarizing the points covered in the body paragraphs. 

Be respectful and thorough 

When the assignment focuses on someone or a place that you hate, you must never showcase your hatred, but instead, you must remain respectful. Therefore, ensure to research the subject and gather as much information as possible. Select words wisely and verify your resources. 

Edit your work

Once you have written the first draft, you should consider proofreading and editing your work. Grammatical errors are costly in your grades. Therefore, take your time and examine every paragraph. 

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A profile essay helps showcase your understanding of a place or someone. Therefore, you must be factual, brief and precise. The above are profile essay topics to consider and a comprehensive guide on how to write one. 

How do you structure a profile essay?

A profile essay should have an introduction, main body and the conclusion .

What is a profile essay on a person?

A profile essay on a person focuses on the description of a person and its main goal is to be informative.

What is a personal profile example?

A personal profile example can be; I am hardworking, enthusiastic, responsible, reliable and self motivated.

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