How To Write A Research Paper Proposal

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If you are about to write a research paper proposal, here is a guide to help you. It will help you with selecting the right topic, writing a research paper outline, and knowing what information to include in your paper. 

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Writing an excellent proposal is not easy, and you might feel like giving up. The good thing is that it is doable. If you do not know where to begin, here is a step by step guide that explains how to write a research paper proposal.

A research proposal is a write-up whose aims are to present and defend the importance of studying a research problem and explaining the practical methods that will be used to conduct the proposed study.

The methods used are dependent on the academic discipline i.e. Chemistry study that the problem resides. Research proposals have comprehensive literature reviews and must provide sufficient evidence that there is a need to conduct the proposed study.

Also, they contain a statement on the expected outcomes and benefits of the study. In general, a persuasive proposal should reflect your knowledge on the topic and show your enthusiasm for conducting the research and solving problems.

The length of the term paper varies across the board, and your tutor should specify it.

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How To Pick Up A Research Proposal Topic

There are various things that you must do to pick the right topic. Start by understanding the guidelines well to know what areas are recommended and the ones to avoid.

Also, determine the problems you want to solve. That will help you point out relevant research proposal topics.

Format On How To Write Your Research Paper Proposal

Once you have a relevant topic, you can start writing. You need to come up with a research proposal outline to know how to structure your write-up and also know what to include in the various sections. A compelling proposal should be split into seven parts.

  • Introduction
  • Background and significance
  • Literature review
  • Research design and methodology
  • Preliminary hypotheses and propositions
  • Conclusion
  • Citations


It is the pitch of your idea and examines the importance of your research problem. The introduction should make your readers understand what you intend to do, get a sense of your enthusiasm for the topic, and know the possible outcomes of your study.

Your introduction should be two to four paragraphs long. You should define the primary research problem and the topic of study. Also, you should highlight the methodology that should be used to analyze the problem. Most importantly, describe the importance of your research, its significance, and give reasons why your reader should care about the results of the proposed study.

Background And Significance

In this section, you should explain your proposal’s context and describe its importance in detail. While writing this section, assume that your readers know very little about your research problem. Choose the most relevant information to explain the aims of your research.

Literature Review

It is linked to the background and significance. It is focused on reviewing and bringing together previous studies related to your research problem while proving that your work is original. This section contains a lot of information to enable readers to get significant arguments. Ideally, you need to cite sources that are relevant to your research problems. Also, compare different arguments, methods, and findings and critique them.

Research Design And Methodology

The section aims at convincing the reader that your research design and methodology correctly address your research problem. The methods should be linked to your research objectives. You should describe your methods based on your literature review. Consider approaches that have been used before or new techniques.

Mention the methods you will use for data collection and analysis and tests for validity. Also, mention the problems you are likely to face and how to overcome them.

Preliminary Hypotheses And Propositions 

This section aims at showing how your anticipated results will affect the existing knowledge in the area of investigation. Describe how your study affects future research and action (policymaking, intervention, etc.).


The section reiterates the importance of your research and summarizes the entire study. It should be 0ne or two paragraphs long.


You must cite all the sources you used during your research.

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An Example Of A Research Paper Proposal Outline

An example of a research paper proposal

By following this guide, you can be assured of writing an excellent research paper proposal.

Purpose of the research proposal

The primary purpose of the research proposal is to explain the background of your project and to prove that you have a useful research project.

How do you write a research proposal outline?

A good research proposal should have an introduction, methods and design, significance and conclusion and the citations.

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