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Through an opinion essay, students get a chance to express their thought for a given subject. It is important to examine multiple opinion essay topics to craft a successful paper. 

What Is An Opinion Essay?

What is an opinion essay? The question is common among university, college, or high school students whose assignment requires them to write an opinion essay on a subject matter.

An opinion essay is an academic paper that allows students to express their opinion or perspective regarding a subject in a precise manner.

Referencing is required where a student needs to support their viewpoint. You must, therefore, translate your view into an essay. 

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Tips For Writing An Opinion Essay

The majority of students experience hardships when writing opinion essays. Nonetheless, with the right approach, the task gets simple and smooth. Below are tips that you need to consider. 

  • Have an opinion essay topic
  • Understand the structure and develop an outline
  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion
  • Write your opinion essay
  • Revise your essay

Have An Opinion Essay Topic

Over the years, students have always found it hard to identify or choose the best opinion essay topic. It is impossible to write an opinion paper in the absence of a topic. Therefore, examine the assignment and understand whether a topic is available.

Where you are to choose a theme for your essay, ensure to settle for an exciting subject. Brainstorming on a subject matter helps you develop ideas that will help you come up with multiple opinion essay topics. You are to select one item from your list.

 Make sure to choose a researchable subject. Once you identify a topic for your essay, you should ensure to develop a thesis statement. The thesis statement helps communicate the main purpose and idea of the paper. 

Understand The Structure And Develop An Outline

Before writing your assignment, you need to develop ideas and have them organized in sequential order. The ideas you develop will support your thesis statement. An opinion essay has three sections; introduction, body, and conclusion. 


You need to introduce the topic or essay with a hook statement that makes readers curious about your opinion. In the introduction, your thesis statement will communicate your main idea and reasons for your standpoint.

Your introduction gives readers the ideal roadmap for your opinion essay. Therefore, ensure to start the presentation with a hook statement that captures the reader’s attention.

Main Body

The main body encompasses at least three paragraphs with supporting shreds of evidence, facts, examples, and statements for your thesis statement. You need to formulate different ideas and have each idea designated for a single paragraph. 


Your essay’s conclusion plays an instrumental role in restating your thesis statement alongside a summary of the supporting ideas. You must hate the notion of introducing new ideas or central points in the conclusion. Therefore, ensure to have a sentence providing a conclusion phrase, another restating the thesis, and the last one availing your standpoint or recommendations. 

Write Your Opinion Essay

Apart from having a prolific understanding of the subject, you should write your opinion essay with a high level of keenness. Therefore, ensure to identify a welcoming and peaceful spot to write from. The outline you developed above will enable you to write your essay in an organized manner. Precision and concision must blend to avail of a successful paper. 

You should always start by writing the thesis statement, followed by your introduction paragraph. When writing the introduction and conclusion, consider addressing your readers directly. 

Revise Your Essay

When writing your first draft, you are prone to make grammatical and punctuation errors. Unless you revise your opinion essay, it’s impossible to note the mistakes. Therefore, take your time and reread your paper, highlighting all the mistakes. A properly punctuated piece attracts a better grade. Examine whether you have used slang and informal languages in your article and replace the words accordingly. 

100 + Opinion Essay Topics 

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Opinion Essay Topics On Culture

Culture opinion essays play an imperative role in communicating your standpoint on certain cultural standings, customs, diversity, and traditions. Students, therefore, provide their opinion regarding a certain cultural practice or ideology. Below are some opinion essay topics on culture. 

  • A phenomenon topics on YouTube stars
  • What is the relationship between modern culture and past decades
  • What is the effect of the internet on companies
  • Computers have replaced the acoustic instruments
  • What is the biased attitude in rock music
  • What are the Pros and Cons of online streaming
  • The 21st-century fashion has led to eating disorders
  • How can we control piracy
  • Modern pop stars use a lot of vulgar power display
  • Online communication hinders physical relations
  • Popular Korean pop music
  • Political strikes and Cultural aspects
  • Antiwar culture

Opinion Essay Topics On Education

Expressing your opinion through an opinion essay on education is an amazing opportunity. A platform is presented to research and avail your opinion, thoughts, and convictions while availing supporting shreds of evidence. Here are some opinion essay topics on education to consider. 

  • Should teachers punish their students
  • What are the benefits of distance learning
  • Is there a need for an alternative GPA
  • Is college the only financial debt
  • What are the dangers of e-books
  • Are online sources reliable for research
  • Should Latin be studied today
  • Can non-traditional schools be more adjustable to real life
  • Campus violence is related to video games
  • Private schooling is shadowing standard education
  • Should students learn only the subjects they want?
  • Unintentional plagiarism
  • Compare American education to a European one

Opinion Essay Topics On The Environment

When required to write an opinion essay on an environment topic, you should reflect on different elements like physics, biology, and chemistry. There are so many environmental issues worth your focus. Here are some opinion essay topics on the environment. 

  • Discuss the hidden dangers of globalization
  • Is chipping of animals ethical?
  • Explain how social strikes have helped highlight environmental damage
  • Panama Canal creation
  • Discuss the benefits of electric cars
  • There should exist a global earthquake prevention financial fund
  • Tsunami prevention system flows
  • Are polar bears a legacy of the entire world
  • Effects of mobile networks on rainforests
  • Fishing wars should have control at global levels
  • Global warming is a hoax
  • Emissions may lead to great penalties
  • The government hides a lot of information about ecological damage
  • Greenpeace activists are not always ethical

Opinion Essay Topics On Social Media

Since its advent, social media has remained a widespread global phenomenon where people interact daily. Opinion essay topics help you avail your standpoint on social media and how it positively and negatively affects life. Below are some ideal opinion essay topics on social media. 

