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Even though you are pursuing a historical class, your professor cares about your research paper writing skills. Writing research papers is not a walk in the park but can get simpler where you identify remarkable history research paper topics. This article discusses how to come up with a great research topic for your history paper. Even with a great research topic some students struggle writing the paper because it involves exploring historical events, thorough research and make conclusions on why things happen the way that they do. If this is you check out our coursework service, our experts will help you with all your history assignments.

What Is A History Research Paper?

Every day, history is made, and historians get to examine past events as they happened. Today, your history professor will require you to write a history research paper offering your point of view after thoroughly investigating and going through materials and events from past years. A history research paper must, therefore, focus on a historical question that necessitates historical arguments. History research papers tend to avail fresh ideas and evidence from past historical elements and materials that you have read or evaluated. 

A history term paper is, therefore, an academic paper that, after investigating the past, historical materials shed new light or contribution to the ancient scholarly world. Consequently, you must read multiple resources hence garnering sufficient shreds of evidence that will help support your arguments. 

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Tips On How To Choose The Best History Research Paper Topic

For many students, picking the right history research paper topic is the most laborious exercise. Nonetheless, choosing a great topic requires skills, and below are considerations to make. 

  • where’s your interest
  • Narrow down your topic
  • Examine the available resources

Where’s Your Interest?

As a historian, you cannot be in love with all historical elements and materials. Therefore, consider identifying an area that you are interested in and that you are conversant with. Always start with a general subject. For instance, if you are still interested in colonization, you should start with the issue as a whole. However, you can’t write a research paper on colonialism as a whole. Therefore, ensure to brainstorm on the topic further. 

Narrow Down Your Topic

A general topic will get you swamped with a lot of information hence ending up availing a vaguely crafted paper. Therefore, ensure to narrow your subject matter down until you formulate your topic as a question. For instance, where your article focuses on colonization, you can settle in the economic, political, social, or resistance sides of the subject. Therefore, ensure to narrow down your topic to a manageable level. 

Examine The Available Resources

You need resources for your research paper. Therefore, ensure to research on the topic and determine whether enough information is available on the subject. It’s disastrous to settle for a matter without first understanding the possibility of having sufficient pertinent info. Evaluate and vet your resources as some have unreliable information. It would be best if you always considered resources available in the library as they are credible. 

100 + History Research Paper Topics 

World History Research Paper Topics

World history is too broad to focus on as your history research paper topic. There are various historical materials available on the world’s history from the civilization ages, revolutions, deadly battles, wars, pestilences, and other catastrophes. There are so many topics to focus on when writing about world history, and below are some ideas. 

  • Causes of thirty years of war
  • Apartheid effects
  • Aftershocks of the Cold War
  • Social relationship in Medieval Europe
  • Religion and Crusades
  • Mexican American War
  • Britain and America in battle sea wars
  • The church in medieval Europe
  • The Mongol empire power
  • How could World War II be prevented
  • Links between world war I and II 
  • Lessons we learn from world wars
  • Development of China and Japan in the recent historical stages
  • The Byzantine Empire Development
  • The contribution of Gandhi to world peace
  • Uses of weapons in ancient civilization
  • Colonization of South America
  • Reasons why empire fall
  • Bridal Ceremonies in ancient Rome
  • Important events of the Otto Man empire
  • The Influence of nuclear weapons on the world military clashes
  • Western world social stratification
  • Violent events of Jamaican history
  • The main achievements of the women rights movement in the last century
  • Role of Shogun in Japan history

Modern History Research Topics

Every day, history is made. As a historian, you must focus on contemporary history and understand how the social, economic, and political events have unfolded and are to unfold. Below are current history research paper topics. 

  • Inventions that marked the 20th century
  • Chernobyl explosion
  • Causes for Syrians conflict
  • The most important leaders in WWII
  • Great recession
  • Recovery of the world after WWII
  • What events marked the 20th century in Australia
  • Patriot Act Analysis
  • Reasons for social inequality
  • Why are the 1920s called the roaring twenties
  • What happened to the British empire after WWI
  • The most important inventions and technological advances in the 20th century
  • What was art and music like in the 20th century
  • The totalitarian states that existed
  • The popularity of cubism and surrealism in the 20th century
  • The role of women in the USSR through the 20th century.
  • The role of Italy in WWII
  • Why was the eastern and western front different during the WWI
  • The start of the great depression in the United States
  • The international relation before the world wars
  • Reasons that made nationalism become a major issue in the 20th century
  • The US military transition from the civil war in 1865 to WWI in 1914
  • Goods that were mass-produced in the 20th century
  • Vichy France ideology in WWII
  • The involvement of the US in Afghanistan

Modern Art Research Paper Topics

It is impossible to withdraw art from human being completeness. Over the years, painting, music, and literature have been availed as irrefutable proof of civilization. Artists have crafted their masterpieces, and modern art history research papers focus on understanding the perspective and the message of different artists and their artwork. 

  • The evolution of Pablo Picasso’s painting
  • Harlem Rennaissance
  • Post-minimalism
  • Neoclassicism sculpture
  • Legacy of Jacques Lois David
  • Baroque architecture
  • Industrialization of french photography after 1860
  • Exotism in the decorative arts
  • Lithography in the 19th Century
  • Classical Art and modern dress
  • Kinetic art 
  • Jackson pollock’s art
  • Marquis de Sade’s novels

United States History Research Topics

The United States is one of the most prominent and economically developed nations in the world. Nonetheless, multiple dramatic events have transpired in the past years that you can focus on. The majority of students find United States history research topics ideal for their papers, and below are good examples to consider. 

