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Great Gatsby Essay Topics

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American high schools have to cover Great Gatsby as part of their curriculum. Therefore, the probability of being tasked with a Great Gatsby essay is always high. For you to write an A-grade essay, you need excellent great gatsby essay topics. Getting these can be difficult or time-consuming for some people, so they choose to buy coursework online to make their work easier.

The Great Gatsby novel has, for years, remained famous among readers, literature majors, and professors for its resonance and the compelling subjects it encompasses. Due to its controversial and resonance nature, students find the Novel a perfect literature peace for literary essays.

Fitzgerald penned the Great Gatsby novel in the 1920s, where he focused on the American dream while showcasing their trickery-nature and untrustworthiness. F. Scott Fitzgerald, in the Novel, writes of a young millionaire who was obsessed with love for a beautiful woman. The Novel, therefore, brings forth themes like idealism, moral weakness and strength, and love. 

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50 + Great Gatsby Essay Topics With Tips On How To Choose One

  1. Compare and contrast Nick and Gatsby
  2. Was there a love relationship between Gatsby and Daisy
  3. Discuss the concept of lies in the Novel. Why do character deceive each other
  4. Describe the relationship of the sexes in the Novel and how different class treat each other
  5. How will Nick’s future life become based on your imagination
  6. How can you respond to Fitzgerald representation of the society
  7. Derive an alternative ending for the Novel and give reasons for your choice
  8. Do we consider Nick Carraway as an impartial narrator
  9. How does the author connect the concepts of wealth and education
  10. Compare the relationship of people who are born rich to who became rich in the Novel
  11. Define forgiveness and compassion in the Novel
  12. Define the concept of modernism in the Great Gatsby
  13. What is the meaning of time in the Novel
  14. Mention the part alcohol comes in the play
  15. What is the symbolic meaning of the valley of ashes
  16. Describe the hidden meaning of the Novel’s title
  17. What role do New York settings play in the storyline
  18. Describe the contribution of the secondary characters in the play
  19. Mention the central themes in the Novel
  20. What are the functions of money in the play
  21. Mention the character traits the author conveys in Daisy’s character
  22. What is the importance of the female characters in the Novel
  23. How does Fitzgerald use imagery to express his ideas
  24. What is the symbolic meaning of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
  25. How does the author convey a notion of the American dream through symbols and metaphors
  26. What does the green light in Daisy’s window represent
  27. How does the author able to align the storyline and symbolism used in the narration
  28. Should we consider the ending to be unexpectable
  29. What part does Nick play in the story
  30. Define the representation of the rich in the Novel
  31. Define the representation of the poor in the story
  32. Compare and contrast the main female characters in the Novel
  33. Compare and contrast the main male characters in the Novel
  34. Who are your most favourable characters in the book
  35. Who are your least favourable characters in the book
  36. Define the role of the invisible middle class
  37. Describe the of social injustice in the Novel
  38. Mention the names which can be considered happy 
  39. Mention the loneliest character in the story and prove your point
  40. Is Nick a part of the rich people, poor people, or middle-class people in society?
  41. Describe the representation of money and its influence in the book
  42. How does Nick Carraway go through any changes in the course of the Novel
  43. Mention a morally ambiguous character and analyse it
  44. Define the concept of disillusionment in the Great Gatsby 
  45. Define the concept of broken hopes in the Novel
  46. What is the meaning of  ‘Great’ in the title of the Novel
  47. Who is the real hero of the Novel
  48. How does the storyline explain about the American identity
  49. Should we consider Gatsby a romantic hero or a villain?
  50. How can we consider the satirical representation of the society
  51. Mention the significance of Jazz Epoch setting in the Novel
  52. Does Gatsby live in the past or present
  53. How is the behaviour of the rich in the Novel
  54. What part does sex play in the narration

Tips On How To Choose Great Gatsby Essay Topics

When asked to write an essay on the Great Gatsby novel, many students experience hardships identifying an ideal topic, more so when at liberty to choose a topic on their own. Many students are aware of brainstorming, narrowing, and examining the topic’s engagement tips for selecting a topic. They should also be aware that there are writing services available to help alleviate the hardships of identifying a topic. Nonetheless, other Great Gatsby Essay topic ideas will work for you but require you to thoughtfully and thoroughly read and analyze the Novel. Below are great gatsby essay topics and tips on how to choose one.

