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How To Make A Study Guide

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A study guide helps students prepare for their exams. Therefore, you must consider developing the most successful and viable study guide where you eye remarkable grades. 

You will agree with me that developing a study guide is not a walk in the park. The majority of the students find themselves developing study guides that don’t work for them at all.

Nonetheless, there are simple ways through which you can make a viable and reliable study guide. If you are wondering how to make a study guide, you should consider the guidelines below. 

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Why Do You Need A Study Guide?

As a student, you will have multiple exams to tackle. To ace in the exams, you need a remarkable revision and study strategy. Therefore, having a noteworthy study guide will enable you to prepare accordingly for your paper.

A study guide is more than a selection and combination of notes. The study guide you develop helps embrace your learning routine, enabling you to get deeper into your studies. 

Tips On How To Make A Study Guide That Works

  • Organize your notes
  • Develop some essay questions and answer them beforehand
  • Create a column for vocabularies
  • Abhor typed summary sheet
  • Personalize your study guide

Organize Your Notes

You need to take time and organise your notes in a meaningful way. Therefore, consider conceptually arranging your notes. In other words, you need to develop a summary sheet. There are three steps to follow when designing a summary sheet.

Step 1

 You need to divide your pages into two segments or columns. The right compartment should be more significant than the left one. 

Step 2

The right column contains terms and concepts from every lesson. Ensure to provide a concise definition or a description below every word or concept on this column. For enhanced understanding and clarity, consider giving examples for each concept, which in return helps you master each concept on the column. 

Step 3

Develop questions related to the information on the right column and have the questions jotted down on the left column is essential. You need to cover up the right segment and try answering the cue questions. 

You can not develop a summary sheet without going through your notes. Therefore, during this exercise, you capture and memorize the information on your notes in a simplified manner. 

Develop Some Essay Questions And Answer Them Beforehand

It’s not possible to predict whether there will be essays during your test. Therefore, consider projecting possible essays, develop essay questions, and answer them. Through answering the essay questions, you will have total preparedness for similar questions during the exam. Writing essays helps you learn and understand transcribing your thoughts and knowledge in a written answer or piece. 

Create A Column For Vocabularies

Throughout your study, you will come across new words and jargon. You need to understand these words and master the definition for each. Therefore, consider developing a section where vocabularies and idioms appear. You must define each and memorize the definitions. 

Understanding the vocabularies helps you in tackling any question that does surface in a test. 

Abhor Typed Summary Sheet

Students are always looking for shortcuts. However, you need to consider a handwritten summary sheet than a typed one. Handwriting may seem to be a daunting task, but it’s a marvelous study tool. Handwriting your work might consume your time, but you will always have an opportunity to reflect and memorize whatever you are transcribing from your notes. 

Handwriting helps eliminate unwanted distractions that might pop up whenever you settle for a computer. Your study time must experience zero distractions, which is impossible when using a computer.

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Personalize Your Study Guide

It’s through acknowledging your personality that you understand how to make a study guide that suits you. Therefore, recognize your learning style, which helps you customize a study guide that suits you perfectly. You need to understand whether you are a visual student. Visual students might not benefit well from the summary sheet, but they would study effectively with colour-coding. 

Studying and preparing for a test may appear a daunting experience. However, with a sober and irrefutable approach, your success chances will skyrocket.

Therefore, consider the above tips, which will enable you to develop the best study guide that meets your needs extensively. 

How can I make studying easily?

Here are the simple steps to make studying efficient; arrange your area of study, normalize using flowcharts and diagrams, revise old papers, organize a study group, take regular short breaks , ensure you have a snack then finally plan your exam day.

How can I study by myself?

Here are the tips to motivate you to study by yourself:
1. Have a self-motivation
2. Avoid running away
3. Do not procrastinate
4. Know your study methods
5. Trust your abilities
6. Focus on the task at hand
7. Consult where you don’t understand

How do you punish yourself without studying?

1. You can decide not to go out and hang out with friends.
2. You can lock your phone and avoid it for a significant amount of time.
3. Avoid playing video games if you don’t study.

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