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How To Make Your Paper Longer

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Students often face challenges in meeting their research paper page count despite their research and writing efforts. However, there are ways through which you could make your paper longer. 

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Desperation is always witnessed among students who, for some time, have been researching and writing their research papers and haven’t realized the page count necessitated.

There are tricks that every student must consider to make their paper longer without availing ambiguous sentences. Below are guidelines on how to make your paper longer. 

Format On How To Make Your Paper Longer

  • Ensure that all facts and ideas are discussed
  • Spell all the numbers
  • Add transitional phrases
  • Eliminate contractions
  • Maximize on your spacing
  • Increase the font size
  • Raise the font size of commas and full stops
  • Identify a different style from Times New Roman
  • Eliminate pronouns
  • Add a footer and header in every page

Ensure that all facts and ideas are discussed

Once you have done writing, ensure to examine your outline, which helps you understand whether you have incorporated all the ideas you wanted to write about.


There are instances where you could make the paper longer by addressing and writing about all the details. Therefore, ensure to examine the instructions given by your tutor and determine whether they are featuring in your paper. 

Spell all the numbers

Your paper will have numbers. Spelling the number out helps increase your character count, which makes your paper longer.

For instance, where you have the number ‘4’ in your paper, you should consider writing ‘four.’ Consequently, you will have three more extra characters. 

Add transitional phrases

Transitional phrases will always work magic when it comes to lengthening the size of your paper. Therefore, ensure to identify areas where the transitional phrases can be loaded up.

There are so many transitional words and phrases to use. Examples of transitional phrases are, on the other hand, in conclusion, as a result, and many others. 

Eliminate contractions

There are so many students out there using contractions when writing formal papers. There is a need for you to consider eliminating all the contractions and, instead, use the actual words.

For instance, you could replace don’t with do not, can’t with cannot, and won’t with will not. The elimination helps increase the number of characters making the paper longer. 

Maximize on your spacing

You need to focus on making your spacing larger more so where the tutor is not strict. A formal paper should be double spaced.

Nonetheless, there are instances when the professor might fail to different work with a 2.5 spacing from one that has double spacing. You need to cross your fingers when considering this trick, especially when the professor is keen and strict. 

Increase the font size

For you to make your paper longer creatively, ensure to increase the font size for your entire document. The acceptable and standard font size is 12. Nonetheless, you could consider settling for a 12.5 font size, and one cannot note the rise. 

Raise the font size of commas and full stops

Raising the size of the commas and periods in your paper helps increase the length of the entire essay. You could also consider raising the size of other punctuation elements.

Then again,

Increasing the capacity to 14pt makes a more significant difference in the overall size of the paper, and one cannot spot the difference or the development.

Therefore, ensure to command-f and highlight all the commas and full-stops. As a result, you will manage to raise the size all at once. 

Identify a different style from times new roman

Times New Roman is the standard font style used in writing formal papers and academic assignments. Nonetheless, other font styles look like Time New Roman but are larger.

Changing your font style helps to make the paper longer. A good font style example is the Bookman Old Style. 

Eliminate pronouns

When it comes to word and page counts, pronouns tend to create an unending disaster. Therefore, consider eliminating pronouns from your paper, which helps increase the word count.

For example, you need to consider changing, ‘They were busy in the mall.’ With, ‘Lewis, Melvin, Prince, Judy, Grace and Melvin’s dog Elvin were busy window shopping in the recently constructed mall.’

By eliminating the pronouns, your paper increases in length. 

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You need to get creative and have a fancy footer developed where your number the pages. The header should include the title. The exercise helps enlarge your paper, but as a kind gesture in case the teacher forgets the page they are at or the title of the paper. 

Craftsmanship is necessary when it comes to making your paper longer. Understand the above tricks and avoid overdoing. Consequently, you will meet the page count requirements. 

All in all,

With the guidelines discussed above, you will manage to make your paper longer without any major struggle.

How do I make my paper longer without notice?

The best way to make your longer is first to ensure you have a solid paper structure, proper paragraph formatting, cite sources and do not fail to add examples.

What is the trick to increase word count?

Here’s how to increase your word count; include examples, look for additional sources, use quotations, add more information to introduction and conclusion, also look at the page count.

How do you put fluff on paper?

Fluff includes the following repeating statements, overly complicated words and sentences, written facts or statements without evidence.

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