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A definition essay is a type of essay that focuses on the meaning of a particular word. Definition essays present a lot of challenges to students because of their complex nature. Additionally, the choice on which word to write a definition essay is something that many students struggle with. This post will guide you on how to write a definition essay. 

Tips On How To Write A Definition Essay

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Understanding What A Definition Essay Is

The main challenge for most students when writing a definition essay is understanding what this type of essay is all about. A definition essay attempts to test a student’s understanding of a particular word, its use, and history. 

When writing a definition essay, the examiner expects you to illustrate proficiency at breaking down the meaning of a word. Additionally, the examiner wants to know whether you can use your writing skills to explain the meaning of this word to someone who does not know anything about it. 

Writing A Definition Essay

There are several steps to write an impressive definition essay. The steps are as follows. 

  • Choose the most suitable word
  • Choose a word you know about
  • Trace the origins of the word
  • Make use of examples

Choose The Most Suitable Word

You are bound to score highly and impress with your definition essay if you write about a word that you understand well. It is important to choose a word that does not have a direct meaning, which a reader can decide upon before they even read your essay. 

The word that you choose to write about needs to be such that it allows the user some room for speculation on what other meaning the word has. This type of word helps you have more angles from which you can convincingly write your essay. 

Choosing words that have complex meanings is one of the best ways to write a definition essay. Words with complex or abstract meanings spark controversies. The manner in which one reader understands the word is not the same as another reader. This controversy allows you to explore different uses of the word and have a compelling argument to present in your essay. 

Choose A Word You Know About

One way of ensuring that you write a definition essay that stands out is choosing a word that you are familiar with. If you select a word, which you have never heard about, you are going to have a hard time writing about it. 

The main benefit of a word that you are familiar with is that you already know several meanings of that word. This advantage allows you to research the word more objectively. Additionally, for a word that you are familiar with, it may save you time researching about it. 

Trace The Origins Of The Word

To have a better chance of writing a winning definition essay, trace the origin of the word during your research. Ensure that you know exactly who formed this word, how they started using it and the meaning of the word in that part of the world. 

Some words change in meaning over time and therefore tracing its origin will help you know which angle to use to appeal to your reader. Additionally, for words that change in meaning over time, they offer you a chance to explore more uses of the word and thus have a chance to write a better essay. 

Make Use Of Examples

One of the most compelling ways to write a definition essay is to make use of examples to illustrate the meaning of the word. In your essay, include a few examples of how people use the word in daily conversation. 

Doing this allows you to illustrate the meaning of the word to the reader more easily. Additionally, through the use of examples, you can demonstrate how the word changes when used in different contexts. 

Final Thoughts 

A definition essay is an essay that you can handle with ease provided you know how to write one, and you choose the right word. More than anything else, choosing a word that you are familiar with will help you write a more convincing definition essay. By following the tips provided above, you will be able to handle definition essay questions with ease. Additionally, focus on thorough editing to make your definition essay stand out. Below is an example of a definition essay

How to write a definition essay

How do you write a definition argument essay?

Steps to follow when writing a definition argument essay:
1. Start by introducing the issue and state of the claim.
2. Ensure to do a definition of key terms that are present.
3. Present the criteria and arguments that your case meets your definition. Each criterion and argument should be separated.
4. Respond to possible objections.
5. Concluding by saying why the argument is important.

What is the best definition of an essay?

An essay refers to a short piece of writing that expresses information and the writers’ opinion.

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