  • Causes of civil war
  • Trials of the Salem witch
  • Traditions related to independence day
  • Ethics and Vietnam War
  • Indian removal act
  • Native American cultural aspect
  • The people behind the American revolution
  • The debate between the federalist and antifederalists
  • Why did American revolution leaders fail to establish equality for everyone
  • Religious practices in southern America
  • McCarthyism
  • How taxes have been introduced throughout the USA history
  • Personalities of the Revolutionary war
  • What came after 9/11 in the modern US industry.
  • Effects of industrialization on American social movement
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Causes of the cold war
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Causes of slavery abolishment
  • Sacco Vanzetti case
  • How slaves were treated in the USA
  • The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther king
  • Abortionist movement
  • Ken state shooting
  • How and when America was founded
  • D- Day invasion
  • Goldrush in California 
  • How was the first constitution written
  • Settlement house movement
  • Highlights of the Jeffersonian Republican era
  • Battle of  midway
  • My Lai massacre
  • Reasons for slave abolishment
  • How taxes have been introduced throughout the US
  • The great Chicago of 1871
  • Nat Turner’s rebellion
  • Oregon Trail
  • Black sox scandal
  • Yellow journalism and Spanish American war
  • The whiskey rebellion
  • Labour unions, conflicts, and strikes in 1800
  • Effects of colonization on Native Americans 
  • Results of the cotton gin on economy and slaves harbor
  • Oklahoma City bombing
  • The San Francisco earthquake and fire.
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European History Research Topics

Historians have a lot to learn from European history. Today, there are so many European nations with different political, economic, and social backgrounds. Therefore, many students find themselves struggling with identifying ideal European history research topics. Below are some examples that will help pave the way. 

  • Mid- Tudor crisis Analysis
  • Reformation
  • Vikings influence on Normandy
  • European Literacy during the 19th century
  • Medical, economic history
  • The relationship between the state of Germany and the church
  • Women rights in the 18th century
  • Courtly love
  • When was operation Barbarossa
  • Force distribution during the french revolution
  • Black Plague
  • Why Poland surrendered quickly in WWII
  • Western theories propaganda
  • Factors that led to the mass degradation of women in France after WWII
  • Rise of empiricism in Europe
  • Papal monarchy
  • Role of the Iberian Peninsula’s in the World wars
  • Europe nationalistic trends
  • Crusades
  • The fall of the Berlin wall and its effects
  • Islamic empire
  • Effects of the industrial revolution in European countries
  • Gavrilo Princip
  • The fall of great Yugoslavia
  • Comparison between feudalism in western and eastern Europe
  • Cruelest rulers of french
  • Significant battles that occurred in central Europe
  • Why Hitler attacked the soviets during WWII
  • The rise of gothic architecture
  • Knights and knighthood
  • Vienna congress
  • Revolution of 1848
  • Outstanding discoveries of Christian Columbus
  • The Medicis dynasty
  • Crimean war
  • Rothschild dynasty

European History Research Topics On WWI

European World War I history is another area that offers excellent research topics for historical research papers. There is a lot to examine about the war, how it surfaced, and the main parties in the conflict. Here is a list of European history research topics on WWI.

  • War propaganda
  • Cause of WWI
  • Gallipoli campaign
  • Treaty of Versailles
  • World war I major battles
  • Lawrence of Arabia

European History Research Topics On WWII

Like European WWI, WWII is a broad subject that historians focus on when writing their history research papers. Below are some topic ideas for you.

  • Attu battle
  • Hitler appeasement
  • Role of women in WWII
  • Battle of the badge
  • Japanese American in WWII
  • Battle of Britain
  • Anne Frank’s diary
  • Letters and diaries of WWII
  • Strategy in the battle of Kursk
  • Atlantic wall
  • Holocaust survivors
  • Gestapo atrocities
  • The biggest concentration camps
  • Nuremberg trials
  • World war II eastern and the home front
  • Atomic bomb survivors(Hibakusha)

Middle Ages Research Topics

Middle age history helps communicate the different stages and steps of change, law formulation, development, and wars. Therefore, you should consider medieval and renaissance research topics where you need to write a unique history research paper. 

  • Renaissance literature
  • Mixed religion marriages
  • Ceramic in the french resistance
  • Excommunication in the high middle ages
  • Renaissance Christian symbol
  • How humans cope up with poor eyesight in the middle ages
  • Renaissance epoch autonomy
  • Cameo appearances
  • Raphael paintings
  • Kind Richard III
  • Life of the middle age intellectuals
  • Medieval theatre history
  • Dutch and Flemish artists in Rome, 1500–1600
  • Who was Nicholas of Cusa
  • Common crimes in medieval history
  • Discoveries in medieval Europe
  • Troubadours
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Writing an excellent history research paper requires you to ask what-if questions. Therefore, ensure to have a topic that helps you examine past events as showcased by other scholars while presenting your standpoint. A history paper is all about establishing new knowledge concerning a past occurrence. 

How do you write history?

Below are simple steps on how to write history:
1. Recollect the connection between history and writing
2. Read with passion
3. Analyze the question
4. Write about what you know and what you think
5. Create an argument
6. Create an outline
7. Fill in the content
8. Make a correction

What are the six types of history?

They include; economic history, diplomatic history, cultural history, intellectual history, and political history.

Why is history divided?

Historians divide history into different periods in order to capture the characteristics of a particular time. This helps to focus on the central features of the time.

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