  • Examine symbolism
  • Colour
  • Points of view
  • The story in the first person
  • How does the novel relate to the African dream?
  • Focus on different characters

Examine Symbolism

Fitzgerald uses the symbolism theme in his Novel, and you should always consider writing an essay analyzing the symbolism. The symbolism of Dr. T.J Eckleburg’s eyes is an excellent example of the article’s symbolism theme. The eyes are painted in a billboard that’s faded without any other body part whatsoever. Therefore, you need to consider examining what the eyes painted on the faded billboard symbolized in the 1920s. 


The author of the Novel chooses and uses different colors thoughtfully. Every color that appears in the Novel represents something. Therefore, ensure to choose a color between grey, yellow, and green. Have your essay focus on the use of color and what each color symbolized. 

Points Of View

In the Novel, Fitzgerald portrays three grand points of view in the literary realm. The Novel has narrations from the first, second, and third-person angles. Therefore, you can discuss the different points of view while showcasing the literal criticism as showcased by the Novel. The Novel is full of examples backing the points of view and literal criticism. 

Why is Nick Narrating The Story And Not Gatsby?

The Novel is all about Gatsby, and instead of him narrating the story, Nick gets to tell. Therefore, you need to understand why Nick gets to tell the tale while mystifying Gatsby the more. 

The Story Is In The First-Person

What would have happened if the story was narrated in the third-person? The Novel and story are all about the words of Nick about Gatsby. When focusing on the story setting, you need to ask yourself, is Nick even telling the truth or is doctoring information about Gatsby. 

How Does The Novel Relate To The American Dream?

You need to consider a theme or a topic that helps you show the relationship between the book and the American dream. Your essay must, therefore, help you showcase how the Americans raised from grass to grace. You need to focus on Gatsby and Daisy and their connection to the American dream. 

Focus On Different Characters

The book has so many characters that you can analyze. The figures relate differently, and examining their relations helps you write a great essay on Great Gatsby. Characters to focus on are Daisy, Gatsby, Nick, Myrtle, and Tom. You can decide to examine the character at individual levels or their relations. 

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Tips On How To Write A Great Gatsby Essay

Identify Your Topic

It would be best if you read through the Novel attentively while taking notes. The notes will help you identify areas that you can focus on. You are to use the above guidelines to identify ideal great gatsby essay topics. With a perfect subject, you should consider jotting down supporting pieces of evidence for your essay. You must, therefore, read the book without hastiness and distractions. 

Organize Your Ideas

You must develop an outline. The framework helps you organize your ideas and thoughts before writing. Your essay should have an introduction that helps present the primary purpose of your paper. The second part of your article is the body which comprises three paragraphs, with each showcasing a supporting idea to your main point. Your article is to have a conclusion that culminates the entire paper. 

Transfer Your Thoughts Into Writing

With a clearly defined outline, you should consider writing your essay. Write from a peaceful environment to avoid distractions. Once you have finished writing the first draft, consider proofreading while highlighting and correcting all the mistakes. 

In Conclusion

The Great Gatsby novel is a book that needs a high level of keenness to understand and analyze. Therefore, ensure to read again and again until you know all the concepts. The above guidelines will help you identify the best great gatsby essay topics and simplify your essay writing tasks.

What is the main topic of Great Gatsby?

The main topics include; money, death, and the American dream.

How does Gatsby represent American dream?

Gatsby does represent the American dream because he came from nothing into wealth, power, and privilege

What is the American dream in the Great Gatsby essay?

When you have money, material items like cars, nice clothes, and a happy family.

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