  • Discuss twitters as a political messenger
  • Compare cyberbullying to physical bullying
  • Should the internet be censored
  • Facebook limits the depth of a relationship
  • What is the influence of smartphones on the youth
  • Social media takes away the analytical element of education
  • How should children be protected online
  • How can we use a smartphone for educational purposes
  • Identity theft
  • Online media networks result in cultural bias
  • Do modern students rely too much on technology
  • How do social media promote environmental issues
  • How should an invasion of privacy be punished
  • Is Facebook equal to successful personality
  • May technological advancement be dangerous

Opinion Essay Topics On History

Over the years, history has been made. Opinion essay on history helps unfold mysteries, conflicting ideologies, and riddles. Therefore, you must select an exciting opinion essay topics on history where you eye writing an interesting paper. Below are some topics to consider. 

  • What are the pearl harbor cause and effect 
  • What are the benefits of learning history
  • Should WWII archives be available
  • Abortions of the slavery controversy
  • Define symbolism in ancient Egypt
  • What are the advantages of monarchy in modern society
  • Gandhi, the messenger of peace
  • Is Bernie Sanders a socialist
  • Holocaust legacy as an opinion essay topic
  • History is vital in the school curriculum
  • Define the biases in Vietnam war coverage
  • Gender bias in ancient Rome ruling
  • American union workers of the current modern society are facing a lot of ignorance
  • Define the history of propaganda in the US
  • Martin Luther King message is distorted

Opinion Essay Topics On Psychology

Opinion essays on psychology tend to allow students to express their standpoint or point-of-view on life situations affected by certain behaviors, environmental factors, and health conditions. Below is a list of opinion essay topics on psychology. 

  • Describe the school conflicts negotiation tips
  • Autisms are hidden geniuses
  • What are the phobias shown in the TV propaganda
  • Narcissism background and their bloggers
  • The psychological effect topic on Meditation
  • What is the impact of inaccurate sleep patterns
  • How could animal pets help reduce stress
  • What are the negative effects of some of the diet you take
  • Can modern role models be applied in real life
  • An opinion essay topic on anorexia phenomenon
  • Antisocial personality disorder control
  • Companies should screen their employees for mental issues
  • What are the negative effects of violence coverage on the media

Opinion Essay Topics On Literature

Literature opinion essays are all about students writing their standpoints on what they have read. Therefore, through the article, an opportunity is available for you to read through the literature and express your opinion. Below are opinion essay topics on literature. 

  • How should English grammar be preserved
  • Martin Luther the American people’s voice
  • Paper Books will be eliminated soon
  • Define the aspect of love and death in Shakespearean sonnets
  • Mention the gender bias in the 17th-century English literature
  • How can reading help PTSD students
  • Why should engineering students still learn the English language
  • Reading leads to better study habits
  • Classical books should be made free
  • How will science fiction help advance technology
  • Should studying English literature be diminished in college
  • Mentions the ways on how to help modern children read and learn

Opinion Essay Topics On Nursing 

If your assignment involves writing an opinion essay on nursing, keenness must be employed as you are to showcase your understanding and overall standpoint. Therefore, you need to choose opinion essay topics on nursing that interests you and that you are enthusiastic about. 

  • Define racial bias in healthcare
  • What’s your opinion on medical marijuana should be made illegal
  • Reason for autism
  • What was that could prevent medical errors
  • Define the Obama care failures
  • There should be global medication control
  • Would you choose to be a volunteer or forced individual of vaccination
  • Children should have the right to make a decision on critical opinions
  • Compare herbal practitioners to traditional medicine
  • Should culture be considered as an obligatory in the healthcare curriculum
  • How should we supervised the ER stress management room
  • Potentially dangerous medical information should be readily available

Opinion Essay Topics On Generation Gap

Human beings have been living on the planet for decades. For years, human beings have evolved, and so many generations have experienced new changes that their preceding generations experienced not. Therefore, there is a need to choose opinion essay topics on the generation gap that interests you and are overly conversant with. Below are some considerations. 

  • Define music role in generation gap topic
  • Define the age difference in the workplace
  • Millennial typical signs
  • How can one overcome the generation gap topic
  • How large should generation pattern be
  • There should be educational internet courses for people over 60 years
  • What should the next generation include
  • What are the key signs to identify a generational gap
  • Preschool children should be allowed to use smartphones
  • Should teenage, children, and parents follow the same fashions style
  • Parents should learn how to communicate online
  • Define the link between fashion needs and crimes
  • Discuss the impact of Hollywood image on the different age marriage case
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As a student, you have your standpoint on a vast array of subjects. Therefore, You are to consider writing your opinion essays carefully to establish your opinion in the best manner possible. The above opinion essay topics will help you get started. 

What do you write in an opinion essay?

An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing that requires your opinion on a topic. It should be stated clearly and give various arguments on the topic throughout the essay which must be supported with evidence or examples.

What opinion means?

An opinion refers to a statement, viewpoint or judgement with true facts which are not conclusive.

How do you end an opinion essay?

The best way to conclude your opinion is to restate your opinion using different words. Do not introduce new ideas nor apologize for them but engage your audience. You can end with an infuriating question, advice or warning.

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